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Ramirez leads Vulcan charge at Chaminade Invite


Chaminade Invite a PacWest Cross Country

Women – Restullts         no scoring team by UHH

HPU 26points  BYU-H 43 points  UH Manoa 79 points  Chaminade 87 points


Emily Oschner




Polina Babkina




Julia Kumpers




Micaela Jaramillo




Nadia Ramirez

UH Hilo



Jessica Paget




Evelina Maanson




Kim Kuhnert




Marissa Kunsch




Shannon White




Chelsea Ollar




Haley Ollot




Amity Gregg

UH Manoa



Amy King







Kelly Dobbins




Amanda Lee

UH Manoa



Kelsie Kobayashi

UH Manoa



Taylor Sinn




Megan Dart

UH Manoa



Laura Spiegel




Jordan Bledsoe

UH Hilo



Keri Fujiwara

UH Hilo



Heather Delgado

UH Manoa



Sara Silverman

UH Manoa



Jessica Wences




Justina Wood

UH Hilo



Erin Carvalho

UH Manoa



Melody Papalii

UH Manoa



Shannon Whener




Nicole Yamase




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Grey Matters in fighting brain cancer, so does exercise and a positive attitudude

Click onto any photo to enlarge.

Friends and family in Taiwan shows their support for brain cancer survivors by Daughter and friends in Taiwan show support for Big Dog!  This past weekend my daughter was shown a great deal of love and support by friends in Taiwan, who came together to show their support for my fight against brain cancer. Grey ribbons were worn by all, and I am hoping to get some of them made for my friends and for my races here in Hilo!

Thank you to our friends in Taiwan, who have been so kind and supportive! I look forward to meeting you all at Jaclynn’s graduation in June!
wearing grey ribbons. related links: 




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Hilo’s Hunter has a Heart of a Lion


For Hilo’s Stephen Hunter it wasn’t a very pretty win during the Big Island Interscholastic Federation all school cross country 3 mile meet hosted by Waiakea.

Hunter a junior Viking won his first ever BIIF harrier race but needed to pause just prior to the finish line to let go of his breakfast.

The regurgitation around 30 yards from the finish nearly allowed home crowd favorite Ian McQuate to close the gap with Hunter crossing the finish in 17:40.43 to McQuate 17:48.95.

“I was just trying to beat Andrew (Langtry from St. Joseph),” Hunter said.  “We try to push each other during practice and I don’t normally beat him in a race.”

During the race Hunter formed a small pack with four other runners besides Langtry, there were Parker’s Paul Gregg and Waiakea’s McQuate.

“I was running scared it helped me run better,” Hunter said.  “It was a little harder to breath when I lost my breakfast on the course.”

The pause allowed McQuate to make up valuable time which almost led to having a new boy’s winner in the almost completed BIIF cross country season.

“I was more motivated today, this being my home course,” McQuate said.  “Towards the end I was definitely thinking I could win this”

Still for McQuate it was his highest finish in a regular season cross country meet.  “I started my

kick too late and my push didn’t have enough at the end.”


Parker’s Paul Gregg, who remains one of the most consistent runners in the BIIF finishing in the top 4, came up a little short again at Waiakea.

The senior begin his race content to follow the leaders on the rolling hills of the course and started off in a small pack.

“It was hot this morning and today I wasn’t looking to make this my best race of the season,” Gregg said.   “I accomplished one of my goals in beating Langtry (4th overall).

“I’m happy where I’m at right now and the only race I really want to win is the BIIF championships on HPA’s course,” Gregg said.

In the boys team standings 13 points separated first though fourth place with Kamehameha-Hawaii 78, Honokaa 80, Hilo 82 and Hawaii Preparatory Academy 91.

In the girls 3 mile race it was HPA’s Kristiana Van Pernis (20:20) claiming her first BIIF title this season

“The game plan was to run and run fast while having fun doing it,” Van Pernis.

Van Pernis a Ka Makani junior took the lead for good on the downhill portion of the course, around the 2.5 mile mark and just pulled away from her competitors.

“Nobody challenged as I had Hilo’s Megan and Kealakehe (Kari Van Mols) staying with me up to that point,” she said. 

For HPA coach Michael Franklin missing one of his better runners didn’t even faze him.

“Zoe (Sims) is out on an official visit to Princeton,” he said.  “I just try to teach our girls to always run happy and to have confidence and humility.  I’m more proud of being a teacher and dorm parent.”

Second in the race was another Ka Makani in Mariah Haight, another junior.

“It was really fun and I felt good,” Haight said.  “I like the Waiakea course, it is really flat compared to ours and all our times are a lot faster.”

For Haight following her coach’s direction becomes second nature.

“He just told us to keep up with the Hilo girls, Mehana and Carmen,” she said.  “He wanted us to go fast and have fun.  I love this course but not as much as HPA’s where we have lots of group support and we know it well.”

For Hilo’s Mehana Sabado-Halperin who won her first BIIF last week came in  second place this week.

“It was really hot out there which made for slow times,” Sabado-Halperin said.  “I am still happy with the outcome because I tried my hardest and that is all I can do.”

Sabado-Halperin was in a battle with Van Pernis and helped each other with the course markings.

“Kristiana and I were talking and not sure where to go as we followed the cones along the course,” Sabado-Halperin said.

The Viking is quick to point out that although Van Pernis and she are competitors they are bonded together.

“We relate together through our common bond and love for running,” the Viking said.  “I told her (Van Pernis) that you got this when we had less than a mile to go.”

In the girls team standings it was HPA winning with 29 points followed by Hilo with 54 and Kamehameha-Hawaii with 63.

“I’m really happy with our team’s outcome as we continue to come in second to HPA each week and we are trying our hardest,” Salbado-Halperin said.  “And we’re having fun doing it.”

The BIIF season continues with two races on Saturday with a BIIF all school meet at HPA starting a 10 am.

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Grey Matters at M.D. Anderson Hospital

HOUSTON, TEXAS – After being referred to see a team of doctors at the leading brain and cancer research center in the nation, my wife Randee and I were off to M. D. Anderson Hospital operated with the help of the University of Texas.

The idea was if we could get medical advice or treatment to slow down the progressive growth of the glioblastoma, a brain tumor that has now grown from the right side to invade the left.   It’s always good to get a different view and never accept what you are told by one or two doctors.

Despite a lifetime of exercise and a healthy diet I found my body being invaded.

Yes, I have done over 40 marathons and well over 500 races from the 5K to the half marathon and I couldn’t understand how this could be happening to me.

Cancer can affect anyone, regardless of how well they take care of themselves.   So why exercise and eat properly you might ask?


Yes, recovery, from those unexpected twist that life presents.

Since finding out I had brain cancer I have continued to exercise.  Of course I can’t run or jog like I used to, but I’ll walk as much as I can. 

Some days 3 to 4 miles and on others 6 to 7 miles.

Walking is just as good as running, in fact it might be better as it doesn’t impact your joints as much.

I’ve been told by doctors that if it weren’t for my conditioning I would not have been able to recover from the initial surgery at Queens Hospital so quickly.

This is why I continue to walk, do pushups and stretch on a regular basic.

While embarking on my trip to Houston I was told to be prepared to stay anywhere from 3 days to 5 weeks depending on how functional I was.

We were there for a total of 2 days and told future surgery to the left side of my brain was not an option as it was too dangerous.

I saw people that were in wheelchairs and walkers that needed assistance by family or friends, and a wide range of others that were being cared for by the medical staff.

I was one of the few that walked into the Hospital that had to pass a battery of mental and physical examinations that was put to me by an entire group of doctors.

The team of doctors decided that I was in a category called ‘highly functional’ and I attribute this to taking good care of myself.

Even while on the short stay in Houston we walked and tried to keep everything as normal as possible.

We were invited to start my next phase with a Clinical trial where treatment could be done from an oncologist in Hilo using a new combination of chemotherapy drugs. The Houston team felt I would do better being at home with friends and family and since both drugs are FDA approved I could receive my treatment here.

Not knowing the City of Houston didn’t prevent us from exploring and walking to various places.   We walked from the Hospital back to the hotel some 3 miles away. To get dinner we walked to the mall and back.

Exercise is good for me, it reminds of whom I am and it provides me with a positive attitude and the belief all will be well.  Being as normal as possible is important to me and nothing should ever interfere with that feeling.

I believe in exercise and will do it to the day I die

It has not failed me and I am a better cancer patient for it.

Granted some days are easier than others, but I will do what I can and as often as I can.

One thing that I did notice in the Lone Star State is there are an awful lot of large people and that must contribute to the number one health care problem in the country, “obesity”.

With obesity comes a host of preventable disease such as high blood pressure and Type II diabetes, things people could do something about with diet and exercise.

We all have choices and should we make the right ones it will come back and help you when you most need it.

I’ve made mine and never regretted it as it has paid big dividends most of my life.

Our quest for finding the best treatment available may bring us to Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles where they are doing other Clinical Trials as I am not soon to give up!

But one thing is a given, as long as I pack my pair of shoes you can be certain I will walk and exercise everyday because I truly believe in it.

With the support of many friends and family I am prepared for anything, but one thing for sure I will never give up.

(wear a grey ribbon to show support for brain cancer survivors and their families)

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Random photos of the Waiakea x-c meet

 Click onto any photo to enlarge.  All photos property of the BIG DIG

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