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Running with the Big Dog

Palms Cliff House Inn in Honomu followed by a run/walk/jog up to Akaka Falls

Five Star Bed and BreakfastWhat a better way to spend a wedding annivarary then to spend it at the Palms Cliff House Inn? 

Owners John and Michele Gamble are the very best of host and our experience will last a life time of memories. Following our jog up to Akaka Falls we were treated to a breakfast fit for a King and Queen. Other photos, click onto them to enlarge. 

Thank You John and Michele for a wonderful experience. 
We’ll be back next year.
visit their site at:  http://www.palmscliffhouse.com/

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Dog bite saga goes to court and the Big Dog gets the last laugh

Knowing that you are right and fighting for what is right sometimes requires patience and perseverance to see things through.

On April 14, 2011 a dog belonging to an irresponsible owner sunk its teeth into my leg.  I needed to follow through with legal system to insure that this would never happen again to anyone.     

On Tuesday, December 20 in District Court the case came before Judge Harry Freitas as the defendant asked for a trial.

This was the third time owner of the vicious dog had been to court and he was advised of his rights and the seriousness of the consequences should he be found guilt.

At his last court hearing the owner had pleaded not guilty and asked for a trial.

His defense was going to be that I, running up Shower Drive in Hawaiian Paradise Park every morning at 5 am, aggravated his dog which had lead to the incident.

This is the same owner who had his dog loose on 10 previous occasions and told me that if I didn’t like it “I should go run someplace else.”

Before his trial took place, and facing 30 days in jail and a $1,000 fine, he decided – under advice of counsel, to change his plea to “No Contest.”

After the No Contest plea Judge Freitas found the irresponsible dog owner Guilty and handed down a sentence.

The Judge ordered that the dog be licensed and chipped.  He also ordered that the owner pay a $200 fine, but since the owner is on social security disability the judge gave him a choice of paying the fine or doing 29 hours of community service.

The dog owner asked to do the 29 hours at the Keaau Humane Society and that judge thought that was a good idea.

Judge Freitas also ordered that the dog be confined to a kennel by December 31 and in the meantime the dog is to be tied away from the street.

The dog owner was also ordered to report to the nearest Police Department where he was to be photographed and finger printed.

The owner was instructed to return to court on February 23 at 1:30 pm to prove that he has followed the court orders.

I will also be present on 2/23/12 as I’d like to insure that this person follows the courts instructions.

After 8 months and several court appearances I feel that we are finally going to have this resolved to my satisfaction.

Kudos to the Prosecutors Office and Irene Bender who is with the Victim’s assistance Program working out of the Prosecutors Office and to the Police Department who followed through with the case.  Ms. Bender kept me informed along the entire way of the eight month process and even sat in the courtroom for that final court appearance.

The message of this story is to allow my readers to understand that the system, from the police, humane society, to the courts is there to protect us from undo harm. 

We all have the right to run, jog, and walk without being accosted by an unleased dog.

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Runner attacked by dog in Hawaiian Paradise Park

One of the three punture wounds

Runner Bitten by Dog in HPP

One of the few perils that I’ve encountered as a runner is irresponsible dog owners that allow their dogs to roam free.

I’ve had an ongoing problem with such a person over the past few years who believes that, and I quote, “my dog has as much right as you to be on the street and if you don’t like it find someplace else to run.”

I’m partially at fault because I did not notify the Humane Society the 10 to 12 times that the dog came running after me, barking and growling.

Everything came to a breaking point on Thursday, April 14, when Tasha, the name of the pit bull mix, decided to escalate our relationship by taking a bite – leaving three prominent puncture wounds just above my right ankle.

I have since filled a police report and have notified the Humane Society.

This was the second complaint filed against the same dog within the last two months and, according to the Humane Society, the owner of the property must now appear in court.

The message I’m trying to send here is to contact the proper authorities whenever a loose animal threatens your right to walk or run on public property and do not wait until it actually bites you or someone else.

Tasha lives on the corner house of Shower Drive and 24th Street. 

This was the third time in the past 25 years of running that I have been bitten by a loose dog.  Do not let irresponsible pet owners deter you from running or walking. 

The Hawaiian Paradise Park Community Association provided the following link to the Big Dog following his dog bite:


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Commentary on the Kahuku Football Suspension

Kahuku Football Team Suspended from Playoff Pacticipation

The problems at Kahuku High concerning their football program continue to gain media attention and public sympathy.

The issue, as I understand it, involves an ineligible player on the football team’s roster.  As a former high school coach I know full well that student/athletes need to meet certain requirements in order to play.

At Waiakea High School we had one of the best Athletic Directors in the State of Hawaii, the late Ken Yamase.  

Ken would always grade check ever athlete and would notify the coaches immediately should there be any questions about that athletes eligibility.

Yamase was a no no-nonsense Director who would insure that everyone on the playing field was legal.

My point here is where was the Kahuku Athletic Director and why haven’t the media started talking with him concerning an athletes eligibility?

Joseph Witford III, the Kahuku High Athletic Director according to their web site, to my knowledge has not been mentioned in the media.  Instead family and friends of Kahuku try to circumnavigate themselves around a rule.

I was at Kailua High School in 1964 when their football team was stripped of a championship for an ineligible player. 

Now, 46 years later, a group of people have decided that a rule that has applied for decades in Hawaii school athletics can and should be ignored or somehow solved within the court system.

I would simply like to hear from Kahuku’s Athletic Director concerning this matter.  How was this athlete able to slip past him during his watch?

Your comments on this topic are welcomed.

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Rainbow Tennis Program has best Graduation Rate in Nation


UH Athletic Graduation Rates vs. National Average

Graduation rates

Team Nation average UH team rate Head Coach
Rainbow Baseball 65% 67% Mike Trapasso
Rainbow Warrior Basketball 58% 25% Bob Nash
Warrior Football 64% 40% Greg McMackin
Warrior Golf 77% 64% Ronn Miyashiro
Rainbow Warrior Swimming & Diving 81% 60% Victor Wales
Rainbow Warrior Tennis 83% 100% John Nelson
Warrior Volleyball 73% 50% Mike Wilton

 I wonder why the Rainbows donot provide stats for their cross-country and track & field teams

One hundred percent graduation rate for UH tennis program

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