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Bandits at Hilo Marathon?


What is a bandit? A person who runs in a race without paying an entry fee and without a running number.


Bandits are like some shoplifters, they take from the race without really knowing they are doing anything wrong.


There are a few people that will walk through a supermarket and snack on the grapes in the produce department of take a cup of coffee and drink it while shopping, never paying for what they have consumed.


The Hilo Marathon spent thousands of dollars getting road closure permits, paying for off duty police officers, providing for aid stations, and more. Those bandits that did not pay for any of these services stole from the race.


Road Runners Clubs of America, the governing body for many certified and insured races such as the Hilo Marathon, suggest that bandits, when caught, should be banned from all RRCA events for one year the first time and banned for life the second time they are caught.


The people pictured are without numbers and may have been bandits during the running of the Hilo Marathon on March 22.


If you recognize any of them please contact me: waiakeabigdog@aol.com.

April 15, 2009 Posted by | Running on the Big Island | | 4 Comments