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Hilo Drag Strip, Race Results

Big Island Auto Club Drag Race Results


8.90 index winner–Kiah Taroma (Hilo) in a digger (8.94 sec/147 mph); runner-up–David Francis (Paauilo) in a camaro (9.06/155).

9.90 index winner–Donnley Koga (Kurtistown) in a camaro (10.14/125); runner-up–Jonathan Santiago (Keaau) in a roadster (10.25/132).

11.90 index winner–Brad Miprano (Hilo) in a dodge pickup (11.83/111); runner-up–Jerry Andrade (Hilo) in a vega (11.58/110). Both drivers broke out of bracket, but Miprano broke out by the least and took the race.

12.90 index winner–Ian Bernard (Pahoa)) in a Toyota pickup (16.51 sec/67 mph); runner-up–Richard Souza (Naalehu) in a Chevy Bel Air (17.37/80).

Saturday Night Champion winner–Brad Miprano (Hilo) in a Dodge pickup (13.50/59); runner up–Donnley Koga (Kurtistown) in a Camaro (10.26/99, red-lighted).

Pro-Gas motorcycle winner–Bricen Baruela (Hilo) on a Suzuki (9.49/141); runner-up–Sheldon Asejo (Hilo) on a Suzuki (12.46/71).

Straycats motorsports events: Super Street winner–Brandon Koga (Hilo) in a Honda (10.92 /142); runner-up–Rob Gavel (Hilo) in a honda (13.06 sec/81 mph).

Outlaw race winner–Shane Kamahele (Hilo) in a Toyota (10.19/133); runner-up–Kimo Kamanu (Hilo) in a Honda (no time, red-lighted).

Super Comp winner–Rob Gavel (Hilo) in a Honda (13.55/107); runner-up–John Malson (Hilo) in a Honda (12.73/97). Gavel wins on a “hole shot”.

Sunday motorcycle bracket winner–Bricen Baruela (Hilo) on a Suzuki (10.55/91); runner-up–Sheldon Asejo (Hilo) on a Suzuki (20.22/32, mechanical problems).

Mega Bracket winner–prize money split between the two finalists–Shon Olivera (Hilo) in a Firebird and Jerry Andrade (Hilo) in a Vega.

Sports Compact winner–prize money split between the two finalists–Reid Kusano (Hilo) in a Honda and Ian Bernard (Pahoa) in a Toyota pickup.

Junior dragsters winner–no winner declared. Two finalists recognized–Pomai Rezentes (Hilo) and Caisey Francis (Paauilo).



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