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Caster Semenya all woman!

Running sensation, Caster Semenya, is a woman!

Running sensation, Caster Semenya, is a woman!

     Enough already.  Lets leave this young woman alone.  After a spectacular performance in the 800m in Berlin at the World Championship final, South African runner Caster Semenya’s gender was called into question. After all, she not only performed exceptionally well, but she didn’t look much like a woman. The controversy can now be laid to rest, as testing shows that her testosterone levels were found to be higher than normal, but still within the range that will allow her to continue to participate in women’s races.

Sources within the Athletics South Africa organization said that she was tested three years ago. Semenya had reportedly taken a standard urine test, which is taken by all athletes, instead of a gender verification test to make sure that she was eligible to compete.

Sources stated:   “She was tested three years ago when she started competing and it was found that she is a woman. She may have rather high levels of male hormones but she is definitely a woman.”

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Gold Medalist Ordered to take Gender Test

South African, Castner Semenya, won the 800 in Berlin

South African, Castner Semenya, won the 800 in Berlin

Questions about Caster Semenya gender is emerging as the teenager from South Africa easily won the 800 meter gold medal at the Track and Field World Championships in Berlin.

Semenya posted an impressive time and her sudden rise to fame lead officials to force her to undergo a gender test.

Semenya coulod be stripped of medal
Semenya could be stripped of medal

During the race Semenya took the lead at the halfway mark and opened the gap in the last 400 meters to win by an impressive 2.45 seconds over defending 800 meter champion Jeneth Jepkosgei while Jennifer Meadows of Great Britain finished third in 1:57.93. 

South African officials were asked, three weeks ago, to conduct the gender test on Semenya when she finished in 1:56.72 at the African junior championships in Maruitius.

Her win in Berlin only fueled the fire for officials to conduct the gender test on the teen due to her sudden rise from an unknown to the 800 meter champion in what many consider an overnight sensation.

The test, which takes several weeks to finalize, should determine if Semenya meets the standards as “woman” set by IAAF track & field.

South African officials went on record as saying that Semenya is a woman and that her win is legitimate.

Medals were awarded for the 800 in Berlin, but Semenya’s win remains under a cloud of speculation.

IAAF spokesman Nick Davies stated that this is a “medical issue” and not an issue of “cheating.”  Davies said that the testing has began and it is an expremely comlex process that requires a physical medical evaluation and includes reports from a gynecologist, endocrinologist, psychologist, internal medicine specialist and gender expert.

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