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Clyde Shank of Dallas, Texas comments on Marathon Guide about Hilo race

Clyde Shank, from Dallas, Texas, was the first Big Island International Marathoner to write comments on  http://www.marathonguide.com/

If you finished our marathon in 2012 and would like to add your comment on Marathon Guide just go to their link to do so. 

Here is what Mr Shank had to say about our home town race:

Well organized, beautiful small town feel race (about: 2012)
Course: 5 Organization: 5 Fans: 4
Clyde Shank from Texas (4/2/12)
50+ previous marathons | 1 Big Island International Marathon

Wayne ‘Big Dog’ and his team of wonderful volunteers put on a real nice down home small town marathon. Very scenic beautiful surroundings layered in waterfalls and rolling ocean views for the first 10 miles. One of the coolest marathons in Hawaii since it gets 5x the annual rainfall of what we get in Dallas, Texas. Great atmosphere and personal attention really set this one apart


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Australia’s Rex Patterson celebrates 60th Birthday at Hilo Marathon

Australia’s Rex Patterson came from Australia to celbrate his 60th birthday by running a full marathon in the Big Island International Marathon held on, what else, his birthday on March 18.

Celebrate with an after race beer



Hi Wayne

Congratulations on running such a successful event…again.

 I spoke to you briefly after the presentations to let you know how much I enjoyed the marathon and that I was celebrating my 60th Birthday that day by doing my first marathon.

 I have attached a photo taken after the finish to mark the occasion of the 15th Big Island Marathon and my 60th Birthday.

 I ran into Clyde Shank from Texas along the way who was doing his 78th marathon!!! What an inspiration he is!!

I live in Port Macquarie on the east coast of Australia…about half way between Sydney and Brisbane in a town of around 50000 so we have much in common with Hilo.

 Thanks again for a terrific event.               Regards Rex

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50 States and 7 Continents – Clyde Shank form Plano, Texas has done it all!

Clyde Shank of Plano Texas ran his 50th State on March 18, 2012 when he finished the 26.2 miler in the Big Island International Marathon.


Shank has run of all 7 continents once and will complete this feat twice when he runs in New Zealand in October and the North Pole – 90 degrees North.


Shank is the first person from the State of Texas to do so! 

 What is also amazing is that he turns 65 in August!

 Shank was given the #50 when he ran in Hilo to complete his 50th state.

 Continued success to this amazing athlete and thank you for making Hilo your 50th state.

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