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Results from Veterans Day Run – top 75

Hunter  Stephen 17:33
Langtry Andrew 17:58
De Rego Gabriel 20:20
Sato Dyson 20:22
Grady Pam 20:38
Rosario Heather 21:28
Sakai  Dean 21:32
Ibarra Ray 21:38
Hylas John 21:47
Rosario Nathaniel 21:59
Phumage Victoria 22:00
Hose Uriah 22:02
Hunter  Lory 22:04
Okumura Kevin 23:11
LaBrie Colbie 23:26
Busek Adam 23:32
Yamada Roy  23:35
Freitas Kelly 23:37
Blinn DJ 24:07:00
Kanashiro Harris 24:43:00
Belcher Robert 24:45:00
Funai Kaitlyn 25:35:00
Bean Nina 25:35:00
Swanson Jesse 25:40:00
Truesdell Joel 25:55:00
Ayceo Ryan  26:23:00
Spina Catherine 26:24:00
Thero Firmin 26:36:00
Nagai Dennis 26:51:00
Wedemann Veroonica 27:05:00
Wedemann Joe 27:06:00
Nolta Anthony 27:16:00
O’Connell Tim 27:19:00
Nakamura Dana 27:32:00
Ayceo Raymond 27:49:00
Balderas Jennifer 29:08:00
Yamada Gerald 29:30.0
Sur Peter 29:31:00
Tamada Wendy 29:32:00
Vicente Adrel 29:33:00
Pavao Steve 29:34:00
Miamgtry Andrew 29:34:00
Decleene Therese 29:34:00
York Alvin 29:52:00
Jack Kaleo 30:25:00
Tagawa Lynn 30:31:00
Ahuna’Leong Muriel 30:51:00
England Stacy 31:32:00
Cabarloc Reyn 31:42:00
Adachi Dave 31:42:00
Kay’Wong Lucas 31:53:00
Kay’Wong Alex 31:54:00
Shigeoka Dennis 32:12:00
Morita -Zen Amanda 32:23:00
Morita  Aaron 32:29:00
Tagawa Miles 32:41:00
Swanson Suzanne 32:49:00
Rosario Josaih 32:49:00
Rosario Naomi 32:50:00
Faulknew Lisa 32:55:00
Quitoriano John 34:06:00
Ahu Kaala 34:24:00
Takei Lance 36:43:00
Wegner Herb 37:17:00
Arceo Ethan 37:19:00
Arceo Michelle 37:19:00
Rosario Missy 37:24:00
Wong-Yuen Chelsea 38:16:00
Ahu Wendy 39:38:00
Kuramoto Marie 39:42:00
Inouye Eric 39:42:00
Jose Tiana 40:33:00
Domingo Kalana 40:33:00
Hanson Paul 40:35:00
Makua  Malcom 41:04:00

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Shigeoka recalls “hana butta” play days in Hilo

Dennis Shigeoka, 64, running in the Big Island International Half-Marathon

   As we get older our memories aren’t as sharp as it used to be, but for senior citizen, Dennis Shigeoka, remembering his “hana butta days” is something that he treasurers.

  Shigeoka was born and raised in Hilo and recalls swimming, on a regular basis, at “Teacher’s Pond” and “South America Pond” behind the Hilo High School gym.

  “I have some fond memories of doing a variety of exercise related activities during my childhood,” Shigeoka said.  “I would go fishing on my bike at Kaipalaoa Landing (Bayfront Lighthouse), Radio Bay (by Hilo Wharf) and along the Keaukaha shores to Ole Pumaile Hospital grounds where the road ends.”

  During those early years Shigeoka became known as a good track runner as he won a variety of sprint races in the Parks & Recreation track program.

  “I was a good runner back then,” Shigeoka said.  “I can also remember running from the Carvalho Gym P&R track meets which matched up with other Gyms in town for prestige and bragging rights.”

   Shigeoka finished first in sprint races during those early years at Kumiai picnics in Onekahaka Park, winning pencils and other school supplies as prizes.

   “Downtown Hilo was our hang out place and going to Kress Store, National Dollar and Standard Drug Stores as we would go to eat hamburgers and drink soda,” he said.

   Shigeoka went on to run track for Hilo High as his 1963 mile relay team set a record for the Big Island Interscholastic Federation.  What’s most impressive is that Shigeoka, like many of the runners of his day, ran barefooted around the cinder track surface.

   “Most of us couldn’t afford track shoes so we did what we had to do to compete,” he said.

  Added to Shigeoka’s exercise mix was surfing, martial arts and basketball as this active youngster enjoyed a variety of sports.

   In fact his skills in basketball earned him a spot on the University of Hawaii Vulcan basketball team in 1964 for which he lettered.

   Today, nearly a half century after those “hana butta” years, Shigeoka works as a Civil Engineer and still maintains his love for sports.

   “I’m not running as I would like to,” Shigeoka said.  “I joined a group of my ’63 classmates and we golf two times a week at Hilo Muni.  On other days I’ll go swimming with a friend of mine to Carlsmith Park.”

   In 1981 Shigeoka bumped into Calvin Malinguis and the chance meeting set Shigeoka on a path of long distance running.

  “Calvin was the fastest in the middle distances and he encouraged me to try road races,” Shigeoka said.

   Shigeoka went on to try his first marathon (26.2 miles) in 1983 finishing in over 5 hours, but by 1995 he had dropped his marathon time down to 3 hours and 30 minutes.

   “I was stunned by what a marathon does to the body as I hit the wall and felt the pain,” Shigeoka said.  “My personal life brought me to meet Stewart Miyashiro and during the ‘90’s Stewart trained me on how to run road races.”

   From his meeting with Coach Miyashiro he was able to bring his overall running times to career improvements with his personal best time for the 5K (3.1-miles) at 19 minutes and 40 seconds.

   But Shigeoka has always been a sprinter and during the ‘90’s he frequented the Aloha State Games and entered a variety of races and on one occasion out kicked the Big Dog to win a 400 meter race and capture the gold.

  Along with regular exercise Shigeoka will also watch what he eats as he will avoid lots of different meats and will consume more fruits and vegetables.

   “I do have a weakness for an occasional beer or two,” Shigeoka said with a smile.

   Shigeoka continues to do the types of exercises that he has enjoyed from childhood and continues to reap the benefits of running.

   “Those good old days honed my love for running,” Shigeoka said.  “I continue to run because I like the way it makes me feel.  Running is something that I want to do for the rest of my life and hopefully I can continue to run marathons, comfortably, for a long time.”

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