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Meditate 40 minutes a Day can replace antidepressant medication

Just 40 minutes a day can keep the blues away

 Antidepressants have been the mainstay treatment for depression, an approach that has garnered significant criticism over the years from those who believe the drugs are widely overprescribed and unsafe. For example, in some cases, antidepressants appear to actually increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and/or behaviors; certainly not a desired consequence for anyone, but particularly for someone suffering from depression.

Now for some good news: Research is suggesting alternative treatments may be as effective as – and definitely safer than – antidepressant medications. A study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry that suggests meditation benefits depression patients in remission from the disorder.

In the study, patients who learned how to meditate 40 minutes a day instead of taking antidepressant medication were as likely to avoid a relapse as patients taking antidepressants or a placebo (an inactive pill patients believed contained medication to help them control their depression symptoms).

Keep in mind that depression, particularly major depressive disorder, goes far beyond “feeling blue”; symptoms can severely impact home, school and work life.

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“Green” Exercise Recommended in the Prevention of Depression

Cross Country

Running through nature can prevent depression

Approximately 20 percent of the U.S. population is affected by depression during a given year.

 A common non pharmaceutical treatment recommended for the prevention of depression is exercise. It has been found that “green” exercise provides adults with a “recess” in a natural environment.

 Joggers who exercise in a natural green setting with trees, foliage and landscape views feel more restored and less angry, anxious and depressed than people who exercise in a gym. It has also been noted that one of the main benefits of spending time in nature is stress reduction.


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