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Big Island Road Runners set 2013 schedule



Big Island Road Runners

 Race Schedule 2013


!.         Feb. 24  Waikaumalo 7 mile Challenge and 4 Mile Run

2.        March 29  5:30 pm Coconut Island Parking Lot   Emily Wedeman 5 Miler

3.        May 12 Scholarship 5K  7:30 am   Coconut Island Parking Lot

4.        July 4 Veteran’s 5K   Liliuokalani Gardens

5.        August 4 Mana 10’s   10 Mile and 10K  Mana Road Waimea  7:30 am

6.        Sept. 8 Hilo Bay 5K & 10K   7:30 am Coconut Island Parking Lot

7.        Nov. 28 Wayne “Big Dog” Joseph Thanksgiving Day  5K   7:30 am Coconut    Island Parking Lot

8.        Dec. 15  Jingle Bell Run  5K and 2 mile Walk Around the Prince Kuhio Plaza

9.        Jan. 18, 2014 Hilo to Volcano Ultra and 50K Relay


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Emily Wedeman 5 mile run/walk on Easter Sunday, April 8

The Big Island Road Runners will be hosting its annual Emily Wedemann 5 mile run on Sunday April 8, 2012.  The run starts and ends at the parking lot of Coconut Island (Moku Ola) in Hilo.  The run starts at 7:30am  Pre-registration will be at the site prior to the run. 

Everyone is welcome and walkers are encouraged to participate as well.  The run is free of charge to all, however donations to the American Cancer Society are encouraged in Emily Wedemann’s honor.  Emily was a dedicated volunteer for the Big Island Road Runners for a number of years.  This run is held in her honor every year. 

For questions about the run please visit the Big Island Road Runners website www.bigislandroadrunners.org  or call Steve Pavao at 430-0267

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Emily Wedeman Memorial 5 miler results

Joe & Veronica Wedemann

Joe and Veronica Wedemann were on hand for the Emily Wedeman Memorial race.  The 5 mile run/walk was established after the death of Joe’s mother five years ago.

Emily was a super volunteer at the Big Island Road Runners Club events and the club holds the race in her honor.

This year the BIRR raised $372 for the American Cancer Society in Emily’s memory.

Following are the results of the race in which 41 people participated by either running or walking the 5 miles:

 1 Zach Johnson 29:32
2 Alan Ryan 29:42
3 Todd Marohnic 31:22
4 Louie Perry 31:30
5 Stewart Miyashiro 34:06
6 Alex Vu 34:49
7 Ferdinand Babas 34:59
8 Joe Wedemann 36:28
9 Nick Ah Yo 36:51
10 Dan Brodhag 37:11
11 DJ Blinn 38:28
12 Lyle Balingit 38:32
13 Krita Andrew 38:55
14 Milton Crutchfield 39:30
15 Wendy Yamada 41:35
16 James Hank 41:35
17 Andrew Langtry 42:48
18 Esther Kanehailua 42:57
19 Donna Wong Yuen 43:00
20 Daria Cunningham 43:22
21 Charlie Bostwick 45:12
22 Bob Erickson 45:14
23 Lynne Brauher 45:45
24 Veronica Wedemann 46:33
25 Eva Naniole 46:44
26 Ashley Hahm 49:00
27 Kim Furumo 49:13
28 Leroy Ridgeway 49:58
29 Rick Otani 51:32
30 Aaron Morita 53:22
31 Big Dog 53:22
32 Marie Kurimoto 53:22
33 Lee Otani 53:54
34 Kym Tagawa 54:12
35 Michael Gordon 56:06
36 Richard Alderson 58:26
37 Zeny Eakins 1:00:00
38 Jyson Breitbarth 1:01:23
39 Lori Breitbarth 1:01:27
40 Kelly Heaukulani 1:03:39
41 Charlie Heaukulani 1:03:39

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Wedeman 5 mile run/walk on Sunday, April 10

Son, Joe, will be on hand Sunday

The Big Island Road Runners will be hosting the Emily WedemanMemorial 5-miler to be held in Hilo on Sunday, April 10th at 7:30am starting at Coconut Island parking area. 

This fun run/walk is free to members and non-members.  The BIRR will be accepting donations to the American Cancer Society in honor of Emily Wedeman.  Participants are asked to arrive early at the parking lot for Coconut Island (Moku Ola) to sign up and receive final instructions. 

Wedeman was a super volunteer for the club for several years and a great supporter of her triathlete son, Joe.  She died of lung cancer three years ago and the BIRR club honors her with this Memorial 5 mile run/walk.

This year the course winds through Lili’uokalani Park, Banyan Drive and Kalanianaole Ave towards Keaukaha.  Post run refreshments will be provided.  For more information, contact BIRR president, Alan Ryan at 962-6044 or go to their web site at www.bigislandroadrunners.org.

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Cancer Prevention Tips & Emily Wedeman Memorial

     One of the most dreaded things that we face as we get older is the chance of getting cancer, in one form or another.

     My annual blood test results often bring reassurance of another year without the dreaded disease.  But for those of us that like to play the odds it can be stacked in our favor if we practice a few well accepted cancer prevention techniques.

    Thirty percent of all cancer deaths come from smoking, so I’ve already placed the odds in my favor as I managed to quit the habit more than 25 years ago.

    There is no doubt that living a healthy life helps reduce the risk of cancer.  Making a few simple changes in our daily lives can go a long way towards preventing cancer.

    Exercise is at the top of the list of things to do at least five days per week.  The American Medical Association recommends that people walk for 30 to 60 minutes per day, five days per week, and they have evidence that those that follow this simple pattern produced results.

    A recent study found that people with breast cancer who walked the recommended daily allowance not only felt fewer side effects of treatment, they also had a lower incidence of recurrence than those who didn’t exercise at all.

   Regular exercise prevents the circulatory and digestive systems from becoming sluggish, the study states.  It also helps them to function more efficiently, which has special benefits for those fighting off treatment-induced swelling or edema.

   Exercise also reduces fatigue, lowers stress levels, and inspires feeling of well being with the release of my favorite drug, “endorphins.”

   The current guidelines of 30 to 60 minutes of moderate-to-brisk activity five days a week is a wise one to follow for anyone wanting to reap the benefits.

   Watching what you eat plays an important role as it is recommended that 30 percent of our food intake should come from fruits and vegetables.

   Foods high in Omega 3, fatty acids, like salmon and sardines should also appear regularly in our dietary consumption.

   And the third and final area of helping to reduce the odds of getting cancer comes from maintaining a positive way to look at things.  Being positive can give us the emotional and physical strength we need to fight cancer.

    Studies have shown that people with cancer that remain optimistic live longer than those who nosedive into despair.  According to the study a prognosis can, in fact change, as the body responds to treatments.

   This past Friday saw the running of the Third Annual Emily Wedeman 5-miler starting at Moku Ola (Coconut Island) in Hilo.

    Wedeman was a “super volunteer” of running and walking events who had lost her battle with lung cancer in April 2006.

    The event is done in her memory and brings awareness of cancer to our running and walking community.  On hand was her son, Joe, who provided a few words of inspiration prior to the start of the race.

    Pahoa’s Billy Barnett took the early lead with University of Hawaii at Hilo cross-country runner Garrett McAllister giving chase.

   Barnett, who is considered to be an “Ultra athlete” never relinquished the lead and won the five miler in 29 minutes and 57 seconds.

   McAllister took second in 31:24 and was followed by Keith Marrack, 34:15; Adam Busek 35:37; and Stewart Hunter in 37:19.

   Top runners for the women were Hilo’s Sally Marrack who ran the entire way with her husband Keith and finished third overall in 34:14.  Marrack was also the top Hawaii Island finisher in the Big Island International Marathon just three weeks earlier.

   Following Marrack was Hilo High track coach, Lory Hunter who finished sixth overall and second for the women in 36:40 with Esther Kanehailua taking third for the women and ninth overall in 42:13.

   “I made it a point of coming to this race today because Emily (Wedeman) was a dear friend me and to everyone in the running community,” Adam Busek said after the race.

   She is surely missed.

Winners of the Emily Wedeman 5-miler pose with host Joe Wedemann (center)

Winners of the Emily Wedeman 5-miler pose with host Joe Wedemann (center)

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