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Hawaii Prep girls cross country HHSAA state champions for 2011


“Something special and magical happened today,” Coach Michael Franklin said when learning that his Hawaii Preparatory Academy girls cross country team won the state title.

Ka Makani harriers gave everything they had during the 49th Annual Hawaii High School Athletic Association cross country championships held Saturday at the Kapalua Village Golf Course on Maui.

 “Everything worked out according to how we trained over the years, as we ran as a team and packed our runners together,” Franklin said.

HPA the Big Island Interscholastic Federation team champion went step to step with HHSAA six time defending champion Punahou in what proved to be a run for state bragging rights.

Ka Makani harriers were runner up to Punahou last year, but turned the tables on the Buff and Blue with their pack style running.

HPA had all five girls in the top 9, which saw their lead pack of Kristiana Van Pernis, Mariah Haight,   Zoe Sims, Emily Evans and Kelly Ulrich finish fifth through ninth respectively.

This was Hawaii Preps first girls cross country state title since 1994 when the team was coached by Phil Conley.

“Phil Conley and Stan Shutes have played an important role in the success of this program,” Franklin said.  “Those two coaches established the foundation for what we have today as they instilled the tradition and philosophy behind our success.  I just happened to step into a program that fits my style of coaching.”

Franklin also contributed a huge portion of his team’s ascent to being the best in the state to having the right combination of young runners.

“We have the right group of personalities with great team leadership and really positive attitudes,” Franklin said. “What happened today was very special and magical and I’m very proud of what we did.”

Kelly Ulrich

HPA’s number five runner, Kelly Ulrich, didn’t run on the varsity team last year and was key to the team’s success in winning the team championship by finishing 9th overall this year.

“Our coaches read a poem called ‘Power of the Pack’ and I kept listen to the words in that poem as I wanted to be able to see our top four girls during the race,” Ulrich said.  “I didn’t expect to do as well as I did, but it felt really good to run fast and stay with our pack.”

Kristiana Van Pernis had a 14th place finish last year during state competition and was the first BIIF girl to cross the finish line this season in fifth place overall.

“I felt like I turned my brain off during the race and just focused on running,” Van Pernis said.  “I enjoyed running with my teammates and that’s where all my thoughts went.”

Trying to stay with the HPA pack was Waiakea’s Kelsie Kobayashi who placed 11th overall (the top 20 individual boys and girls received state medals.

“This was a phenomenal season,” Kobayashi said.  “I had my best finish ever in the four years I’ve run states.  I just tried to get out fast and not get boxed in at the beginning of the race.  I used the HPA pack as I was trying to make my way up to them.”

Kobayashi, a senior, was pleased with the outcome.

“I left everything on the course,” she said.  “I kept thinking about what my coach (Rosado) told me early in the season, that cross country doesn’t require a lot of equipment, just a lot of heart.”

Seabury Hall’s Dakota Grossman a sophomore won the individual state title for a second year finishing in a time of 19 minutes 27 seconds

In the boys race it was Waiakea’s Jackson Halford being the first Big Island runner to cross the finish line with St Joseph’s Andrew Langtry close behind.  Halford finished eighth overall in a field of 160 runners, managed to redeem himself after a second place finish during the BIIF championships the week before.

“This race more than made up for my finish at the BIIF championships,” Halford said.

“I beat my personal goal coming into states,” Halford said.  “I was just hoping to come in 10th this year after my 25th place finish last year.”

Halford started out slow during the opening mile of the three mile race and his strategy paid big dividends.

“I knew everyone was going to go out really fast and then die,” Halford said.  “At the first mile marker I was in 40th place and people started falling back.”

Halford a senior believes this was the best race of his four year racing career.

For Langtry who finished tenth overall this was his first opportunity to participate in the state cross country championships.

“It was great and I went out perfectly,” Langtry said.  “I was staying close to Jackson and we helped push each other.  Also having my dad come out to watch the race was something that helped me run well.”

Waiakea boys were the top scoring BIIF team, placing ninth to BIIF champion’s Honokaa tenth place finish.

“I told my guys if they didn’t do well today they’d be walking back to Kahului,” a joking Warrior Coach Rosado said.  “They were a lot more serious and focused today than they were at the BIIF Championships a week ago.”

Leilehua won the boys team title with 55 beating out Maui 63 and Iolani with 74 points.

Other top BIIF finishers placing within the top 100 on Maui were:

Boys: 27) Parker’s Paul Gregg  30) Kamehameha’s Shawn Correa Doll,  45) Honokaa’s Robert Conners, 54) Waiakea’s Ian McQuate  62) Honokaa’s Tony Conners  76) Waiakea’s Robbey Meguro  77) Hilo’s Stephen Hunter  80) Kealakehe’s Luka Walter  84) Kamehameha’s Makaala Cruz  92) Parker’s Jesse Tarnas  94) Honokaa’s Chayce Moniz  96) HPA’s Justin Macy    97) HPA’s Michael Rogerson

Girls:   15) Kealakehe’s Kari Van Mols  26) Hilo’s Carmen Garson-Shumway  30) Hilo’s Satya Ray   35) Kealakehe’s Sydney Kirkhill  38) Makua Lani Joy Choe 45) Makua Lani’s Grace Choe  47) Keaau’s Deann Nishimura-Thornton  53) HPA’s Veronica Ladwig  56) Kamehameha’s Erin Carvalho  61) Konawaena’s Shayli Nakamoto  63) Hilo’s Shalila De Bourmont  66) Kealakehe’s Mika Bettencourt  67) Kamehameha’s Corin Kim  69) HPA’s Cat Bradley  80)  Hilo’s Jordyn Breithbarth   81)  Hilo’s Kaylee Rapoza    82) Keili Dorn Makua Lani  84) Honokaa’s  Hildhang Adams 85) Honokaa’s Elizabeth Aguirre  92) Honokaa’s Kelly Greenwell  93)  Kamehameha’s Mikela Cabel  95) Makua Lani’s Tiffany Nakamura   100) Keaau’s Natalie Hagemann


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BIIF X-C girls qualifying as individuals to HHSAA championships on Maui

Click any photo to enlarge


































































Van Mols











Makua Lani




Makua Lani




Makua Lani




Makua Lani






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HHSAA Girls Soccer – Day 1 complete results



KAISER (8-6-2)        0          0 – 0

KAMEHAMEHA-MAUI (15-1-1)  0          1 – 1


Goal – Kamehameha-Maui: #19 Ashley Pundyke (61st).

KAHUKU (8-6-3)      0          0          0          1 – 1

MOANALUA (13-2-2)          0          0          0          0 – 0


Goal – Kahuku: #8 Chantel Abregano (99th).

PEARL CITY (11-3-3)         0          2 – 2

KEALAKEHE (8-3-2)          0          0 – 0

Goals – Pearl City: #2 Alix Suwa (42nd), #2 Alix Suwa (70th).

 KAPOLEI (9-4-3)     0          0 – 0

‘IOLANI (10-1-2)      3          0 – 3

Goals – ‘Iolani: #21 Krystal Pascua (6th), #13 Shaye Villanueva (21st), #21 Krystal Pascua (30th).


MAKUA LANI (5-9)            2          2 – 4

WAIPAHU (8-5-1)    2          0 – 2

Goals – Makua Lani: #10 Jahna Tascon (25th), #10 Jahna Tascon (32nd); Waipahu: #5 Grace Choe (18th), #1 Tiffany Nakamura (25th), # 5 Grace Choe (51st), #1 Tiffany Nakamura (58th).

KALAHEO (8-2-3)   0          1 – 1

MID-PACIFIC (4-9) 2          2 – 4

Goals – Kalaheo: #3 Monique Ishikawa (66th); Mid-Pacific: #14 Taylor Higa (12th), #14 Taylor Higa (15th), #24 AJ Johnson (42nd), #17 Julie Khil (57th).

KAMEHAMEHA-HAWAI‘I (9-2-4)          1          1 – 2

ST. ANTHONY (4-13)          0          0 – 0

Goals – Kamehameha-Hawaii: #21 Harper Hottendorf (10th), #8 Codi Kualii (50th).

RADFORD (7-4-3)    0          0 – 0

HONOKA‘A (7-5-2)  1          2 – 3

Goals – Honoka‘a: #14 Kimberly Kishimoto (14th), #9 Monica Carlos (42nd), #10 Tialana Greenwell (69th).

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Robinson & Kobayashi come up with big wins at Waiakea

Battle for first between Kaneshiro, Robinson and Langtry

Often times in sports a kick during the closing moments of an event will decide the outcome.  Such was the case this past Saturday when Honokaa’s Josh Robinson used a late kick in the final 300 yards of a Big Island Interscholastic Federation cross country meet at Waiakea to win the race.

Robinson followed several talented runners during most of the 3 mile race before taking a brief lead just past mile two.

“I didn’t warm up well enough before the race today,” Robinson said after winning.  “I usually need an hour to warm up so I didn’t feel right in the early stages of the race.”

Robinson played a catch up game right from the start with Hilo’s Tyde Kaneshiro, St. Joseph’s Andrew Langtry and Christian Liberty’s Jordan Grotenhuis taking turns as the front runners in a field of 142 harriers.

“During the whole race I kept talking to myself as I wanted to run my own race.  I kept hearing people behind me and kept the leaders within striking distance,” Robinson said.

When the leaders returned to the Waiakea High track, with only 300 yards to go, Robinson was trailing and in third place before displaying his powerful final kick.

“I came into the race today knowing that my kick might win it for me,” he said.

Honokaa coach, Josh Abner, also believes in the power of the kick as the Dragon coach teaches his runners to utilize that tool.  Following the meet Abner was headed out for the Dragon football game where he also serves as a coach.

“I coach the kickers,” Abner said.

Kaneshiro and Langtry fight for second

Robinson crossed the finish line in 16 minutes and 48 seconds with Kaneshiro and Langtry  following (16:53) and Grotenhuis taking fourth (17:01)

“I had the lead at around mile two before Josh (Robinson) passed us,” Kaneshiro said.  “I tried to go with Josh and regained the lead with a half mile to go until he out kicked me on the track.  I’m still pleased with my effort as this was the fastest time I’ve ever run.”

Langtry, a Cardinal sophomore who is one of only two members on the St. Joseph cross country team, also ran the race of his young career not only with his fastest time ever which gave him his best overall BIIF finish.

“It’s all about my doing my best,” Langtry said.  “My goal this season has been to stay in the top 10 and to finish within that number at the BIIF championships.”

Kobayashi wins at WHS

The kick didn’t play any roll in the girl’s race as Waiakea’s Kelsie Kobayashi jumped out to an early lead and distanced herself from the field of 103.

“I always try to go out fast in all my races,” Kobayashi said.  “I don’t focus on any of the other runners and I just focus on myself as I try to run my own race.”

Kobayashi was chased during the entire 3 miles by Hilo’s Shalila de Bourmont and Carmen Garson-Shumway.

“I felt well rested and my legs felt better than the last time we ran on this course,” Kobayashi said.  “Whenever I run I just want to do my best and to keep my pace the entire way.  I heard footsteps and cheering for the girls behind me, so I was always aware that I was being chased.”

Kobayashi, like most of the top runners in Saturday’s Waiakea race, achieved her best time by clocking in at 20 minutes and 9 seconds.


Hilo’s de Bourmont and Garson-Shumway had a near photo finish for second place with both clocking in at 20:47 and de Bourmont getting the nod.

“Shalila and I work together and we work off each other’s energy,” Garson-Shumway said.  “When Kelsie (Kobayashi) pulled out fast and maintained her speed Shalila and I decided to stay together and do our best to stay close.”

“I don’t focus on the fact that Carmen is only a freshman,” de Bourmont said.  “She (Garson-Shumway) is a good runner and we help each other through the pain and hardships that we go through during the race.”

The Hilo girls claimed 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th overall places to easily win the team scoring as the Vikings continue to be the dominate team in the BIIF.

“I’m really happy that our girls ran well,” Hilo Coach Bill McMahon said.  “We feel like we’re running well and we look forward to ever race.”

Grace Choe

Also doing well was Makua Lani’s Grace Choe who took fourth in a time of 21:06.

“I was being sandwiched during the race by a pair of Hilo girls,” Choe said.  “The Hilo girls pushed me to run fast and helped me to run my best race.  It’s all about being mentally tough and having perseverance.”  

Coming up on Saturday the BIIF cross country venue moves to Waimea as Hawaii Preparatory Academy will host an all-schools meet.  The girl’s 3-miler begins at 10 am followed by the boy’s race.

Hawaii Prep will also play host to the BIIF championships to be held on Friday, October 22.

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BIIF Girls Cross Country – WHS results, top 60

Girls start at Waiakeaclick to enlarge

click to enlarge

20:09 Kobayashi Kelsie WHS
20:47 De Bournmont Shalila Hilo
20:47 Garson-Shumway Carmen Hilo
21:06 Choe Grace Makua
21:09 Cooke Raycee Hilo
21:18 Rapoza Kaylee Hilo
21:20 Lawrence Karina Hilo
21:26 Busek Jessica WHS
21:27 Shiraki Allie Hon
21:58 Nishimura-Thornton Deann Keaau
22:06 Carlos Monica Hon
22:12 Okinaka Vandey WHS
22:17 Kim Corinne Kam
22:19 Mabuni Lexi Makua
22:22 Carvalho Erin Kam
22:29 Bianchi Rachael Keala
22:35 Hagemann Natalie Keaau
22:43 Iwata Tiana Kam
22:48 Choe Joy Makua
22:49 Osorio Mary Josephine Kohala
22:56 Rasse Haley WHS
23:04 Martins-Keliihoomanu Chloe Kam
23:10 Pautz Whitney Huala
23:14 Paulachak Kara WHS
23:15 Mitchell Somer Keala
23:29 Kerr Lauren Hilo
23:31 Nakamura Tiffany Makua
23:32 Ariga Brithany Kam
23:32 Greenwell Kelly Hon
23:43 Mabuni Angel Makua
23:50 Carson Riley Keala
23:54 Adona Hildang Hon
23:55 Lambert Meadow WHS
24:05:00 Delacruz Bree Hilo
24:06:00 Alterman Allison Keala
24:08:00 Belcher Carly WHS
24:24:00 Aguilar Katie Hon
24:27:00 Torigoe Katie WHS
24:32:00 Swain Karley WHS
24:34:00 Omback Skye WHS
24:38:00 Friel Rebekah Kam
24:40:00 Jobes Marie Parker
24:41:00 Cosma Shani Keaau
24:43:00 Kishimoto Kimberly Hon
24:45:00 Chambless Kadey Hilo
24:58:00 Bath Katrina WHS
25:23:00 Silva-Fujitake Keao WHS
25:24:00 Manoha Kaelynne Kam
25:28:00 Fujitake Megan Keaau
25:30:00 Jones Tehani Kam
25:37:00 Ignacio Vanessa WHS
25:38:00 Mandaguit-Arakaki Saydie Kam
25:44:00 Silva  Kanani WHS
25:47:00 McGuire Alyssa Kam
25:50:00 Trainer Hannah Kam
25:51:00 Chow Christina Keaau
25:56:00 Langevin Mariko Parker
26:05:00 Duvoisin Sara Kam

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