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Big Dog’s New Years Day 5K attracts 200 participants

Big Dog's Resolution Run - start photo

Big Dog’s New Years Day Resolution Run/Walk was a huge success with over 200 participants – 193 finishers and 9 volunteers – on Jan. 1, 2011

Results follow and more photos and race report will be posted within the next few days.

The next Big Dog event will be The Lover’s 5K run/walk at Coconut Island in Hilo on Feb 6.  Marlene and Archie Hapai will provide refreshment.

Cost is one or more canned good per participant to be donated to the Hawaii Island Food Basket.

Mahalo for supporting the Big Dog and Have a Fit and Fun 2011

Braswell Jason 17:18   Scheffer Terry 42:29:00
Oakley Peter 18:17   Shewmaker Keiko 42:35:00
Ryan Alan 18:35   Irvine Sue 42:29:00
Langtry Andrew 19:23   Williams Jeanine 42:44:00
Robinson Troy 19:57   Pearce Inessa 43:14:00
Larter Jonathan 20:43   Kaapuni Leilan 43:26:00
White Shannon 21:27   Wong Gloria 43:46:00
Pierce Kim 21:30   Knell Michelle 43:56:00
Knipers Johan 22:05   Hubbard Lorraine 44:10:00
Ahyo Nick 23:08   Wong Yuen Haddon 44:27:00
Braswell Melissa 23:16   Ahu Kaala 44:44:00
Okubo Daniel 23:20   Kamelamela Joseph 45:06:00
Ibarra Ray 23:39   Eakins Zeny 45:09:00
Waiau Kristina 23:49   Fragas Kalen 45:11:00
Keller Jeff 24:02:00   Wurtz Randall 45:19:00
Kaanapu Raymond 24:07:00   Silva Sandra 45:20:00
Okumura Kevin 24:23:00   Peterson Wendy 45:21:00
Sage Elizabeth 24:26:00   Leehong-Mauga Kehau 45:30:00
Yamada Roy 24:43:00   Yamamoto Cynthia 45:43:00
Woller Rarpy 24:51:00   Kuramoto Marie 45:43:00
Woller Marianne 24:51:00   Ikehara Alishi 46:08:00
Patterson Dawn 24:59:00   Brohmeyer Katharina 46:09:00
Wong Yuen Donna 25:00:00   Castro Braxson 46:24:00
Hubbard Bill 25:01:00   Chin Eric 46:25:00
Balingit Lyle 25:06:00   Hank Marla 46:38:00
Freitas Kelly 25:08:00   Ahu Wendy 46:44:00
Langtry Andrew 25:09:00   Chai Jodie 46:55:00
Berg Peter 25:19:00   Rock Hallie 47:05:00
Hayano Yoko 25:26:00   Borgis Piilani 47:30:00
Kuiers Lukas 25:37:00   Borgis Ammon  47:32:00
Kanehanilua Esther 25:45:00   Deweese David 47:56:00
Capati Chrissy 25:48:00   Matsuoka Derise 48:14:00
Ikehara Alan 25:49:00   Ota Andrea 48:17:00
Hank James 26:13:00   Irvine Linda 48:19:00
Yamada Wendy 26:25:00   Frankuness Leo 48:20:00
Suga Shawn 26:26:00   Alamedes Roy 49:16:00
Pocsidio Joanne 26:28:00   Unoki Karl 49:26:00
McDonald Zachary 26:46:00   Keller Grace 50:09:00
Belcher Robert 26:47:00   White Lawrie 50:26:00
Ebesugauwa Laura 27:02:00   Keller Ginger 50:37:00
Agtarap Adams 27:05:00   Spencer Meleana 50:38:00
Kehara Aaron 27:29:00   Kekua Cowen 50:38:00
Brittain Rachel 27:31:00   Keller Kim 50:40:00
Wurtz Zach 27:36:00   Correia Bethany 50:40:00
Nelson Brooke 27:41:00   Correia Michelle 51:15:00
Geronimo Roy 27:48:00   Irvine Cindy 51:36:00
Morita Aaron 28:07:00   Irvine Robert 51:37:00
Berg Cherie 28:09:00   Nelson Cooper 52:27:00
Gingrich Heidi 28:16:00   Nelson Jim 52:28:00
Keane Charles 28:26:00   Nelson Allison 52:31:00
Tehero Fermin 28:31:00   Nelson Cindy 52:32:00
Rock GA 29:09:00   Nelson Taylor 52:33:00
Adachi Dave 29:10:00   Nelson Jillian 52:34:00
Mauga Russell 29:26:00   Tanaka Wayne 53:25:00
Durkan Monalisa 29:26:00   Gray Angel 54:12:00
Chu-quinn Shawn 30:22:00   Pinner Moana 54:18:00
Foster Bruce 30:41:00   Pinner Pascale & Creek 54:27:00
Dog Big 30:43:00   Brown Pua 55:09:00
Heaukulani Charles 30:43:00   Wagner John 55:11:00
Shigeoka Dennis 30:57:00   Laier Autumn 55:42:00
Deater Paul 31:00:00   Seril Swan 55:42:00
Heaukulani Keina 31:35:00   Chesser Avery 55:54:00
Ebanez Brett 31:38:00   Chai Darlene 56:48:00
Chai Allison 31:39:00   Chai Robert 56:52:00
Morita Brandon 31:42:00   Hammes Kathy 57:17:00
Swanson Suzanne 32:02:00   Hammes David 57:18:00
Huston Darrel 32:56:00   Wilson Nona 57:24:00
Svaty Anne 33:06:00   Dramer Kamala 57:25:00
Rhyss Joyi 33:07:00   Ohiilawe Kawailele 57:35:00
Enoch Chris 34:31:00   Chong Emma 57:44:00
Black Bubby 34:44:00   Mason Alice 57:46:00
Chang Jerry 35:18:00   Mason Riley 57:47:00
Nipper Stephanie 35:47:00   Mason Paul 57:49:00
Kaapuni Timothy 36:08:00   Ikehara Terrie 58:08:00
Naniole Jimmy 36:30:00   Ahnee Brannon 58:11:00
Naniole Eva 36:30:00   Kehara Austin 58:11:00
Heaukulani Kelly 36:32:00   Rock Jimmy 58:28:00
Shewmaker Peter 36:39:00   Lambert Su 58:52:00
Carocci Carla 36:48:00   Kippen Autumn 59:34:00
Osborn Hannah 38:08:00   Burke Napua 59:52:00
Chai Stephanie 38:49:00   Solomon Isaac 59:45:00
Bugado Michelle 40:17:00   Fragas Harlen 59:52:00
Fragas Nai’a 40:19:00   Langtry Isabel walker
Fragas Leona 40:24:00   Unoki Andi walker
Pacheco Cody 40:28:00   Kagawa Edwin walker
Herras Nalu 40:39:00   Langtry M aribel walker
Heaukulani Io 40:39:00   Unoki Merle walker
Pacheco Taury 41:03:00   no name   walker
Carvalho David 41:10:00   no name   walker
Sook Chong Kyong 41:27:00   no name   walker
Miyamoto Annette 41:28:00   no name   walker
Rosene Ken  42:04:00   no name   walker
Shewmaker Mike 42:28:00   no name   walker

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BIIF Royality Returns to the Track

King of the Hurdles, Jacob Edwards

   The reigning King and Queen of prep track and field will step onto the all-weather oval this weekend when the Big Island Interscholastic Federation holds their season openers at Kamehameha-Keaau and Konawaena.

   Kau’s Jacob Edwards and Hawaii Prep’s Ku’uipo Nakoa return to the track for their senior season as the 2009 male and female athletes of the year, respectively.

   Last year Edwards won individual honors during the BIIF championships in the 110 and 300 meter hurdles and the triple jump while placing second in the long jump and fourth in the 200-meter dash to single handedly score 42 points for the Trojans.

   Edwards went on to win the Hawaii High School Athletic Association state championships in the 110 and 300-meter hurdles and placed fifth in the triple jump.  For his efforts Edwards was selected as the Gatorade boy’s track and field athlete of the year for the State of Hawaii.

   “I plan on coming out like a rocket again this year,” Edwards said of the upcoming season. “I’ve conditioned during the off season by running cross-country and I spent a lot of time strength training so I’m excited about starting the season.”

   Despite not having a track to practice on at Kau, Edwards has managed to excel at just about everything he has entered.  This season Kau’s long jump pit is under construction and Trojan coach Bob Martin drove Edwards to Kamehameha one day during Spring Break to practice at the Warriors field.

   “I’ve set a lot of goals for myself in my senior season,” Edwards said while practicing at Kamehameha.  “Once the season gets underway we’ll see what happens.”

Queen of the Jumps, Ku’uipo Nakoa

Nakoa won the 200 dash, long and triple jumps and placed second in the 100-meter dash and scored 38 individual points and helped HPA finish first in the 1,600 relay and second in the 400 relay. 

   At the state championships Nakoa won the long jump, but it was a bitter sweet victory as she injured herself on the final jump and never totally recovered to do her remaining events.

  “I was leading the long jump after my second try and my coach told me not to do a third jump, but I did anyway and that’s when I injured myself,” Nakoa said.  “I went on to finish third in the triple and sixth in the 100.”

  This year Nakoa comes in with a different attitude and the confidence that she can go further than in the past.

  “In the past I’ve only really been focused on BIIF’s,” she said.  “This year I want to place my focus on how far I can go at states.   I plan on blocking everything out and concentrate on jumps while focusing on running the 400.”

  Currently HPA is putting in a new all weather track which won’t be completed until the fall so Ka Makani athletes are training on makeshift areas and making do with what they have.

  “My sprint coach, Brad Lau, is really helping me out as we’re looking for different places to do our workouts which have included running in the pastures and at the beach on the sand,” Nakoa said.

   Waiakea’s Kaimi Scott returns for Waiakea as the defending 200 and 400-meter champion and looks to improve on his times this year.

   “I’m focusing more on my form which will help me get faster,” he said.  “The 200 is my strength, but I like running the 400 as well.”

   The Waiakea boys are the two time BIFF 1600 relay champions and look to defend their title with a strong returning sprint core with the return of Owen Cooper, Travis Winters and Jacob St. George. 

  Last year three BIIF freshmen won individual titles with Keaau’s Randi Estrada winning the girls 400-meters and later took third place at the state championships.  Hilo’s Shina Chung won the BIIF pole vault title and HPA’s Shane Brostek won the boys shot event.

   Hilo High is the defending boy’s team champion winning last season by more than 60 points with Viking coach Bill McMahon winning his 18th team title (boys and girls combined) during his 19 years at the helm.

   “I got some numbers this year, but most of the team is real green,” McMahon said.  “We’re just going to have to see what happens as the season progresses.”

   The Kamehameha girl’s team beat out a tough HPA squad to claim the title and another showdown between the two schools looks to be brewing once again this year.

   “We are trying to keep the ball rolling,” Kamehameha coach Kimo Weaver said.  “Our team goals are to better our times/marks each week, be in contention for the league title and improve on our number of state qualifiers.”

   The Warrior girls will again face stiff opposition from a large and talented HPA squad for this year’s team title.

   “We are stocked with good freshman distance runners, most from the BIIF girl’s champion cross-country team,” HPA coach Pat Lau said.  “We have roughly 85 athletes on the track team and 61 are girls.”

   Other top returning BIIF track & field athletes to watch this season are:

Hilo:  Cameron Calistro, hurdles, Shalila De Bourmont, distance.

Honokaa: Tialana Greenwell, Athena Oldfather, Chris Mosch, and Joshua Robinson distance.

HPA: Hanna Scully, sprints, Kela Vargas, distance, Sydney Budde, pole vault, Lana Queen, hurdles & jumps, Mindy Campbell, high jump and Tyler Tsubota, distance.

Kamehameha: ‘Io Heaukulani, sprints & high jump; Kaopuanani Sutton, throws; Bronte Kaneakua, sprints; Natasha Ah Chong; Hiilani Evans-Bautista jumps; Corin Kim, mid distance; Manta Dirks jumps, and Kaenan Akau, sprints & jumps; Maka McKee hurdles.

Keaau: Daniel Brooks, mid distance, Jesse Huihui, sprints and jumps.

Kealakehe:  Walter Luca, mid distance.

Kohala:  Ethan Meikle, high jump.

Waiakea: Kaitlyn Chock mid distance and Erika Cushnie, high jump.

The BIIF Track & Field season kicks off on Saturday, March 27, with East/West meets at Kamehameha-Keaau and Konawaena starting at 9 am.

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