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Should Caleb Westfall be banned from all future Honolulu Marathons?

Should Caleb Westfall be banned from future Honolulu Marathons?

Big Island resident Caleb Westfall was told several times that he would be arrested if he attempted to do the Honolulu Marathon on stilts, race officials told the Big Dog.  

Race President, Jim Barahal, did not want him in the race with the stilts. Westfall was advised several times before the race that the stilts could pose a danger to other runners in a crowded field like the Honolulu marathon.

Westfall defied race officials and came in anyway. He got himself on KITV’s morning show because the station was doing live coverage from the course. When KITV asked Honolulu race officials his name they would not give it to the television station because they did not want to help Westfall in his self promoting publicity stunt.

Look at the end of this video from the KITV live program and you will see Westfall being interviewed on the course. He complained that the Honolulu Marathon would not let him race with stilts so he jumped in at mile 5.

The Honolulu Marathon is now considering banning Westfall from future races.

The Big Dog would like to know if you agree with the ban because I would also not allow stilts to be used in the Hilo Marathon, for safety reasons.  The safety of runners should always come first!

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