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Giving back in Life the secret to success – BIRR Big Dog 5K run/walk

Winston Churchill said “you make a living by what you get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Truer words can never be spoken as we reflect on the meaning of Thanksgiving.

I’ve been blessed over the years with many friends and supporters and have never found myself short of money to buy food but there are those not so lucky.

That is why I‘ve been so honored to be the first ever recipient of the Big Island Road Runners Club Thanksgiving Day 5K run/walk.

The BIRR was looking at a way to give back to the community by combining a joint effort to raise money or food for those less fortunate through the Salvation Army. Over 300 runners and walkers participated on Thanksgiving Day and were asked to bring a can good or to make a monetary donation.

Over $641 was raised and 6 large bins of canned goods went to the Salvation Army during this most critical time of the year.

Despite having Stage 4 terminal brain cancer I am regarded as fully functional and that in itself is indeed a blessing.

As I reflect on the many things I am thankful for I have to say I appreciate all the many people that care about me.

You see to be functional means I have my wits about me. It means I look forward to waking up every morning at 5 am.  I am still able to do my five to seven mile walk each day. I can prepare for what the future has in store for me.  For some people the end comes instantly, like an accident or a heart attack. For me, I know my time here is limited and I have started to plan for my final days.

I look forward to each day and prepare better for it.  I have a deeper enjoyment toward life.

Each day gives me hope and brings me a deeper appreciation for those things that I normally take for granted, like my loving wife and now care giver, Randee.

So I’m honored that the BIRR would make me a part of their Thanksgiving run/walk as well as making it a benefit for the Salvation Army as a means to raise money and food for those that have so little during this holiday season.

During the 3.1 mile race it was Hilo High’s Stephan Hunter coming in first overall for the men in 17 minutes 11 seconds with Waiakea’s Ian McQuate 1 second behind.

“The entire race we were exchanging the lead,” Hunter said.  “I had to put on a late kick with 100 meters to go to win the race.”

When asked what he was thankful for on this day Hunter said, I am thankful that my family is doing well and that my brother is coming home for the holiday.”

McQuate echoed Hunter’s sentiment and is thankful for his own family and friends.

Following in third place overall was Joe Barcia in a time of 17:55.

“I am thankful for family and friends and especially that my daughter got up early to come down and be a part of the wonderful event,” Barcia said.

In fourth overall was Sven Loeschengruber (17:58), fifth was St Joseph’s Andrew Langtry (18:06) according to Rick Otani timer for the BIRR event.

Dano Banks who was on hand to do the 2 mile walk with his wife Marti said “I am thankful for my friends, family and good health.”

For the women it was a pair of Hilo High girls taking first and second place. They also happen to be the best of friends, Carmen Garson Shumway in a time of 20:38 and Mehana Sabado-Halpern 10 seconds behind.

In third for the women was Heather Rosario (21:38) fourth Lory Hunter (21:52) fifth Eqberiela Benito (22:05).

Garson-Shumway noted that she came out to do this run in support of the Big Dog and so did Sabado-Halpern and for raising donations for a great cause the Salvation Army.

So on this typical liquid sunshine day in our hometown of Hilo many folks came out to enjoy a fun filled community event. They all shared the same sentiment of wanting to give back in record numbers to those less fortunate.

And someday should you see a very thankful walker/jogger come climbing up Shower Drive in the early morning hours remember to say “woof” and never shy away from “Running with the Big Dog.”


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Rainforest Run 10K results top 50 – Gregory Wins

The 2012 Volcano Art Center Rain Forest Runs
August 18, 2012 – Volcano, Hawaii

Overall Results – 10KPlc Name                      Division     Residence            Time    Pace

 1 Chris Gregory #574        20 – 29      Hilo, HI             :36:25 

   2 Stephen Hunter #534       1 – 19       Hilo, HI             :39:10 

   3 Joe Barcia #550           40 – 49      Keaau, HI            :39:39 

   4 James Catella #413        30 – 39      Oneonta, NY          :40:17 

   5 Keri Ogden #556           20 – 29    F Honolulu, HI         :42:56 

   6 Ian Smith #503            30 – 39      Hilo, HI             :44:18 

   7 Kyle Hart #538            20 – 29      Honolulu, HI         :44:21 

   8 Adrian Charkowski #415    30 – 39      Hilo, HI             :45:00 

   9 Noe Waller #568           20 – 29    F Kamuela, HI          :45:05 

  10 Stewart Miyashiro #470    50 – 59      Volcano, HI          :45:35 

  11 Frank Grotenhuis #442     50 – 59      Hilo, HI             :45:52 

  12 Francis Edmilao #430      30 – 39      Waikoloa, HI         :46:04 

  13 Jake Collins #532         30 – 39      Schofield Barracks   :46:14 

  14 Patrick Baker #570        30 – 39      Pahoa, HI            :46:19 

  15 Kerstin Busse #561        40 – 49    F HI                   :46:34 

  16 Joanna Johnson #543       30 – 39    F Santa Clara, HI      :47:46 

  17 David England #431        40 – 49      Langford, United K   :47:47 

  18 Jason Nixon #535          40 – 49      Kamuela, HI          :48:05 

  19 Sandra Drzazga #428       30 – 39    F Kailua Kona, HI      :48:07 

  20 Kimberly Pierce #487      30 – 39    F Hilo, HI             :48:13 

  21 Erin Stephens #560        20 – 29    F Kk, HI               :48:59 

  22 Kourtney Miyasato #572    20 – 29      Keaau, HI            :49:29 

  23 Tom Morrison #472         60 – 69      Millbrook, NY        :49:51 

  24 Christian Hamilton #562   40 – 49      Kk, HI               :50:29 

  25 Heather Rosario #546      40 – 49    F Hilo, HI             :50:33 

  26 Stanley Costales Jr #426  50 – 59      Hilo, HI             :50:57 

  27 Shannon Rech #490         20 – 29    F Youngstown, OH       :51:33 

  28 Matthew Patrick #485      30 – 39      Hnp, HI              :52:25 

  29 Chad Trujillo #512        30 – 39      Hilo, HI             :52:27 

  30 Kate Eppinger #569        20 – 29    F Hilo, HI             :52:30 

  31 Karina Lawrence #462      1 – 19     F Hilo, HI             :52:30 

  32 Richard McDowell #542     60 – 69      Holualoa, HI         :52:36 

  33 Andrea Leahy #563         40 – 49    F Los Angeles, CA      :52:45 

  34 Linus Tavares #510        50 – 59      Hilo, HI             :52:55 

  35 Levi Jacola #453          20 – 29      Honolulu, HI         :53:30 

  36 Rebecca Bailey #406       50 – 59    F Youngstown, OH       :54:29 

  37 Patrick Haines #445       20 – 29      Honolulu, HI         :54:50

  38 Liz Duhoski #429          40 – 49    F Millbrook, NY        :55:22 

  39 Shelley Izuno #451        20 – 29    F Waipahu, HI          :55:38 

  40 Zachary Steinke #507      30 – 39      Glendale, AZ         :55:41 

  41 Janette Gillespie #440    40 – 49    F Kailua-Kona, HI      :55:43 

  42 Mel Morita #471           60 – 69      Waipahu, HI          :56:04 

  43 Conrad Oishi #481         60 – 69      Mililani, HI         :56:08 

  44 Jason Coulter #533        20 – 29      Hilo, HI             :56:09 

  45 Heather Colbert #419      30 – 39    F Hilo, HI             :56:29 

  46 Sam Abe #527              1 – 19       Honolulu, HI         :56:49 

  47 Kananinohea Makaimoku #46 30 – 39    F Keaau, HI            :56:51 

  48 Tyler Nishimura #473      20 – 29      Hilo, HI             :56:52 

  49 Elena Gatto #438          30 – 39    F Biella, Italy        :56:55 

  50 Matthew Garrison #437     30 – 39      Hilo, HI             :57:06 

  51 Amy Okura #482            30 – 39    F Hilo, HI             :57:17 


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Mana 10K – complete results – won by Egley & Waller

Big Island Road Runners Mana 10k Results  
  Men Time Women Time
1 Richard Egley 40:35 Noe Waller 44:35
2 Joe Barcia 41:04 Maile Bellosi 55:01
3 Sebastian Wasaznik 42:26 Tanja Mehlo 56:19
4 Chris Prater 43:10 Johnnelle Chun 56:29
5 Roland Laliberte 45:11 Susan Macy 57:58
6 Maka’ala Cruz 45:50 Suzie Bistline 1:02:34
7 Jordan Hirae 47:39 Wendy Clark 1:04:13
8 Dayson Alip 48:02 Anne Veillet 1:05:11
9 Patrick Baker 48:17 Jean Maertens 1:06:53
10 Mark Noetzel 49:05 Vicki Pendergrass 1:07:13
11 Dean Alip 54:43 Cheri Sandin 1:10:21
12 Volker Mehlo 57:59 Brianna Standing 1:14:54
13 David Maertens 1:02:34 Marissa Bryant-Manago 1:15:47
14 Jack Russell Brauher 1:03:43 Michelle Gautier 1:18:36
15 Patrick du Monceaux 1:04:35 Cathy Ogino-Williams 1:27:59
16 Allison Yano 1:07:40    

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Results from Wedemann’s Decimal Man 2012 Event – Gregory sets course record

Results Decmal Man 2012

Mens    Chris Gregory took top honors with a new course record of 55:47

Joe Wedemann chased down Rob Patey in the last 10th mile on the cinder for second with a time of 58:15.

Rob Patey took 3rd with a time of 58:58

Joe Barcia 4th, 1:00:42

Michael Dishman 5th, 1:01:28

Victor (Danny) Trevino 1:19:40


Womens    First female went to Daria Crutchfild at 1:22:15    Eve Teeter took 2nd at 1:26:18

Kate Epponger 3rd at 1:28;11 (even though she missed the turn on the bike and went 2 miles off course)

 Other finishers were    Jon “Da Jet” Boteilho 1:24:37

Nohi Boteilho 1:26:18             Mark Mangibin  ??     Bree ??


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Keaau’s Joe Barcia taking risks and learning from mistakes

Taking risk, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes are all part of life that we can learn through sports participation.

Keaau’s Joe Barcia has taken his share of risk and made more than a fair amount of mistakes, but has come out on top in the game of life.

Barcia became a quick study in learning about external motivation when at age 7 his father offer to buy him and his 9 year old brother, Dan, a boat to use in the canal in Kailua on the island of Oahu if they would train and compete in the Hilo Marathon.

The year was 1978 and the brothers, who were both learning the games of soccer, baseball and basketball, took their fathers boat offer and prepared to run a distance of 26.2 miles.

“I became the youngest marathon finisher in the State of Hawaii and I also beat my older brother by 7 minutes,” a proud Barcia said.

The seven year old completed his first marathon in 4 hours and 21 minutes, but his most excitable moment came on what he found that morning along the roadway.

“During the race I yelled out in excitement to my dad, that I had found 11 cents,” Barcia recalled.

In 1981 Barcia returned to do the Hilo Marathon at the advanced age of 10 and took more than an hour off his finishing time, crossing the line in 3:13.

“At age 12 I had run 11 marathons,” Barcia said.  “I come from a family of 12 and we got swept up in the wave of running during the mid 1970’s as the family all went to the local Oahu races every Sunday and every one of us ran.”

Barcia’s father would pass out homemade donuts to everyone which also became part of the motivation for the Barcia family members.

“My sister, Kathy, at age 12 won the Kauai Marathon in 3 hour 21 minutes,” Barcia said.  “She went on to run the Boston Marathon in 3:03.”

According to Barcia his love for sports caused him to place his education on the backburner.

“I became somewhat lost in high school and lacked the goals or direction, so I dropped out of Iolani and chose to go to Kalaheo instead,” he said.  “At Kalaheo I knew I could surf a lot more as I became quite skilled in cutting school, smoking, drinking and running away from home.”

Barcia placed a high priority on surfing as he went through what he called ‘lost periods’ in his life.

“After testing my parents, and the law, my parents yanked me out of school and I went to drug treatment with a bunch of old guys for 6 months,” Barcia said.  “Seeds were planted and with my girlfriend’s ultimatum and Narcotics Anonymous, I got clean and sober on April 15, 1989 and I haven’t drank or used drugs since then.”

In 1991 Barcia and that helpful girlfriend took an enormous risk and moved to Paradise Park in Keaau with no job and no money.

“At a friend’s suggestion, in late 1991, I started Windward Yard Service,” Barcia said.  “We manage landscapes and trim trees in East Hawaii.”

Barcia chose a highly physically demanding profession and with it the pressures and stress of owning a business.

“It is both physically and mentally challenging,” Barcia said.  “My wonderful wife of 19 years, Celeste, does all the bookkeeping and has provided us with three great kids, Sage, 17, Sydney, 14, and Hayley, 14.

And if you readers are wondering, yes, that encouraging and helpful girlfriend in Barcia’s past is now his wife.

But the story doesn’t end here, it only begins, as this highly motivated, risk taking middle aged man recently took on another immense challenge in his life.

Barcia, with his incredible athletic gift, watched his sister, Amy Harpstrite, finish her first Kona Ironman last year and decided to see if he was up for the challenge.

“I tried the Honu Half Ironman in June of this year and after cramping up and doing poorly on the run, said no to trying for Ironman,” Barcia said.

But as fate would have it Barcia received a lottery slot to the World Championships of Triathlons and still need time to decide.

“I went to Tahiti on a surfing trip with some of my family and there I was given a book written by two time Ironman winner Chris McCormack, called I’m here to win,” Barcia explained. 

While in Tahiti Barcia went on a mid day 16 mile run and hydrated with coconut water and bananas.  The proper hydration, along with reading McCormack’s book gave Barcia the answer he was looking for.

“Having a successful training run gave me the confidence I needed,” Barcia said.

Barcia began to juggle work with Ironman training over the course of the past several months, which was no easy task.

“I wanted to be able to race Ironman comfortably, as I didn’t want to be able to survive the Ironman,” Barcia said.  “My first priority is supporting my family, so training had to be fit in around my work.”

Barcia, the risk taker, not only completed the Ironman World Championships on Oct 8, he did it comfortably.

I admire Joe Barcia for his ability to live life fully and to take risks while doing it.

Barcia was given a challenging path to take and he has made the most of the situation while keeping his focus on what is important to him, his family.

And someday should you happen to see a blessed family man jogging around the streets of Hawaiian Paradise Park remember to smile, say “woof” and never shy away from “Running with the Big Dog.”

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