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Results from Veterans Day Run – top 75

Hunter  Stephen 17:33
Langtry Andrew 17:58
De Rego Gabriel 20:20
Sato Dyson 20:22
Grady Pam 20:38
Rosario Heather 21:28
Sakai  Dean 21:32
Ibarra Ray 21:38
Hylas John 21:47
Rosario Nathaniel 21:59
Phumage Victoria 22:00
Hose Uriah 22:02
Hunter  Lory 22:04
Okumura Kevin 23:11
LaBrie Colbie 23:26
Busek Adam 23:32
Yamada Roy  23:35
Freitas Kelly 23:37
Blinn DJ 24:07:00
Kanashiro Harris 24:43:00
Belcher Robert 24:45:00
Funai Kaitlyn 25:35:00
Bean Nina 25:35:00
Swanson Jesse 25:40:00
Truesdell Joel 25:55:00
Ayceo Ryan  26:23:00
Spina Catherine 26:24:00
Thero Firmin 26:36:00
Nagai Dennis 26:51:00
Wedemann Veroonica 27:05:00
Wedemann Joe 27:06:00
Nolta Anthony 27:16:00
O’Connell Tim 27:19:00
Nakamura Dana 27:32:00
Ayceo Raymond 27:49:00
Balderas Jennifer 29:08:00
Yamada Gerald 29:30.0
Sur Peter 29:31:00
Tamada Wendy 29:32:00
Vicente Adrel 29:33:00
Pavao Steve 29:34:00
Miamgtry Andrew 29:34:00
Decleene Therese 29:34:00
York Alvin 29:52:00
Jack Kaleo 30:25:00
Tagawa Lynn 30:31:00
Ahuna’Leong Muriel 30:51:00
England Stacy 31:32:00
Cabarloc Reyn 31:42:00
Adachi Dave 31:42:00
Kay’Wong Lucas 31:53:00
Kay’Wong Alex 31:54:00
Shigeoka Dennis 32:12:00
Morita -Zen Amanda 32:23:00
Morita  Aaron 32:29:00
Tagawa Miles 32:41:00
Swanson Suzanne 32:49:00
Rosario Josaih 32:49:00
Rosario Naomi 32:50:00
Faulknew Lisa 32:55:00
Quitoriano John 34:06:00
Ahu Kaala 34:24:00
Takei Lance 36:43:00
Wegner Herb 37:17:00
Arceo Ethan 37:19:00
Arceo Michelle 37:19:00
Rosario Missy 37:24:00
Wong-Yuen Chelsea 38:16:00
Ahu Wendy 39:38:00
Kuramoto Marie 39:42:00
Inouye Eric 39:42:00
Jose Tiana 40:33:00
Domingo Kalana 40:33:00
Hanson Paul 40:35:00
Makua  Malcom 41:04:00

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Canefire Conditioner a tradional fun race for pairs

KEAAU – The Big Island Interscholastic Federation opened its season with a traditional Canefire Conditioner, on the campus of Christian Liberty Academy.

It doesn’t happen to be your usual 3 mile cross country race because harriers are paired up with a teammate and there are special rules for team scoring.

“I ran a conditioner at Taylor University (Indiana).  It too was a preseason race,” CLA Coach Frank Grotenhuis said.

The objective is to allow everyone to run with a partner doing a relay format so that each runs a total of 3 miles (the total distance in a BIIF race, but with taking a 1 mile interval beak in between.

Hilo’s 1st and 2nd place teams.

“I think that the kids like it because they have a rest between each mile and they can get away with not being in 3 mile shape,” Grotenhuis said.  “Coaches have liked the fact that it’s a low key event, they get to see where their kids are at, and they can see some of their runners win awards.”

 “Our goal has been to make it a fun event for the schools and give them a chance to get out to Keaau and see our campus,” Grotenhuis said.  “It is always an eye opener for our school to see how popular cross country is!”

The Canefire conditioner gives 3 team trophies and 15 pairs of medals per race, according to Grotenhuis.

This year’s winner pair were both for Hilo in Stephen Hunter and Timon Skinner for the boys and Mahana Sabado-Halpern and Nina Bean for the girls.

Viking Coach Lory Hunter divided her girl pairs so that their number 1 runner would be paired with their number 4 runner and their #2 would be paired with #3.

“We wanted the team pair to push each other,” Coach Hunter said.

And Hilo strategy paid off as their two teams battled for first place and finished one-two with Carmen Garson-Shumway and Kaylee Rapoza finishing within  three minutes of each other.

#2 boys team Honokaa & #1 Hilo

“This is an exciting run and this is my favorite race,” Garson-Shumway said.

Bean echoed her teammate statement, “we pushed them to run hard and we paced them to make it fun” she said.

The Hilo pairs were clocked at their mile splits in the 6:52 range with the final mile reaching a speedy 6:02.

The third pair crossing the finish line was TeHani Jones and Tiana Iwata from Kamehameha.

Each coach came with their own strategy.

Michael Franklin head coach for Hawaii Prep Academy girl’s team said he has been doing the same thing for the past 5 years. He didn’t want to pull any surprises on anybody and the whole thing about his team strategy is to try to train them to run as a pack.

HPA lost to Hilo in team scoring by one point. But that didn’t change Franklin’s opinion of his strategy to train them to run as a group.

Coach Jordon Rosado of Waiakea said he likes the format at CLA because it affords his team to rest between miles and he wants to see what it is like when you put all these miles together during the week.

“It’s a great fun way to keep kids motivated to want to run and the CLA coach does a fantastic job putting this event together,” Rosado said.

Coach Joel Truesdell of Kamehameha’s team has done the Canefire conditioner for all seven years.

“It’s a great way to kick off the season, the kids love it. We don’t really train for the race.

Frank Grotenhuis is a great host and it’s his way of showing aloha,” Truesdell said.

On the boy’s side, was another pair of Hilo boys in Stephen Hunter and Timon Skinner taking first place.

“We were running in second place until our final baton pass in which we took over the lead,” Hunter said.

The Honokaa Dragon’s had a ten second lead on Hunter but the young Viking made up the time in a thrilling eleven second turn around.

Hunter had to pass the Dragons in the final baton pass to make it a clean sweep for the Vikings, but Honokaa still pulled out a team title.

Another pair of Vikings in Isreal Sim and Max Panoff came in third place within a minute of the other Hilo team.

Fourth place went to the pair of Paul Gregg and Tyler McCullough from Parker as the Bulls were separated by a mere minute and twelve seconds from first place.

But in the Conditioner format it takes your top four scoring teams to win the team title.

Despite the high temperature of a noon day boy’s race and no trade winds coming through the cane fields it still made for a great venue.

Grotenhuis keeps getting larger and larger participation, with 300 last year and a total of 328 runners this year.

CLA makes the awards possible through a series of fund raisers throughout the year, according to Grotenhuis.

A change in venue has BIIF cross country moving to the campus of HPA next Saturday Sept 1 starting at 10 a.m. instead of Kealakehe.

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Big Dog’s Veteran’s Day 5K run/walk results from 11-11-11

Due to the heavy rain some of the ink on the finish sheets ran…………..making it difficult to read the spelling and some times in the official results.   Corrections will be made if you email the change to me at waiakeabigdog@aol.com  Congratulations to all that braved the rain, especially to our volunteers, Kari Sato and the Waiakea Key Club who put up and took down the tents and banners, Paul Okubo for timing  Faith Nance for writing down the finishers names during the heavy downpour and Jerry Chang and his crew for supplying the post race refreshments.   To the participants who came out despite the rain – a big, warm MAHALO!   Two PAWS UP to all of you, including my lovely wife Randee –    Related link:  https://waynejoseph.wordpress.com/2011/11/11/random-photos-from-big-dogs-veterans-day-5k-on-11-11-11/

Big Dog’s Veterans Day 5K Results – read from left column first

Barnett Billy 16:23   Carvalho Erin 26:24:00
Gregory Chris 16:52   Tanouie Mark 26:27:00
Halford Jackson 17:40   Matiaas Lowell 26:40:00
Barcia Joe 18:35   Jirir AJ 27:01:00
Pang Justin 18:42   Dusek Deb 27:06:00
Panoff Max 18:51   LaBrie Colby 27:15:00
Perry Louie 19:04   Auth Tim 27:24:00
Hunter Stephen 19:17   Grothmann Kalai 27:37:00
Daly Michael 19:21   Eckart Kanai Pono 27:43:00
Allan Ryan 19:29   Eckart Lawrence 27:44:00
Olson Kevin 19:54   Truesdell Joel 27:56:00
Wozniak Michael 20:09   Ongais Kayla 28:10:00
Villena Linden 20:34   Wong Yuen Donna 28:17:00
Kobayashi Kelsie 20:36   Valera Jarvis 29:01:00
Irysen Galigo 20:59   Camero Ryan 29:33:00
Harbor Jin 21:04   Desa Kanani 29:44:00
Hill Adam 21:08       29:52:00
Matuura Sam 21:31   Rhyss Joyi 29:56:00
Bako Patrick 21:35   Darling Kristen 30:05:00
Matsuyama Amy 21:39   Hulten Kaliko 30:05:12
Wedeman Joe 21:48   Javier Stella 30:06:00
Ibarra Ray 21:54   Wilson Harold 30:27:00
Cafier Nicholas 22:15   Hammer Jerelyn 30:48:00
Uyeda Garret 22:16   Newman Allen 30:59:00
Pavao Steve 22:20   Pacheco Lauren 31:00:00
Matias Greg 22:29   Faulkner-Inouye Lisa 31:07:00
Stayhorn Vishu 22:35   Domingo Sky 31:33:00
Shumoff Nikolai 22:58   Domingo Stacy 31:34:00
Rhyss Dorian 23:00   Fulton Jim 31:41:00
Nishimura Neon 23:06   Subica Raynelle 31:52:00
Langtry Andrew M. 23:08   Inata Ben 32:06:00
Hunter Lory 23:12   Shigeoka Dennis 32:08:00
Myhre Lucas 23:14   Newman Dixie 32:31:00
Rapoza Kaylee 23:20   Mair Lates Molly 32:56:00
Jedinsky Jennifer 23:24   Baldwin David 33:17:00
Hunter Stuart 23:33       33:19:00
Willis Christine 23:35   Nakasone Harvey 34:04:00
Pavao Wayne 23:38   Barbas Bonita 34:32:00
Okimaka Vandey 23:40   Fulton Allison 34:37:00
Ho Josen 23:44   Eckart Tennille 34:41:00
Barcia Sage 23:48   England Stacy 34:58:00
Ombac Skye 23:50   England Charlie 34:59:00
Grothmann Rihei 23:52   Rosorio Naomi 35:00:00
Rosario Heather 23:59   Daly Mykelah 35:36:00
Kim Corrin 24:06:00   Harbour Haruko 35:38:00
Taaroa Emily 24:12:00   Tana Lisa 36:30:00
Ignacio Vanessa 24:17:00   Aktorg Josette 36:31:00
Tominaga MJ 24:20:00   Sakarias Suzette 36:32:00
    24:24:00   Auth Jean 36:34:00
Rosario Josiah 24:26:00   Chang Jerry 36:50:00
Subica Wayne 24:46:00   Hanson Paul 37:03:00
Jones Tehani 25:11:00   Hammer Felicia 37:11:00
Grothmann Richard 25:14:00   Rapoza Kylyn 37:35:00
Chun Matt 25:45:00   Ostrowski Cheryl 37:48:00
Masuyama Mark 25:50:00   Rapoza Sossity 37:53:00
Hagemann Natalie 26:00:00   Sherlock Braxton 37:59:00
Strayhorn Govardano 26:12:00   Rosene Ken 38:15:00
Bostwick Charles 26:13:00   McKinley Shaun 38:24:00
Agams Phil 26:17:00   Sugioka-Kai Samantha 38:41:00
    26:19:00   Kingery Emily 38:58:00
        Brown Barbara 39:02:00
        Mauga Kehau 39:44:00
        Mauga Russell 39:45:00
        Kiefer Cheryl 40:04:00
        Soares Carl 40:05:00
        Kagawa Edwin 40:06:00
        Lum Mah 40:44:00
        Ellazar Hernandez Emmy 40:56:00
        Hernandez Sam 54:00:00
        Kaalakea Brianna 1:04
        Kekipi Kayla 1:04
        Anguay Gail 1:08:54
        Anguay Coco 1:08:55
        Meek Lucy 54:15

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Kamehameha Teacher and Coach, Joel Truesdell, making a difference

Coach Joel Truesdaell

When young people are exposed to sports participation they often come into contact with a variety of coaches, some good and others who need improvement.

Coaches can enhance a young person’s experience or they can take away their enthusiasm in that particular sport.

For a young Joel Truesdell his love for sports led to the discovery of a new, more objective form of coaching.

“I have been interested in sports since I was in elementary school,” Truesdell said.  “I loved any sport that we were paying and my favorites were baseball, football and wrestling.”

It was through that passion for sports participation that Truesdell got a rude awakening into how some coaches show favoritism.

“In high school, I played football my freshman year, but had a coach that played his favorites and I was not one of them,” he said.

From his unfortunate life lesson in football Truesdell vowed to only participate in sports where playing time was based more objectively on his performance.

“I realized that in cross country and track that the stop watch does not lie,” Truesdell said.  “In wrestling, if you beat the guy above you on the weight class ladder, you take his place.”

By his college years Truesdell was running between 70 and 100 miles per week and considered himself to be in the best shape of his life.

“ During the summer of my sophomore year in college I felt like I had a touch of the flu for a week and when I ran my next race, I could barely keep a 6 minute per mile pace for the 5 miles,” Truesdell said.

The week before his 5 mile race Truesdell was running the same distance on a rugged course at a 5:10 clip, so he knew something was wrong, but he didn’t know what it was.”

“I went to the doctor and he just said I needed a little rest and that I would be fine,” Truesdell said.  “I wasn’t diagnosed properly until Christmas when my weight dropped down to about 114 pounds that’s when it was discovered that I had Type I diabetes.”

Truesdell stopped running for a while after learning about his diabetes and claims that his health started to deteriorate even further.

“I  started running again seriously when I got to Hawaii in 1981, at the age of 26,” he said.  “My health started improving and by 1983 I was running marathons.”

Truesdell’s health improved so much after ’83 that he joined the Hawaii Ultra Running Team, also known as HURT, and started running ultra marathons or distances beyond the 26.2 mile marathon.

“My favorite ultra became Run to the Sun on Maui,” he said. “It is a 36.2 mile run up Haleakala,  and my best time was 6 hours and 20 minutes and a 7th place overall finish.”

Truesdell has done Run to the Sun 11 times and is a testament to perseverance and a strong mind.

Today Truesdell is a Chemistry teacher at Kamehameha Hawaii campus where he also coaches, what else, cross country and track.

“My workload, as are all teachers, is very high and highly stressful,” Truesdell said.  “Coaching, while also a lot of work, helps to relieve my stress.”

Truesdell has been married to Elizabeth for 21 years who also shares in her husband’s coaching task.

As for diet Truesdell follows the Chris Carmichael diet, which is high in carbohydrates and low in fats and protein.

“Carmichael preaches to eat what you need and not stuff yourself,” Truesdell said.  “I will eat fresh food everyday and dessert only on occasion.”

Truesdell is very visible in his coaching duties as he will run with his cross country team.

“I stay active by running 4 to 5 times per week with the kids,” he said.  “We run 4 to 5 miles per day and I enjoy doing it as it is fun and also keep my Type 1 diabetes in check.”

Truesdell is a good role model for his team as he does everything he ask them to do, even if it means trying something different that he had never done before.

“Our team started doing cardio kickboxing for core training and we do it twice per week.  I’ll try to do it with the kids but I seem to have rhythm disorder,” he said with a grin.

Coach Truesdell is an advocate for good health through exercise and eating right and lives the lifestyle, serving as a positive influence for a sport that is dear to his heart, which he happened to stumble upon.

At age 56 Truesdell continues to benefit from a sport that doesn’t lie, “it’s all about the stop watch.”

“What I like best about working out is the feeling that I have gotten rid of a lot of stress and that I have taken an action that will help me live another day,” Truesdell said.

“There is nothing that I dislike about working out as I hope that I can be running for many more years to come.”

Truesdell and his Kamehameha Warriors will be playing host to the Big Island Interscholastic Federation cross country championships scheduled for October 22.

If you happen to come by the Warrior campus be sure to view the race at the one mile mark where you will see a sign called “Truesdell Trail,” in honor of a coach  that has made a difference.

And someday should you happen to see a jogger meandering the back trails of East Hawaii remember to smile, say “woof” and never shy away from “Running with the Big Dog.”

Email the Big Dog at waiakeabigdog@aol.com.

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Lady Ka Makani looking to continue BIIF Cross Country Dynasty

Lady harriers from Hawaii Prep

The Hawaii Prep girls cross country program doesn’t don Yankee pinstripes, it doesn’t channel Celtic pride and it’s never celebrated their victories with the Lambeau leap.  But in its own realm, Ka Makani wahine are every bit as dominant.

Since 1980 the ladies from Hawaii Preparatory Academy have dominated the Big Island Interscholastic Federation cross county winning league titles in 27 of the past 31 years, according to Ka Makani athletic director Stephen Perry.

The BIIF cross country season opens this Saturday with the HPA girls team coming in as heavy favorites to win yet another league championship.

Waiakea (1983 & 1991) and Kamehameha (2005 & 2007) were the only other schools to win BIIF girls team titles and HPA looks on track to continue their cross country dominance.

Ka Makani return four of the varsity seven from last year’s league champions with Zoe Sims, Emily Evans, Kristiana Van Pernis and Mariah Haight leading the way.

Head coach Michael Franklin returns at the helm, but down plays his team’s goal of winning another league title.

“Truly, people don’t believe me when I say this, but winning a championship is not one of our goals,” Franklin said.  “Our goals are simple as they come from the basic philosophy that life is more satisfying if one pushes him or herself beyond perceived limits.”

Franklin believes that his harriers need to focus on themselves and their team rather than on trying to win a league championship.

“Focusing on winning a championship would require too much attention on others,” he said.  “We really have a team focus.”

Ka Makani girls finished second in the state last season and this year is considered the team to challenge Punahou again for the Hawaii High School Athletic Association title.

“This is the strongest team that I have yet coached at HPA,” Franklin said.  “That does not mean that it is the fastest team.  It is the strongest because of its unified spirit and unanimous love for the running lifestyle.  Whether we win or lose races, this team’s attitude makes it exceptional.”

Gunning for the girl’s title will be the Warriors of Kamehameha as Coach Joel Truesdell return five of his top seven girls.

“This is the first time since we last won the BIIF championship that we return this many varsity starters,” Truesdell said.

Kamehameha returns three girls that were in the top 20 at the BIIF championships last season in Tiana Iwata (12th), Corin Kim (16th) and Erin Carvalho (20th).

“We’ve got some depth on our girl’s squad as we have 8 girls running in the lead pack,” Truesdell said.  “Our goals are the same as last year, to get a full team into states.”

Also shooting to get a full team to qualify for the state championship is Hilo’s veteran coach, Bill McMahon.

“Our top two returning girls are Shalila De Bournmont and Carmen Garson-Shumway,” McMahon said.  “Our boy’s team are all young, but I do have a good sized group.”

Waiakea’s  fastest girl is Kelsie Kobayashi and she will be anchored by Haley Rasse, Vanessa Ignacio, Skye Ombac, and Vandey Okinaka, according to Coach Jordan Rosado.

“We have a large team, with 40 boys and 28 girls,” Rosado said.  “I feel we have as good a chance to compete for the boy’s team title as anyone else, since Honokaa lost some of their best runners to graduation.”

Waiakea will be led by Jackson Halford and Keoni Rice with Ian McQuate, Hajime Hiyano and Dyson Sato providing needed support according to Rosado.

Honokaa, returns as the four time defending league champion, but has some holes to fill from last season.

“Chayce Moniz, Clayton Robinson, Pedro Sanches, Robert Conners, Tony Conners, Riston Matias, Koa Phenice, Sean Quinlan, Justin Warren, and Mason Wilkes are our returners,” Coach Joshua Abner said.

Abner lost three of his seven starters from last year, including two time individual BIIF champion Chris Mosch, which leaves the door open for several teams to vie for the team title.

“Every day is an open tryout for us and every one of these boys are hungry,” Abner said.

Last season’s big surprise came from the boys at Parker School as Coach Ceri Whitfield qualified her team for the HHSAA.

“I feel with the hard work these boys put into their training they have as much chance as any of the other schools to come in first,” Whitfield said.  “They are very committed and positive about their chances this year as they work very hard.”

Leading the way for the Bulls is Jesse Tarnas who will brings a solid core of runners which includes Jesse Tarnas, Paul Gregg, Tyler McCullough, Jess Burns and Evan Kasberg.

Kamehameha boys coach, Ryan Cabalse, has four returnees that made it to the state championships last season in Shawn Correa-Doll, Kaulana Ho, Colton Hill, and Jonah Knell.

“Our boy’s squad has never qualified as a team for states yet, (five from the same team need to qualify to score as a team) but we are hoping to contend for one of the automatic team slots this season,” Cabalse said.

St. Joseph returns one of the best BIIF runners in Andrew Langtry who is expected to challenge for the individual league crown.  Langtry ran in various community races during the off season and was often seen in the top leader board.

Keaau brings 41 boys and 15 girls into competition with returnees Deann Nishimura-Thornton and Natalie Hagemann leading the girls while Jhun-Delle Venture, Davin Alviento, Greg Matias, Arman Navarro and Adrian Martinez headline the boy’s squad, according to Coach Donna Wong Yuen.

Though difficult, we always want to try and qualify a team for states,” Wong Yuen said.  “Our goals are to have fun and improve from last year.”

Christian Liberty Academy doesn’t have any girls on their cross country team but will bring 10 boys to the starting line, according to Coach Frank Grotenhuis.

“Caeden Cambra and Keenen Freitas are the two fastest on the team,” Grotenhuis said.  “We’re looking at having the boys push hard so that they can achieve their personal best.”

The BIIF harriers get off to a running start on Saturday with Grotenhuis as his CLA family playing host to the Canefire Conditioner starting at 10 am on the Keaau campus.

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