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Big Island Auto Club July 2012 Points Meet Results

BIAC July Points Meet results

The Big Island Auto Club Points Meet was held July 14-15 at the Hilo Drag Strip. Results follow:

Saturday pro-gas events

7.90 index winner: Buddy Loeffler (Mt. View) in a Cavalier (8.13 sec/147 mph); runner-up, Augie Taroma (Hilo) in a Camaro (8.54 sec/142 mph).

• 8.90 index winner: Dean Kalawe (Keaau) in a S-10 pickup (8.96 sec/130 mph); runner-up, Barry Mizuno (Hilo) in a ‘55 Chevy Bel-Air (9.05 ec/150 mph).

9.90 index winner: Jonathan Santiago (Keaau) in a roadster (10.17 sec/112 mph). Santiago wins on a hole shot; runner-up, Bear Barrilleux (Hilo) in a VW Bug (10.17 sec/112 mph).

10.90 index winner: Chad Fiesta (Pepeekeo) in a Nova (11.80 sec/ 119 mph); runner-up, Richard Hill (Hilo) in a Camaro (red light time of 14.07 sec/ 66 mph).

11.90 index winner: Kaike DePonte (Keaau) in a Camaro (12.01 sec/114 mph); runner-up, David Crowl (Keaau) in a Nova (12.64 sec/119 mph).

12.90 index winner: Chris Mulliken (Volcano) in a Honda (13.15 sec/85 mph); runner-up, Gary Prose (Hilo) in a Mazda pickup (13.78 sec/103 mph).

Sunday Bracket race events

Junior Dragster winner: Caisey Francis (Paauilo), 12.47 sec/62 mph; runner-up, Kaimi Francis (Hilo), mechanical failure on starting line.

Sports Compact Bracket winner: Ian Bernard (Pahoa) in a Honda (19.28 sec/72 mph); runner-up, Chris Mulliken (Volcano), 13.92 sec/103 mph. Bernard wins on a hole shot and better reaction time.

Mega Bracket winner: Rain ended the race before the final run was made. Earnings split between Davy Watanabe (Hilo) in a Chevelle and Paul Crivello (Hilo) in a digger (rail).

• Closest to the dial-in for Saturday: Chad Fiesta (Pepeekeo) in a Nova, running a 10.92 second run in the 10.90 index.

• Closest to the dial in for Sunday: Ian Bernard (Pahoa) in a Honda, running a 19.6 second run in the sports compact bracket race.

• Best reaction time for Saturday: Kaike DePonte (Keaau) in a Camaro, 0.01 seconds.

• Best reaction time for Sunday: Buddy Loeffler (Mt. View) in a Cavalier, 0.007 seconds.

• Next race: The August Points Meet, Aug. 4-5 at the Hilo Drag Strip.


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Hilo Drag Racing – Full Results from Saturday, Aug 6

The Big Island Auto Club held pro gas events Saturday at Hilo Drag Strip, but rain canceled Sunday’s pro gas events.

8.90 index   Winner — David Francis (Paauilo) in a Camaro (8.98 seconds/154 mph).

Runner-up — Gary De Rego (Honokaa) in a Nova (9.27/144).

9.90   Winner — Donnley Koga (Kurtistown) in a Camaro (9.99/132).

Runner-up — Jonathan Santiago (Keaau) in a Roadster (10.24/131).

10.90   Winner — Chad Fiesta (Pepeekeo) in a Nova (10.94/132).

Runner-up– George Berdon (Kailua-Kona) in a VW (mechanical problem on the starting line; did not complete race).

11.90   Winner — Brad Miprano (Hilo) in Dodge pickup truck (11.85/112).

Runner-up — Jerry Andrade (Hilo) in a Vega station wagon (11.79/107)

12.90   Winner — Wayne Costa Jr. (Pahoa) in a Honda (13.38/95).

Runner-up — Ian Bernard (Papaikou) in a Nova (13.82/94).

Pro-gas motorcycle   Winner – Reggie Leite (Hilo) on a Yamaha (8.84/152).

Runner-up – Bricen Baruela (Hilo) on a Yamaha (10.44/120).

Stray Kats    Motorsports competition

Outlaw   Winner — Shane Kamahele (Hilo) in a Toyota (10.71/131).

Runner-up — Donn Pinnow (Hilo) in a Honda (36.77/16 mph; mechanical problems).

Superstreet   Winner — Michael Okumura (Pahala) in a Honda (12.37/114).

Runner-up — Rob Gavel (Hilo) in a Honda (12.48/108).

Supercomp   Winner — Michael Okumura (Pahala) in a Honda (14.23/69).

Runner-up — Rob Gavel (Hilo) in a Honda (18.64/59; lost on a red light).

Closest to dial in: Chad Fiesta (Pepeekeo) in a Nova (10.94).

Best reaction time: Gary De Rego (Honokaa) in a Nova (0.073).

Next races: Labor Day Drags, Sept. 3-4 at Hilo Drag Strip.

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