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Honokaa cross country boys dominate at HPA

Honokaa coach Josh Abner with Chris Mosch and Joshua Robinson

Hawaii Preparatory           2010 BIIF Cross Country – 10/2/2010                       Boys 3 Mile Run CC VARSITY

  1 #196 Mosch, Chris            Honokaa               17:47.63    1              2   #5 Halford, Jackson        Waiakea               18:08.14    2              3 #261 Grotenhuis, Jordan      Christian Liberty     18:18.03    3              4 #106 Whitner, Geoff          Kealakehe             18:29.34    4               5  #34 Langtry, Andrew         St. Joseph’s          18:32.28                   6  #66 Mabuni, Brandt          Makua Lani            18:38.37    5              7 #224 Michels, Rick           Hilo                  18:42.02    6               8 #203 Robinson, Joshua        Honokaa               18:44.50    7              9 #144 Correa, Shawn           Kamehameha            18:52.02    8             10 #195 Moniz, Chayce           Honokaa               18:52.42    9             11 #239 Macy, Justin            Hawaii Prep           18:53.84   10             12 #156 Ho, Kaulana             Kamehameha            18:54.52   11             13 #181 Connors, Robert         Honokaa               18:55.13   12             14 #128 Olsen, Kevin            Kea’au                18:56.68   13             15 #218 Kaneshiro, Tyde         Hilo                  19:01.47   14             16 #227 Ray, Billy              Hilo                  19:02.00   15             17   #7 Hayano, Hajime          Waiakea               19:10.71   16             18  #70 Vandervoort, Devin      Makua Lani            19:14.75   17             19 #182 Connors, Tony           Honokaa               19:17.26   18             20 #241 Martin, Logan           Hawaii Prep           19:18.48   19             21 #207 Shiraki, Dylan          Honokaa               19:25.32   20             22  #38 Gregg, Daniel           Parker School         19:29.71   21             23 #192 Mah, Brandon            Honokaa               19:32.79   22             24  #22 Rice, Keoni             Waiakea               19:33.57   23             25 #150 Gahan, Makaala          Kamehameha            19:53.29   24             26 #154 Hill, Colton            Kamehameha            19:56.01   25             27 #113 Clubbs, James           Kea’au                19:56.74   26             28 #220 Kuipers, Johann         Hilo                  20:08.10   27             29 #247 Rogerson, Michael       Hawaii Prep           20:11.46   28             30 #254 Van Kirk, Tyler         Hawaii Prep           20:23.18   29             31 #169 WongYuen, Kauila        Kamehameha            20:23.62   30             32 #226 Panoff, Max             Hilo                  20:27.79   31             33  #15 Meguro, Robbey          Waiakea               20:28.15   32             34 #126 Navarro, Arman          Kea’au                20:28.53   33             35  #40 Hon, Kimo               Parker School         20:30.57   34             36 #205 Sanches, Pedro          Honokaa               20:30.96                 37 #146 DeRego, Theodore        Kamehameha            20:34.30   35            38 #255 Yoda, Ryuta             Hawaii Prep           20:37.52   36

Defending BIIF champ, Chris Mosch, wins at HPA
1 Honokaa 47    1    7    9   12   18   20   22         
 2 Hilo   93    6   14   15   27   31   42   52         
 3 Kamehameha-Hawaii 98    8   11   24   25   30   35   37         
 4 Waiakea   114    2   16   23   32   41   49   53         
 5 Hawaii Prep    122   10   19   28   29   36   39   40         
 6 Kea'au      161   13   26   33   44   45   47   51         
7 Kealakehe    204    4   46   48   50   56   79              
8 Makua Lani   206    5   17   55   64   65   72   75         
9 Parker School  215   21   34   38   60   62   68   83         
 10 Christian Liberty 275    3   58   70   71   73   76   78         
  11 Pahoa     278   43   54   57   61   63   66   69         
  12 Kohala    357   59   67   74   77   80   81   82          



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Robinson & Kobayashi come up with big wins at Waiakea

Battle for first between Kaneshiro, Robinson and Langtry

Often times in sports a kick during the closing moments of an event will decide the outcome.  Such was the case this past Saturday when Honokaa’s Josh Robinson used a late kick in the final 300 yards of a Big Island Interscholastic Federation cross country meet at Waiakea to win the race.

Robinson followed several talented runners during most of the 3 mile race before taking a brief lead just past mile two.

“I didn’t warm up well enough before the race today,” Robinson said after winning.  “I usually need an hour to warm up so I didn’t feel right in the early stages of the race.”

Robinson played a catch up game right from the start with Hilo’s Tyde Kaneshiro, St. Joseph’s Andrew Langtry and Christian Liberty’s Jordan Grotenhuis taking turns as the front runners in a field of 142 harriers.

“During the whole race I kept talking to myself as I wanted to run my own race.  I kept hearing people behind me and kept the leaders within striking distance,” Robinson said.

When the leaders returned to the Waiakea High track, with only 300 yards to go, Robinson was trailing and in third place before displaying his powerful final kick.

“I came into the race today knowing that my kick might win it for me,” he said.

Honokaa coach, Josh Abner, also believes in the power of the kick as the Dragon coach teaches his runners to utilize that tool.  Following the meet Abner was headed out for the Dragon football game where he also serves as a coach.

“I coach the kickers,” Abner said.

Kaneshiro and Langtry fight for second

Robinson crossed the finish line in 16 minutes and 48 seconds with Kaneshiro and Langtry  following (16:53) and Grotenhuis taking fourth (17:01)

“I had the lead at around mile two before Josh (Robinson) passed us,” Kaneshiro said.  “I tried to go with Josh and regained the lead with a half mile to go until he out kicked me on the track.  I’m still pleased with my effort as this was the fastest time I’ve ever run.”

Langtry, a Cardinal sophomore who is one of only two members on the St. Joseph cross country team, also ran the race of his young career not only with his fastest time ever which gave him his best overall BIIF finish.

“It’s all about my doing my best,” Langtry said.  “My goal this season has been to stay in the top 10 and to finish within that number at the BIIF championships.”

Kobayashi wins at WHS

The kick didn’t play any roll in the girl’s race as Waiakea’s Kelsie Kobayashi jumped out to an early lead and distanced herself from the field of 103.

“I always try to go out fast in all my races,” Kobayashi said.  “I don’t focus on any of the other runners and I just focus on myself as I try to run my own race.”

Kobayashi was chased during the entire 3 miles by Hilo’s Shalila de Bourmont and Carmen Garson-Shumway.

“I felt well rested and my legs felt better than the last time we ran on this course,” Kobayashi said.  “Whenever I run I just want to do my best and to keep my pace the entire way.  I heard footsteps and cheering for the girls behind me, so I was always aware that I was being chased.”

Kobayashi, like most of the top runners in Saturday’s Waiakea race, achieved her best time by clocking in at 20 minutes and 9 seconds.


Hilo’s de Bourmont and Garson-Shumway had a near photo finish for second place with both clocking in at 20:47 and de Bourmont getting the nod.

“Shalila and I work together and we work off each other’s energy,” Garson-Shumway said.  “When Kelsie (Kobayashi) pulled out fast and maintained her speed Shalila and I decided to stay together and do our best to stay close.”

“I don’t focus on the fact that Carmen is only a freshman,” de Bourmont said.  “She (Garson-Shumway) is a good runner and we help each other through the pain and hardships that we go through during the race.”

The Hilo girls claimed 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th overall places to easily win the team scoring as the Vikings continue to be the dominate team in the BIIF.

“I’m really happy that our girls ran well,” Hilo Coach Bill McMahon said.  “We feel like we’re running well and we look forward to ever race.”

Grace Choe

Also doing well was Makua Lani’s Grace Choe who took fourth in a time of 21:06.

“I was being sandwiched during the race by a pair of Hilo girls,” Choe said.  “The Hilo girls pushed me to run fast and helped me to run my best race.  It’s all about being mentally tough and having perseverance.”  

Coming up on Saturday the BIIF cross country venue moves to Waimea as Hawaii Preparatory Academy will host an all-schools meet.  The girl’s 3-miler begins at 10 am followed by the boy’s race.

Hawaii Prep will also play host to the BIIF championships to be held on Friday, October 22.

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BIIF boys cross country at Waiakea – top 35 results

boys start at WHSclick photos to enlarge

click to enlarge

16:48 Robinson Joshua Hon
16:53 Kaneshiro Tyde Hilo
16:53 Langtry Andrew St Joe
17:01 Grotenhuis Jordan CLA
17:11 Whitner Geoff Keala
17:14 Michels Rick Hilo
17:17 Mabuni Brandt Makuu
17:28 Olsen Kevin Keaau
17:29 Tarnas Jesse Parker
17:40 Ray Billy Hilo
17:40 Halford Jackson WHS
18:00 Rice Keoni WHS
18:09 Mah Brandon Hon
18:19 Conners Tony Hon
18:23 Gregg Paul Parker
18:31 Shiraki Dylan Hon
18:36 Hayano Hajime WHS
18:38 McCullough Tyler Parker
18:40 Gregg Daniel Parker
18:47 Kuipers Johann Hilo
18:50 Vandervoort Devin Makuu
19:01 Robinson David Hon
19:05 Chong Devin Keala
19:05 Marshall Williamson WHS
19:07 Pavao Wayne Keaau
19:14 Haight Spencer Hon
19:16 Hunter Stephen Hilo
19:19 Andrew Dong Makua
19:22 Panoff Max Hilo
19:22 Meguro Robby WHS
19:32 Uemura Ryne WHS
19:33 Crowell Mathew Hilo
19:34 Clubs James  Keaau
19:38 Kerr  Max Hilo
19:39 Navarro Arman Keaau

Big Dog edit.  The official results failed to include the names and times of some runners past #35 so I decided not to post the top 60 boys results rather than run results with blank spots.

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Waiakea to host BIIF cross-country meet on Saturday

Hilo’s Nadia Ramirez is expected to win the Waiakea x-country meet tomorrow as the Viking will make another attempt to become only the second BIIF girl to break 20 minutes on the Warrior course. 

Three time defending BIIF champ, Honokaa’s Tialana Greenwell, will be running at the Kaiser Invite along with teamate Chris Mosch.  Greenwell is the only BIIF runner to ever break the 20 minute barrier at Waiakea.

For the boys it will be a three way race between Honokaa’s Joshua Robinson, Christian Liberty’s Jordan Grotenhuis and Hilo’s Tyde Kaneshiro.  Keaau’s Kevin Olsen won the first WHS meet and may be in the mix for the top spot.  Kamehameha-Hawaii’s Shawn Correa-Doll will also be competing on Oahu.

The following photos were taken at the first WHS meet.  Click to enlarge:

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Hilo Girls Win Kamehameha Invite

Girls start at Kam. Invitational, photo by Brad Ballesteros

KEAAU – Hilo High’s girls served noticed on the rest of the Big Island Interscholastic Federation by winning the highly competitive Kamehameha-Hawaii Invitational this past Saturday.

Led by senior Nadia Ramirez the Viking girls stood up to a talented field of harriers which included a team from Hawaii Baptist Academy on Oahu to capture the biggest team victory of their young season.

“I wasn’t sure about how we’d do in this meet today,” Viking coach, Bill McMahon said.  “We knew that Hawaii Prep was going to let their girls go in this meet, but we ran strong.”

Hilo won in team scoring with 45 points followed by HPA with 57 and HBA, who finished sixth in the state last year, with 69.

“We’re not looking at states at this point,” said a cautious McMahon.  “We need to win our own island first before I can look at the state meet.”

Dakota Grossman

Ramirez, who transferred to Hilo earlier this year from a school in California, made a name for herself at the all-schools meet on the Warrior campus by becoming the first BIIF girl to cross the finish line. 

Winning the meet was freshman Dakota Grossman from Seabury Hall on Maui.  Grossman’s older sister was an MIL champion and a state runner-up during her senior season last year.

“I didn’t expect to win today and was hoping for a top three finish,” Grossman said.  “The course was fun and not to hard or not too easy as it was mostly on grass.”

Grossman, who is already considered to be one of the top five runners in the state, went out quickly and led the entire way.  Within the first mile of the three mile race Grossman had already established a 30 second lead on her closest competitors, Ramirez and HBA’s Heidi Nicholls.

“My dad always teaches me to go out quickly so I pushed myself as hard as I could right from the beginning,” she said.  “On Maui I run alone and when my mom brought me here I was looking for something different.  I’m hoping to be in the top five in the state this year”

Grossman’s winning time of 19 minutes 15 seconds was nearly one minute ahead of Ramirez, 20:08, and HBA’s Nicholls, 20:16.  Three time defending BIIF champion, Honokaa’s Tialana Greenwell, was fourth in 20:34.

It was only the second time in Greenwell’s illustrious cross country prep career that she had lost to a BIIF competitor.

Chris Mosch

“I don’t think about who I’m racing against and I don’t put any pressure on myself,” Ramirez said of her second place win.  “Our coach always wants us to do our best and that is exactly what I did today.  Something even better than how I did is that our team won.”

For the boys varsity competition it was the season debut of BIIF defending champion Chris Mosch from Honokaa.

Mosch had missed the first two meets of the season as he was still recovering from a stress fracture he received at the end of the track season in May. 

“It felt good to race again as it’s been a long four months of recovery,” Mosch said.  “I couldn’t wait for today to come as I had a lot of pent up excitement.”

Mosch left nothing in the tank as he went out quickly and jumped to an early lead with Rene Siqueiros of Watsonville, California in hot pursuit.

“Going into this race I had my sights on winning and I was hoping to run in the low 17 minute range,” Mosch said.

With 400 yards to go and with the finish line in sight Siqueiros began his kick and started to close on Mosch.  With 200 yards Mosch had slipped into second with Siqueiros hitting the tape at 16:43 and Mosch following two seconds later.

“I didn’t think I’d do this well, time wise, especially in this heat,” Mosch said.  “I knew I was in shape, cardio wise, as I never stopped conditioning after the injury.  I was doing pool running and biking nearly every day and I was looking forward to this day for a long time.

Dragon teammate, Joshua Robinson, also had a good day claiming fourth overall in 17:23 and helped his team to take second in scoring, just two points behind the winning Watsonville team.

“My goal today was to break into the top 10,” Robinson said.  “I took the lead with Chris (Mosch) in the early going and we were pacing off each other.  I didn’t have a strategy coming into the race as my entire focus was on my form and running my own race.”

click to enlarge

Mosch and Robinson went 1-2 in the all BIIF meet which places Honokaa as the team to beat once again in island competition.

“With Chris (Mosch) back our team is looking very strong,” Robinson said.  “I’m really pleased with how we did today especially in this heat and with the hard week of practice that we just put in.”

Also looking very strong was Christian Liberty Academy’s Jordan Grotenhuis who finished fifth overall and third amongst BIIF runners, edging out Hilo’s Tyde Kaneshiro and St. Joseph’s Andrew Langtry.

The BIIF will take a bye this coming Saturday and will resume with an all-schools meet on Sept. 25 on the campus of Waiakea.

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