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New Year’s Resolution 5K run/walk results

Some of the participants in the New Year's Resolution 5K



Alan Ryan       18:25

Justin Pang    18:53

Louie Perry    19:02

Bryce Harada 19:54                                                              Avi Fhina           38:46

Shannon White 20:23                                                         Pam Caesar    38:51                                                       

Steve Pavao    20:40                                                             Maria Jaramillo   40:18

Lory Hunter    22:25                                                               Jane Kaliboso      41:13

Adam Busek  22:48                                                                  Bry-Landon Lcero 41:30

Linden Villena  22:51                                                             Jill Osborn       42:30

Melissa Braswell 22:58                                                           Joseph D’Angelo  42:31

Stuart Hunter 23:49                                                                 Grace D’Angelo   42:32

DJ Blinn     24:00                                                                           Dyani Fujita     43:34

Micah Kanehailua  24:02                                                           Lee White      43:43               

Nina Caiserman   24:16                                                              Rebecca Manliguis  43:45

James Tuscanny  24:18                                                             Marilyn Manliguis    47:28

Daniel Okubo     25:10                                                                Marshall Kanehailua  49:20

Big Dog              25:20                                                                    Laurie White       51:27

Joe Wedemann 25:50                                                                 Eden Patino      51:59

Esther Kanehailua 25:55                                                           Cynthia Yamamoto 52:10

Ted Hiro         25:56                                                                       Lorna Young    52:58

David Hammes     26:38                                                           Junie Tehero    53:00

Rick Camp & Isabel 27:02                                                         Firman Tehiro   54:30

Charlie Sakoda    27:13                                                                Alana Morishita   57:03

Kualei Kern       27:24                                                                   Richard Nishimoto   57:16

James Hank    27:32                                                                      Jack Roney           57:32

Anthony Garrcial     27:56                                                          Sterrett Grune      57:43

Deep Dig                   28:02                                                               Vince D’Angelo   58:13

Joannie Pocsidio     28:09                                                                Annette Green – 86 years young –  way to go!

Charlie Bostwick     28:20                                                                 Additional people participated, but

Harvey Nakasone   28:39                                                                 they did not want to be timed.

Reynolds Cabarloc  28:46

Kris Wilson              28:52

Toru Ikeda             29:34

Kelly Frietas          30:38

Domini Hivo           30:51

Charles Swath          30:58

Lana Hassenritter   31:02

Lisa Hadway      31:23

Charlie Heaukulani   31:28

Melissa Keenan      31:36

Michelle Laurence  33:52

Kiana Heaukulani    33:52

Io Heaukulani         34:09

Marla Hank             34:49

Elise Morishita        35:07

Ella Kusch            35:09

Theodora Hiro      35:12

Matthias Kusch     35:24

Adams Agtarap     36:54

Kelly Heaukulani   37:32

Missy Keenan & Michelle Lawrence

Charlie & Io Heaukulani


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Veterans Day Run/Walk BIG Success

Vet 5K run 014

Proud Vets Support Healthy Lifestyles

 More than 200 participants showed up on a beautiful morning for the Veterans Day 5K (3.1-miles) run/walk held this past Wednesday at the entrance to Moku Ola in Hilo.

 Big Dog Productions, host for the event, wasn’t expecting such a large crowd which included Veterans from the Korean, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

 This was the first time that a fun run/walk has been organized in Hilo in recognition to the men and women who serve in our nation’s armed forces.

 Prior to the start Army Lt. Colonel and Hilo’s own pediatric physician, Joseph D’Angelo, addressed the large crowd with these words:  “Veteran’s Day and this fun run bring out an important concept, that of not taking things for granted,” D’Angelo said.

D’Angelo went on to talk about the times of year that people take as routine, such as Veterans, Memorial Day and Sept. 11th.  “Treating a burned Afghan child or wounded Afghan soldier, or helping their medical personnel with the logistics and supply of building their medical system in both directions, are a no brainer when it comes to understanding the importance of a mission,” he said.

In his pre event speech D’Angelo reminded the crowd of the value of serving one’s country and of how fortunate and blessed we are as Americans.  “We wear the uniform and carry out the mission, so this run does not have to be for our lives, but truly just for fun,” he said.

Justin Pang
Justin Pang

The large field of runners and walkers thinned out early during the race to find two frontrunners leading the way in Joseph Damato and Justin Pang.  Pang, a former Christian Liberty harrier who is now on the University of Hawaii cross-country team, exchanged the lead with Damato throughout the event.

“We were running shoulder to shoulder for most of the race,” Pang said.  “We hit the first mile at around a 5:20 per minute pace and the race wasn’t decided until the final 200 yards.”

In the final leg of the race, with the finish line in sight, Damato put on an all out sprint to edge out Pang by two seconds, clocking in at 17 minutes and 34 seconds.

“I wanted to get a good run in today and to participate in the local community scene,” Pang said after his second place finish.  “This was a great way to support our vets who have done a lot for our country.”

In a very fast field of harriers six runners followed the lead duo and all six broke 19 minutes, they were Tyde Kaneshiro, 18:19; Jason Braswell, 18:23; Rick Michels, 18:36; Bryce Harada, 18:47; Jackson Halford, 18:54 and Shannon White, 18:54.

For the women it was all Kim Pierce who finish two minutes ahead of her closest female competitor in a time of 20 minutes and 25 seconds.  Hilo High standout, Shalila de Bourmont was next in 22:31 followed by her coach, Lory Hunter, 23:02.

Matt Lum
Matt Lum

Many Veterans also came out to support the event which included Matt Lum (finished 121, in a time of 34:55) who spent 21 years in the Army from 1964 until his retirement in 2005.

“I run three times a week and I need to do this to keep up with the younger guys because I am retired,” Lum said.  Lum served his country in Vietnam, Iraq and in Afghanistan.

Captain Albert Ne (#68, 26:45) just returned from a tour of duty to Kuwait and decided, along with several of his troops, to attend the Veterans Day run.

“We were socializing and me and my soldiers thought that this run would be a good thing to support the Vets.  I work out every day and I’ll do another 5K run later today,” Ne said.

DJ Blinn
DJ Blinn

House Rep Jerry Chang (#115, 34:09) was also on hand to take part in the fitness event.  Chang served in the Army between 1967 and 1970.  “I wanted to support our veterans, the Hawaii Food Basket and Big Dog Productions,” he said. 

DJ Blinn (#37, 24:02), a common face on the running scene in Hilo for many years, is a former Marine who served during the Vietnam Era.  “I served forty-two years ago in Quang Tri Province in Vietnam and I’m thankful that I can remember the sacrifices our troops made and give thanks that I am still alive and still running,” he said.

Also of note was sixty-nine year old Ken Rosene who brought and ran with an American Flag during the event, finishing in 185th place with a time of 58 minutes and 39 seconds.  Rosene is a proud supporter of our troops and wanted to show his pride in being an American.

Big Dog, celebrating his 62nd birthday on Veterans Day surprised everyone including himself, when he finished in 62nd place with a time of 25:51.

The event raised non perishable food for the Hawaii Island Food Basket as all the participants brought items that were donated.  According to the Food Basket the Veterans Day 5K raised 353 pounds worth of food items.

Big Dog Productions appreciates the assistance of the many volunteers that helped make the Veterans Day run/walk a huge success.  A special mahalo goes out to Dano Banks, Paul Okubo and Randee Arkin.

For complete results and additional photo’s go to: https://waynejoseph.wordpress.com/2009/11/11/veterans-day-5k-runwalk-photos-and-results/

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More Photo’s from Vet Day 5K in Hilo

Vet 5K run 005

More than 200 people signed up for the Veterans Day 5K

Big Dog Productions played host to the Veterans Day 5K on Nov.11 at Moku Ola in Hilo.  For complete results go to:         https://waynejoseph.wordpress.com/2009/11/11/veterans-day-5k-runwalk-photos-and-results/

Vet 5K run 006

click to enlarge

Vet 5K run 015

Wedemann & Busek

Vet 5K run 020

Hundreds of food items were collected for the Food Basket

Vet 5K run 019

Prof David Hammes

Vet 5K run 027

LtC Joseph D'Angelo (left) gave opening remarks, Big Dog hosted event

Vet 5K run 009

You can run, but you can't hide!

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