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It is called “The Gentle Way” and for nearly 70 years Hawaii Shima Judo Kyokai has promoted it through physical development, proficiency in contest and mental development.

Judo was developed in Japan in 1882 by Professor Jigoro Kano and was brought to the Big Island by the sugar plantation immigrants during the later part of the nineteenth century.

In 1932 Kano came to Hawaii Island to help lead the way in helping the sport take a permanent foothold in the islands.

“Sensei Kano certified select Judo instructors under his Kodakan Judo organization and they came from Japan to Hawaii to form a lasting relationship that still exists today,” Hilo High judo coach, Jack De Lima said.

During the 1940’s the Hawaii Shima Judo Kyokai (HSJK) was formed from a variety of different individuals to perpetuate the art of Judo.

Over the years HSJK has invited many top ranking instructors and competitors to come to the Big Island to host Judo Seminars and Camps.

“Some of these instructors include Daigo Sensei, who was recently promoted to 10th degree black belt and Yajima Sensei, who is the youngest 7th degree black belt in the history of Judo,” De Lima said.

Every four years the Shukutoku University from Tokyo sends approximately 20 students to Hawaii Island to help work with our young judoka, according to De Lima.

Hilo’s Dave Nishioka, along with HSJK, has gotten involved in the high school program with Nishioka organizing the referees and coaches certification classes to donating score keeping devices to all the major schools participating in judo.

New to the high school program is the High School Judo Spring Seminar which brings instructors from Japan during the Spring Break.

“These instructors put on seminars in both Hilo and Kona,” De Lima said.“Last year Mililani and Maui attend and we had over 100 students participating.”

This year the HSJK seminar will have Hawaii’s own 2008 Olympian, Taylor Takata, instructing the group, along with Danieska Carrion the 2003 gold medalist and two time bronze medalist in the World Games.

“Along with Mr. Takata and Ms. Carrion we will have Miura Sensei from Kodakan Judo,” De Lima said.“Outer island schools planning to attend will be Maui and Baldwin.”

The trio will do presentations on March 24 at Kealakehe Gym from 3:30 to 5:30 pm and on March 26 and 27 at Kamehameha Gym from 9 to 11:30 a.m.

De Lima believes that Judo, “The Gentle Way” helps make our students better prepared for becoming contributing citizens.“In keeping with the vision and the principals of Judo the HSJK has helped to make our students good citizens and have a better quality of life,” he said.

The HSJK is a non profit organization which derives its only income from donations and it annual Golf Tournament.



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