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Defending state champs Galdeira, Ruedy and Akau peaking in track & field

KEAAU – Three defending state champions sunk their spikes into the all weather track at Kamehameha to rise to the top of their competition at a Big Island Interscholastic all schools track and field meet held on Saturday.

Konawaena’s Lia Galdeira and Ua Ruedy along with Kamehameha’s Kaenen Akau distanced themselves from the rest of the league as they prepare to defend their state crowns in three weeks.

Galdeira opened the day running away from the field in the 100 hurdles in a blistering time of 14.8 seconds, then moments later returned to win the 100 dash in 12.54.

The amazing Wildcat managed to squeeze in the long jump between the two 100 races, winning with a giant leap of 17-11.75 and finished the day with a triple jump victory of 35-08.5.

The state champion in the 100 hurdles complemented her coaches for much of her track success.

“Our coaches are great, as they know what they are talking about,” Galdeira said.  “I wasn’t even going to come out for track this season because I wanted to focus on academics but they convinced me to come out.”

Galdeira needed to get up early to catch the 5 am bus from Kona to Kamehameha and forgot something in the process.

“I forgot to pack my track shorts and just brought this ordinary pair of shorts,” she said. “I think I could have done better had I brought my correct shorts, especially in the long jump.”

Teammate Ruedy brought all the right equipment and dazzled the crowd in the 300 hurdles racing away from the rest of the field.

The defending state champion in the 300 ran a flawless race while looking like a gazelle traversing the obstacles in perfect strides.

“It was okay today because I got a slow start,” Ruedy said.  “I know I can improve my time a lot and I need to get out of the blocks quicker and not slow down.”

During the girls long jump 8 girls jumped over 15 feet.

“It shows the level of competition is at an all time high and at a state level,” Jordan Rosado the long jump official said.

Kamehameha’s Akau was up to his normal patterns in the long jump, fouling in his first two attempts before making the final jump count.

“I know that my first jump is the most important, but I have marks from the previous weeks so I can give my all on every jump,” Akau said.

The defending state champ in the long jump decided to take two steps back on his final jump then unleashed his personal best launching a 22-.75 and in the process setting a new stadium record.

“On my final jump I moved back 2 steps, but I know that getting a mark on my first jump is most important,” Akau said.  “I’m shooting to reach 23 feet by the BIIF championships.”

Akau also started his day winning the 100 meter dash and in the process set a new stadium record at 11.04 seconds.

“I’m still working on being relaxed in the 100,” Akau said.  “I tense up and my stride lessens.”

In the 100 Akau was challenged by Keaau’s Jesse Huihui in a battle to the finish.

“Jesse is a great competitor and I felt the urge to push myself harder with him in the race.” Akau said.

The 400 dash saw the return of Kealakehe’s Luca Walter to his first all schools meet this season.

Walter wasted no time reminding people who the BIIF champion is by clocking a 50.7 second time to place himself as the second best time in the state.

“I want to hit 49 seconds by the BIIF championships,” Walter said.  “I need to work on my start out of the blocks to be faster.”

Walter clocked a league leading time in the 800 with a 2:01.87.

“I’m pretty excited with my 800 time and I think I can bring that under 2 minutes within the next two weeks,” he said.

In the 200 dash it was Keaau’s Damien Packer winning his second race after taking the 110 hurdles.

“My 200 time can improve if I kick out of the turns better and have faster feet,” Packer said. “I need to get faster and not tense up as much.”

Another defending state champion in the shot put, HPA’s Shane Brostek, was at the Punahou Relays on Oahu and was selected most outstanding for winning both the shot and discus.

Running around the oval and not getting much attention is Pahoa sophomore Micah Davis.

Davis, for the past two weeks, has decided to run in every event from the 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000.

“I thought it was amazing that someone who finishes last in every event would have the will power to do all the running events,” Kamehameha Coach Ryan Cabalse said.

“I feel like I’d rather run than sit in the bleachers,” Davis said.  “I’ve been second to last twice and I beat my times from the week before.”

Davis has a twin brother, Josh, who also runs for the Daggers, but it is Micah that will take on the task of doing every running event that the league has to offer.

“I’m improving each week and I want to get faster,” Micah said.  “I do it just for me and not for anyone else.”

The BIIF regular season concludes with an all schools meet at Hawaii Predatory Academy on Saturday starting at 9 am.


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Kealakehe boys track team are possible contenders in the BIIF

Kealakekua – The Kealakehe boys and girls track & field team were short in numbers on Saturday during a Big Island Interscholastic Federation all schools meet held on the  Konawaena campus, but that didn’t deter them from turning in a great performance.

“We have about 15 kids missing with prom tonight, but we have a lot of depth,” Waverider coach Duke Hartfield said.  “We entered this year with what we never had last year.”

According to Hartfield the Waveriders boast one of their largest teams with 35 girls and 30 boys making Kealakehe a possible contender for the league title.

“Our boy’s team is a possible contender if everybody stays healthy. We have a legitimate chance at winning the BIIF team title,” Hartfield said.

Avery Hardy-Jordan got things started for the Waverider boys when he took on two of the league’s best sprinters and won it all in a blistering 11.07 seconds.

The Waverider beat out the defending BIIF champion, Kamehameha’s Kaenen Akau and the BIIF runner up, Keaau’s Jesse Huihui to establish himself as the one to beat in the sprint.

“A lot of people asked me to come out for track this season and I was hoping that it would help me become a better football and soccer athlete,” Hardy-Jordan said.

The multi talented Waverider competed in 5 events during the day, but the 100 was clearly his best performance until the end of the day when he took to the blocks to run the 200 meter dash, winning in 22.62.

“I like the sprints and I know I can get faster if I work on my form and my block starts,” Hardy-Jordan said.  “I’m still working on learning the long and high jumps and on my passing in the 4×100 relay.

Teammate Jason Fowler, a senior, turned some heads winning the 400 in a time of 52.24 seconds.

“I laid off track for the past two years in favor of canoe paddling,” Fowler said.  “I initially just came out for the training and to work on my cardio conditioning and have found my event in the 400.

Fowler wasn’t sure he was going to stick around for the end of the track meet as the 4×400 relay is the climax of the day long meet.

“I’m not sure I’ll be here for the 1600 relay as I am going to prom tonight,” Fowler said.  “I believe I can get my 400 time at 50 seconds flat and will work hard during the remainder of the season to reach that goal.”

Caili Ebaniz, a junior, was not headed to prom and performed well for the Waveriders in the 100, 200, and 4×100 relay.

“My favorite is the 100,” Ebaniz said.  “I like the short distances and I know I can bring my 100 time down below 13 seconds.   I come into the race nervous and it gets me ready and it keeps me alert.”

Hawaii Preparatory Academy’s Bre Vallente made it a true West Side Story as the freshman shot out of the blocks to claim victory in the 200.

Trailing in the initial stages of her race Vallente made up ground to run down her opponents to claim her first all schools victory.

“When I’m behind someone I like it because it makes me push myself harder,” Vallente said.  “The older, more experienced girls make me work harder and helps me get faster.”

Vallente ran in the 100 and 4×100 relay and also did the high jump.

“I like the sprints a lot as it gets me faster and will help me when I play soccer,” Vallente said.

Hilo sophomore Carmen Garson-Shumway had a notable performance in the 1500 bringing her personal best sub 5 minute finish.

“At states last year I ran 5 minutes flat,” Garson-Shumway said.  “I have a new training partner in Mehana Sabado-Halpern who helps to push me in practice.”

The Viking managed to cross the finish line in 4:59.67 but wants to improve on that time.

“I hope to eventually hit 4:50,” Garson-Shumway said. “I’m working on believing I can get there and I want to run against Zoe (Sims of HPA).

Several state champions, including Sims and Shane Brostek of HPA and Ua Ruedy and Lia  Galderia of Kona were participating at the Honolulu Marathon Invite on Oahu’s Kamehameha Kapalama campus.

Brostek, the defending state champion in the shot had his personal best on Oahu throwing the shot 56 feet and the discus 168-11.  Sims the defending state champion in the 1500 won on Oahu with a 4:50.86 and had a photo finish in the 800 at 2:16.67.

The next BIIF all schools track & field meet will be held at Kamehameha on Saturday with the field events starting at 9 and running events at 10.

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Vikings producing some of the best pole vaulters in the state

Coach Viernes

KEAAU – Hilo keeps churning out athletes that can leap tall buildings with a single bound.

The Vikings over the past years have produced some of the best pole vaulters in the Big Island Interscholastic Federation and in the Hawaii High School Athletic Association.

Viking pole vault coach, Sherman Viernes, who coached his own daughter Daysha to an individual state gold medal continues to produce some of the best vaulters in the state.

 This past Saturday the Viking pole vaulters Shina Chung and Katon Pestano showcased what they do best, by leaping to new levels.

Shina Chung

Chung recorded an early season best 10’ 6” clearance to set a new Kamehameha stadium record as she continued to hold the lead on state competition, tied for first with Punahou’s Sammy Marumoto.

“I changed poles and got onto a 130 pounder, which made all the difference today,” Chung said.

“I really didn’t like the 125 pole that I used previously and earlier in the week I managed to practice on the heavier one for two days.”

 The larger pole, which takes more strength to manage, produced big dividends for Chung as she recorded her best height of the season.

“It’s harder using a bigger pole as it’s stiffer and doesn’t bend, but my off season conditioning helped me with the physical aspect and it paid off today,” she said.

Katon Pestano

Chung recorded an early season best 10’ 6” clearance to set a new Kamehameha stadium record as she continued to hold the lead on state competition, tied for first with Punahou’s Sammy Marumoto.

Teammate Katon Pestano also went with a bigger pole, using a 155 pound stick for the first time this season, as he cleared 14 feet.

“This is the highest I’ve ever gone,” Pestano a sophomore said.  “It was my goal going into the season to be able to clear 14 feet, but I never expected to do it so early in the year.”

Since clearing 14 feet and being ranked as the number one vaulter in the BIIF, Pestano has raised the bar again as he now hopes to go even higher.

“I’d like to go after David King’s BIIF record of 15 feet 6 inches,” Pestano said.  “I didn’t even make states last year as a freshman and now I’m hoping to be able to place in the top six and possible win the BIIF title.”

Randi Estrada

While the Vikings were dominating the pole vault competition a Cougar was tearing up the track.

Keaau’s Randi Estrada had victories in the 100, 200, high jump and helped her 4×400 relay team set a new Kamehameha stadium record.  The Cougar also joined her teammates to a second place finish in the 4×100 relay.

 “The 200 is my favorite event, although the 400 has been my main event during the past two years,” Estrada said.  “I like the 200 better than the 400 because it’s shorter and it’s over more quickly.”

Estrada feels that her confidence is growing in the 200 as she learns the more technical aspects of racing faster.

“I’m doing way better this year in the 200 because I’m using more arms and doing knee drives,” she said.  “I think I would have done even better today if we had more competition as it is harder for me to race in an East side only meet as there is no one to push me.”

 The BIIF track & field venue was divided with Kamehameha hosting the East side schools and Hawaii Preparatory Academy hosting the West.

Jackson Halford

In the distance races it was Waiakea standout, Jackson Halford racking up wins in the 800 and 1500 meter races, along with helping his 4×400 relay team to victory.

“I would have done a 3K if they would have held the race earlier in the day,” Jackson said.  “I am just discovering that I like to do the 800 as I usually only do the longer distances in the past.”

Halford ran a personal best 2 minutes 8 seconds in the 800 and is now looking at making that distance his premier event.

“I hit my first lap in 64 seconds,” Halford said, “and came back with another 64 second final lap.”

The Warrior also took 8 seconds off his previous 1500 time and ran the second leg of the distance relay to help his team to victory.

Kaenen Akau

Another pair of Warriors was also wowing the crowd in the field events as Kamehameha’s Kaenen Akau and Hawk Hanoa were establishing themselves as the best in the league and in the state in what they do best.

Akau, a junior, the defending champion in the boy’s long jump leaped 21’ 7.5” to establish himself as the league’s best and rank him as one of the best in the state thus far.

“The long jump is my favorite event because it requires a lot of speed and I like the feeling of flying through the air,” Akau said.

During practice Akau has gone 22’ 1” and he believes that as the season continues he’ll be able to deliver a 22 foot jump during meet time.

Hawk Hanoa

Warrior teammate, Hawk Hanoa, was also reaching new distances as the powerful built senior threw the shot 51 feet to win the meet and ranked himself as the number 2 thrower in the BIIF behind HPA’s Shane Brostek. 

“I was really disappointed with my 134 foot discus’ throw that when I went into the shot ring I turned my disappointment into positive anger and was able to motivate myself into my best toss ever,” he said.

Hanoa, who set his goal going into the season as trying to reach 50 feet in the shot, found himself well ahead of his preseason dreams and has now set the bar higher.

“The majority of what we do is mental,” Hanoa said.  “I don’t feel that I’m doing everything I can and that I still have this hunger to go further.  Visually I can do it and it will happen.”

Brostek launched a 52-01.5 on his home turf this past Saturday and also managed to outdistance his competition in the discus throw with a toss of 150-03.5.

The BIIF track & field season continues on Saturday with an all schools meet at Konawaena with field events getting under way at 9 am and running at 10.

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BIIF Boys Track & Field All-Star Selections Announced

Jacob Edwards, Athlete of the Year in BIIF track & field

Athlete of the Year: Jacob Edwards (Ka’u)

Coach of the Year:  Kimo Weaver (Kamehameha)

First Team:

Ka’u – Jacob Edwards, 300 hurdles, triple jump

Hawaii Prep – Shane Brostek, shot put;

Kamehameha – Kanakalele Silva, 100 dash; Francis Blas III, 110 hurdles;

                Kaenen Akau, long jump; Isaac DeRego, pole vault                     

Keaau – Daniel Brooks, 800;

Kohala – Ethan Meikle & Kelson Kawai, high jump

Honokaa – Chayce Moniz, 1500 & 3000

Waiakea – Ka’imi Scott, 200 & 400

 Second team: Luca Walter (Kealakehe), Tyde Kunishiro (Hilo), Cameron Calistro (Hilo), Manta Dircks (Kamehameha), David Kekuewa (Kamehameha)

 Honorable mention: Richard Moylan (Christian Liberty), Jesse Huihui (Kea’au), Rocky Lominario (Kealakehe), Everett McKee (Kamehameha) Christian Lee (HawaiiPrep), Dylan Steele (Kealakehe), Casey Chai (Kamehameha), Jordan Decoito (Hilo), Juan Sepulveda (Kealakehe) Shawn Andrada (Kea’au) Tyler Tsubota (Hawaii Prep), Jackson Halford (Waiakea), Joshua Robinson (Honoka’a) Geoff Whitener (Kealakehe), Kevin Olsen (Kea’au), Damien Packer (Kea’au), Dylan Oakes (Hawaii Prep), Easten Tanimoto (Kamehameha), Rick Micheals (Hilo), Cliff Eriksson (Kea’au), George Twigg-Smith (Hawaii Prep), Robert Mockchew (Kealakehe), Kainoa Crum (Kamehameha), Ka’u Eggers (Kea’au)  Nelson Enos (Kea’au)  Greg Matias (Kea’au), Alika Kaopua (Ka’u), Travis Winters (Waiakea), Hawk Hanoa (Kamehameha), Dathan Toribio (Kea’au), Jake Jordan (Kealakehe), Maunaku Palama-Danielson (Waiakea)

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BIIF Best Headed to Oahu for HHSAA Track & Field Championships

Kamehameha's Kana Silva, left, leads the BIIF in sprints, while Honakaa's Chayce Moniz leads in mid-distance

If things go as planned Big Island track & field athletes will need to carry extra luggage when then return from the state championships on Oahu this weekend as they will be carrying a lot of extra hardware with them.

  The Hawaii High School Athletic Association state track & field championships will be held May 14-15 at Kamehameha’s Oahu campus and the Big Island Interscholastic Federation will be looking to bring home medals in a variety of track and field events.

   Leading the way for the BIIF are state defending champions Kau’s Jacob Edwards and Hawaii Preparatory Academy’s Ku’uipo Nakoa.

   Edwards who has been billed as the “King of the Hurdles” has dominated both the 110 and 300 meter events and holds the best times in the state this season.  To go along with his picture perfect hurdling Edwards also has the best distance in the state in the triple jump and could win gold in all three events.

Jacob Edwards

“I think Jacob (Edwards) could also medal in the long jump,” Kau coach Bob Martin said.  “I’d also look at Kaenen (Akau) and Manta (Dirks) from Kamehameha to medal in the long.”

  Nakoa, who single handily scored 58 points in helping HPA win the girls BIIF team title, also ranks as one of the top hurlers in the state.  The senior Ka Makani is expected to fight for top honors in the 100 and 300 hurdles, but will face stiff opposition in the high hurdles from Kahuku’s Zhane Santiago.

   Santiago leads the state in the triple jump while Nakoa leads the state in the long jump going 18 feet earlier this season.  Nakoa also has a good chance of medaling in both the 100 and 200 meter dash.

   Konawaena freshman, Ua Ruedy, has already made a name for herself in the 300 hurdles and on Oahu the youngster will focus entirely on that event as a gold or silver medal is within her reach.

  The fastest sprinter in the state this year is Punahou’s Ashley Satterwhite who has dominated the 100, 200 and 400 meter events.  But Satterwhite has decided to forego the 400 dash to concentrate on the 100 and 200 leaving the door open to HPA’s Zoe Sims to compete for gold in the 400.

   Sims is the only BIIF girl to break the 60 second barrier in the 400 this season and if she goes under 59 seconds will have an excellent chance at taking top honors.  Teammate Mindy Campbell is the defending state champion in the high jump and should also pick up a medal in that event.

Shina Chung

Hilo’s Shina Chung is ranked in a tie for second in the state in the pole vault, clearing a height of 10 feet 7 inches.  Chung, just a sophomore, is the two time defending BIIF champion in the vault and has a good chance of breaking the 11 foot barrier which would put her in contention for the gold medal.

   BIIF girl’s team champions, Kamehameha, could also see Kaopua Sutton at discus and Victoria  Evans-Bautista in the long jump claim medals in those events.

   The Punahou girls are the clear favorites to win the team championship as they have the depth and the “big point earner” in Ashley Satterwhite.

  “At states our athletes get to pick their favorite events,” HPA coach Pat Lau said.  “Ku’uipo most likely will stick with both hurdles and jumps.  Our relay teams are all underclassmen and the experience of running in states will be great for them.”

   Lau believes that HPA has a shot of coming in the top five as a team.  “The girl’s team title will be a fight between Punahou, Radford and Kahuku,” he said.

   While Edwards is the best hope for the BIIF boys to bring home gold a host of other talented Big Island athletes will be fighting to gain one of the top six medals presented in each event.

   Kamehameha coach Kimo Weaver sees his team’s depth as bringing them a long way this season.  “At the state level we should be competitive in the relays, hurdles, sprints, jumps, throws and in the pole vault,” Weaver said.

   Kana Silva, Keanen Akau, Manta Dirks, Keli’I Kekuewa, Francis Blas, Maka McKee, and Isaac DeRego are the Warrior boy’s hopefuls to medal at the state, according to Weaver.

   “There are other kids that could step it up and hopefully medal for us,” Weaver said.  “At the state level anything can happen and we are hoping it goes our way.”

   Also watch for Waiakea’s Ka’imi Scott in the 200 and 400 meter dashes as the two time BIIF defending champion in those events has the quickness and ability to get out of the blocks fast and maintain a lead.

   Kohala high jumpers Ethan Meikle and Kelson Kawai both cleared 6’ 4” during the BIIF championships which rank them in the top five in the state.  Kamehameha’s Shane Brostek ranks third in the state for the shot put and Keaau’s Daniel Brooks third in the 800 meter run.

   A big question mark is whether or not Honokaa’s distance runner Chris Mosch will be fully recovered to run in the grueling 3K.  Mosch hurt himself prior to last week’s BIIF championships and wasn’t able to compete.  Should he be at full strength he would be the BIIF best hope to medal in that event.

   Unlike the girl’s team title, the boy’s title appears up for grabs with several schools vying for top honors.  “Kamehameha-Kapalama has the inside track to win the team title for the boys,” Weaver said.  “Waimea of Kauai and Punahou look to be contenders as well.”

   As for the BIIF boys team champions: “It’s our goal to finish in the top 10 at state,” Weaver said.  “If things go our way it is possible, but you never know as anything can happen at a state meet.”

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