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Keaau Middle scores numerous medals at P & R track meet


Age division:  GIRLS 11-12

Jaysha Pavao  1st High Jump,      3rd 400,     2nd 4×50

Tawnee Respescio  1st 200, 3rd 4×100              Tianna Celis   3rd 4×100

Kailee Sibayan-Santiago  3rd 4×100                  Saydie Burns  1st  4×50  3rd 4×100

Chantel Carlos  3rd 200,                                 Diana Doan    3rd  4×50

Maria Calso   2nd shot put, 3rd  4×50

Jessica Andres   3rd  4×50                                  Kyla  Andres   3rd  4×50

Ruby Galapon   2nd high jump                     Narizza Saladio   3rd high jump

13-14 GIRLS

Audra Payne  3rd high jump,  1st 800,  2nd 1500 relay

Gerenel Galvez   1st   4×200                              Eve Paguirigan  1st  4×200

Gretchen Padamada  1st   4×200

BOYS 11-12

Kaimana Tabajunda  3rd 1200,    3rd  4×50

Jake Cambia   1st running long,    2nd 800,    1st  4×50

Dallin Oandasan  1st shot put,    1st discus,     3rd  4×100

Christain Batad   2nd high jump,     2nd 100,      1st 4×100

Reynaldo Arcellana    1st 400,     1st 4×100

JoJoe Villa   1st high jump,  1 4×100           Albert Zuniga   2nd 1200,  2nd  4×50

Kyle Rice     1st 4×50,     3rd  4×100

Rhodney Hernando   1st  4×100              Elijah Castillo   2nd 4×100

Kolby Gebin   1st 100,  3rd  4×100

Oliver Padamada   1st  4×50                     Joseph MacDonald  2nd  4×50

Bronson Pili    2nd  4×50                              Kalena   Napihaha          1st  4×50

13-14 BOYS

Greyson Haskell  2nd 800,  2nd  4×200         Paxton Rhyss    2nd 200,   2 4×200

Joshua Quero-Ondo   2nd  4×200                   Charles Calwell-Kaai   2nd   4×200

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Keaau Middle Track Program Facing Budget Crunch

Coach Arkin instructing her Green Wave Flock

Keaau Middle School Track & Field Under Budget Axe

When 41 kids show up for track practice during the Christmas break you know you have a good program.

The Keaau Middle School track and field team, which competes in the Parks & Recreation League, is in its 18th season under head coach and KMS physical education teacher, Randee Arkin.

KMS tracksters working on warmup drills

Arkin is carrying a total of 64 youngsters on her roster which give kids an exposure to organized sport while providing a healthy exercise program.

Unfortunately the KMS program is falling victim to the State budget axe as Arkin has been informed that this would be her last year as coach.

Over the years KMS has produced some of the finest track and field stars in high school.  While the U.S. continues to complain about overweight and obese children programs such as these should be funded in its entirety rather than eliminated altogether.

click to enlarge

If you are unhappy to see this program eliminated please take the time to write a letter to the principal at Keaau Middle School to ask that those funds be restored.

EDITORS NOTE:  Randee Arkin was inducted into the Big Island Sports Hall of Fame for her years of service in track & field and she is also the wife of the Big Dog.

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