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Billy “The Ghost” Barnett wins Waikaumalo 7 mile challenge

 Big Island Road Runners
Waikaumalo 7 Mile Challenge
February 27, 2011 @ 7:30 am
Waikaumalo Park, Ninole, Hawaii

Billy “The Ghost” Barnett prepares for start of 7-mile challenge

Pictured on far right wearing red shorts, Barnett is undefeated in 2011 races

7 Mile Run       Pace
Plc Name Division   Time (min/mi)
1 Billy Barnett <<< Overall >>>   40:39 5:48
2 Keoni Ucker Open   43:01 6:09
3 Chris Mosch Open   44:03 6:18
4 Justin Pang Open   45:08 6:27
5 Isaiah Sato Open   45:54 6:33
6 Paul Mauser Open   46:33 6:39
7 Nick Hagemann Open   47:11 6:44
8 Nick Muragin ++ Master ++   47:38 6:48
9 Lyman Perry Master   48:12 6:53
10 Keith Marrack Master   49:24 7:03
11 Steve Pavao Master   52:46 7:32
12 Robyn DeBenedet <<< Overall >>> F 52:56 7:34
13 James Imai Open   53:08 7:35
14 Derek Dominguez Open   53:10 7:36
15 Kirsta Andrew Open F 53:35 7:39
16 DJ Blinn Master   54:56 7:51
17 Lory Hunter ++ Master ++ F 55:56 7:59
18 Rob Van Geen Master   57:21 8:12
19 Ray Ibarra Master   57:26 8:12
20 Maka’ala Cruz Open   58:21 8:20
21 Melissa Braswell Open F 59:14 8:28
22 Nina Hagemann Open F 1:00:18 8:37
23 Barbie Nakamura Master F 1:01:24 8:46
24 Emily Kingery Open F 1:02:16 8:54
25 Harris Kaneshiro Master   1:02:30 8:56
26 Donna Wong-Yuen Master F 1:04:00 9:09
27 Charlie Bostwick Master   1:06:24 9:29
28 Andrea Hess Master F 1:07:15 9:36
29 Marti Banks Master F 1:07:38 9:40
30 David Hammes Master   1:07:41 9:40
31 Kim Furumo Master F 1:08:48 9:50
32 Lindsay Englund Open F 1:09:02 9:52
33 Tiffany Lindsey Open F 1:09:24 9:55
34 Richard Grothmann Master   1:09:48 9:58
35 Daria Cunningham Master F 1:11:15 10:11
36 Morgen Bahurinsky Master F 1:14:51 10:42
37 Betty Ben Master F 1:15:46 10:49
38 Kimi Jackson Master F 1:15:47 10:50
39 Lee Collins Master F 1:19:56 11:25
40 Bob Scales Open   1:21:15 11:36
41 Rick Otani Master   1:26:03 12:18
42 Claire Shigeoka Master F 1:34:06 13:27
43 Marie Kuramoto Master F 1:34:06 13:27
4 Mile Run       Pace
Plc Name Division   Time (min/mi)
1 Stephen Hunter Open   28:30 7:07
2 Carmen Garson-Shumway Open F 30:27 7:37
3 Timon Skinner Open   34:00 8:30
4 Aleksandra Beloborodova Open F 37:08 9:17
5 Dawn Patterson Open F 37:28 9:22
6 Leslie Terada Open   38:03 9:31
7 Bobby Nakamura Master   40:00 10:00
8 Keleala DeCosta Open F 40:51 10:13
9 Cherie Berg Open F 41:09 10:17
10 Norman Skinner Master   44:30 11:07
11 Dixie Newman Open F 48:48 12:12
12 Richard Alderson Master   49:24 12:21
13 Rihei Grothmann Open   52:43 13:11
14 Jordan Hirae Open   52:43 13:11
15 Sharon Ibarra Master F 1:01:15 15:19

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Big Dog’s Vet Day 5K Top 50 Results

UHH cross country team supporting Vet Day 5K

BIG DOG’s Veterans Day 5K – Results of Top 50:

1)      Keoni Ucker       16:06

2)      Jason Braswell  16:36

3)      Zach Johnson    16:56

4)      Justin Pang        17:20

5)      Chris Evans        17:28

6)      Garrett McAllister  17:54

7)      Andrew Langtry 18:04

8)      Paul Mauser       18:15

9)      Todd Marohnic  18:34

10)  Mathew Crowell 18:57

11)  Louie Perry         19:02

12)  Nick Muragin     19:25

13)  Bill McMahon   19:28

14)  Jesse Ebersole   19:31

15)  Michael Wozniak 19:32

16)  Kaylene Peric      19:35

17)  Alex Vu                19:48

18)  Stewart Miyashiro 19:53

19)  Robert Otsubo    19:59

20)  Stephen Hunter  20:01

21)  Kirsta Andrew     20:01

22)  Robyn DeBenedit 20:07

23)  Steve Pavao        20:17

24)  Zinder Villena     21:09

25)  Derek Dominquez 21:17

26)  Melissa Braswell 21:25

27)  Christian MCardle 21:32

28)  Max Panoff         21:37

29)  Lory Hunter        21:38

30)  Todd Shumway   21:47

31)  Nina Hagemann  21:53

32)  Shalila DeBourmont 22:07

33)  Stewart Hunter      22:18

34)  Greg Lum Ho        22:32

35)  Sean Crocker        22:41

36)  Carmen Garson-Shumway 22:55

37)  Ray Ibara             22:59

38)  Kauila Wong Yuen 23:00

39)  Liliana DeSmitchen 23:00

40)  DJ Blinn              23:09

41)  Dena Rae           23:16

42)  Joel Tessier       23:17

43)  Robert Talbot   23:26

44)  Kayley & Kaleb Moniz ( 1 mile with grandma Marie)

45)  Quincy Lambert     24:20

46)  Kelly Frietas          24:46

47)  Lindsey England   24:51

48)  Harris Kaneshiro  25:04

49)  Conrar Murgin      25:11

50)  Andrew Langtry    25:17

With nearly 200 finishers the Big Dog will post the results in 4 seperate listings.  The next group 51-99 will be posted shortly.

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Ucker wins Cougar 5K with Waiakea’s Halford a strong fifth

Jackson Halford

The following are the results from our 2nd Annual Cougar 3-Mile Fun Run/Walk held this past Friday.
top 25:

1) Keoni Ucker                15:43      2)    Nick Hagemann                16:26
3) Justin Pang                16:53        4)  Zach Johnson                17:07
5) Jackson Halford        17:30           6)   Kevin Olsen                18:18
Paul Mauser                18:33       James Clubbs                18:36
Rogelio Barroga        18:56          Akil Marshall                19:17
Arman Navarro                19:21    Kirsta Andrew                19:29
Greg Matias                19:44        Jhun Delle Ventura        20:00
Isiah Segobia                20:55      Wayne Pavao                21:16
Hiram Temple                21:17      Davin Alviento                21:17
Aynes Ines                21:26          Jeffery Ferrell                21:29
Makaala Lum Ho        21:35        Charlie Belmes                21:40
Trystan Padasdao        22:00    Deann Nishimura- Thornton       22:31
25) Elysonne Quila                23:19

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Vulcan Harriers to Open Season at BYU

Leading the Vulcan runners is Kirsta Andrew

A dozen Vulcan cross-country runners will test their legs this Saturday when the Pacific West Conference kicks off their season with a meet at Brigham Young University in Laie on Oahu.

Seven home grown Big Island harriers anchor a solid five women and seven men Vulcan squad into the 2010 fall cross-country season.

“Our men should be competitive in the PacWest Conference,” veteran Vulcan coach Jaime Guerpo said.  “Our women should be competitive too as both squads are hard working, but the ladies are lacking in race experience.”

Leading the way for the men is team captain Keoni Ucker a former prep star with Christian Liberty Academy in Keaau.

“I’m really excited about our first meet,” Ucker said.  “I’m hoping to be in the top five, but you never know what to expect competition wise.”

Ucker began the preseason by winning the Big Island Sports Hall of Fame 5K on August 22, running away from the rest of his teammates and the rest of the field.

“I think I’m prepared, more so than in past years.  I’ve done a long run each week of one and a half hours and I’m now up to doing two hour runs,” Ucker said.

In his senior year at CLA, 2007, Ucker won the state championship in the 1500 meter race and there was a lot of expectations placed upon him after he signed with the Vulcan’s.

“I tend to put too much pressure on myself and I stress out,” Ucker said. “I am trying to learn to relax more while running my hardest in each and every race.”

Hawaii Pacific University and BYU-Hawaii are the two teams to beat this season in the PacWest, according to Guerpo.

Joining Ucker is Nick Hagemann, Keaau; James Imai, Waiakea; Justin Pang, CLA; Jerry Nourrie, Honokaa; Paul Mauser, Oregon; and Zach Johnson from Wisconsin.

Hagemann is considered the number two runner on the team and like Ucker has stepped up his workouts by incorporating more hills and longer runs.

“I had an off year last year as I suffered through a nagging injury,” Hagemann said.  “I feel better prepared for this season and have set my goals on getting into the top ten at PacWest.”

During his senior year at Keaau, 2008, Hagemann became the Big Island Interscholastic Federation 1500 meter champion and was fourth in the state for that event.

“I like running on the colligate level and have learned to practice good time management so that I can juggle school, studying, work and practice,” he said. 

“The real heavy team favorites in the PacWest is the Academy of Arts from San Francisco who have 12 Kenyans running on their team.  Four of those runners were in the top of the PacWest last season,” Guerpo said.

The girl’s squad is led by two time all-PacWest standout, Kirsta Andrew who is originally from California. Joining Andrew will be Lilianna Desmither from Hilo, Kapua Lapera, Kau; Rachel Clute, Castle, and newcomer Kaylene Peric a UHH tennis player who is trying her hand at cross-country.

Guerpo believes that two times defending conference champion, BYU-Hawaii has the inside track to repeating.  “BYU has experience on their side and HPU has added Maui high school champion, Hailey Grossman, to their roster which will make them even stronger,” Coach Guerpo said.

The Vulcan’s have a two time champion of their own in Andrew who won all-PacWest honors for her athletic ability and her classroom skills.

Andrew was a first team all-PacWest selection as a freshman and on the second team during her sophomore year.  “I had an off year last year and have set my goal at making the first team this year,” Andrew said.

Besides her athletic skills Andrew carries a 3.79 cumulative average in the classroom. 

“My off season training included more intense tempo runs with some friends from my home town in California,” Andrew said.  “I think I’m ready for Saturday’s season opener and with the addition of Kaylene (Peric) we should be very competitive.”

Since joining the Vulcan squad as a walk on two weeks ago Peric has been able to run with Andrew during practice sessions, according to Guerpo.

“Kaylene played tennis for UH Hilo last season and became a surprise walk on for us this season,” Guerpo said.  “She’s going to be right up there with Kirsta as she’s already proven herself at a fun run in Hilo a few weeks ago.”

“Krista (Andrew) is our women’s team captain and is definitely a leader for our team,” Guerpo said.  “We need her experience and leadership to help the other ladies on the team.”

The addition of Rachel Clute, a freshman, is a big question mark for the team as she comes to the Vulcan’s better known for her soccer skills than her running ability.

“Rachel has never run cross country and comes to us with an extensive soccer background,” Guerpo said.  “I think she will develop into a good runner as she gains experience.”

The cards will all unfold this Saturday when UHH takes their two teams to Oahu for the season opener. 

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Big Dog’s 5K Run/Walk Kicks Off Sports Hall of Fame Day

5K winners Kaylene Peric and Keoni Ucker

Sunday, August 22, was proclaimed by Hawaii Island Mayor Billy Kenoi as Big Island Sports Hall of Fame Day. 

A trio of events highlighted the day in which tribute was paid to those who have been inducted and those to be inducted into the BISHF.

The morning started out with a 5K (3.1-mile) run/walk with the start and finish line in the parking area of Moku Ola.

University of Hawaii cross country coach, Jaime Guerpo, was on hand along with a group of Vulcan harriers which used the event as a preseason tune up.

 “This race is a good measuring stick to see where my runners are at and whether or not they have been training during the off season,” Guerpo said.

Leading the way for most of the race was UHH star and former Christian Liberty Academy harrier, Keoni Ucker, who made Coach Guerpo proud.  Ucker was challenged during the first half-mile of the race by teammate Zach Johnson.

“I had not been training as much as I wanted to during the summer,” Ucker said after the race.  “I don’t want to peak to early prior to the season and I’m satisfied where I’m at right now.”

Ucker won the race with a finishing time of 16 minutes and 11 seconds, nearly a full minute ahead of Johnson who clocked in at 17:08.

UHH had seven men and five women racing as they swept most of the top spots in the overall race results.  Former CLA and UHH standout Justin Pang took third, 17:11; Andrew Holbrook, 17:13; and Scott Hunter was fifth in 17:23.

Hunter runs track and field for Central Washington University where he competes in the pole vault and decathlon events.  On Saturday the former Hilo High grad won the Rain Forest Funs 5K in 18 minutes.

For the women it was UHH tennis player, Kaylene Peric, finishing 19th overall, while taking first for the ladies division in 20:25.

“I’m originally from Michigan, but I’ve been attending UHH and study in the pharmacy department,” Peric said.  “I don’t really race, but I like to run and today I just wanted to see what I could do.”

Peric plans on being a walk on for the Vulcan’s cross-country team this year as she finds the flexibility afforded her in the team’s practice schedule is more conducive to her school schedule.

Following Peric for the women was Kirsta Andrew, 21:22; Nina Hagemann, 21:45; Lory Hunter, 21:48; and Melissa Braswell in 22:21.

The youngest member of the group was 8 year old Romeo Tebelan from Kalanianaole Elementary School who traversed the course in 38:26.

Marisa and Harlina Manley

Also on hand were family members of the late Hamilton Manley, a basketball legend who was later in the day to be inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame.

“My dad always used to have us involved in a variety of 5K and 10K running events,” Harlina Manley said.  “My daughter, Brittany, and I flew in from California to be part of my dad’s induction into the Sports Hall of Fame.”

“We used to do races together as a family including the Saddle Road Relay,” Marisa Manley, widow of Hamilton said.  “Today brought back some emotional moments for us as we feel connected with Hamilton through doing these races.”

Hamilton Manley’s sons, Isaac who lives on the Big Island, and Harlan from Oregon, also were part of the day’s events honoring a man that gave so much to his family and community.

Later in the morning the venue moved to Prince Kuhio Plaza where seven new members joined the already 114 previously selected individual Big Island sports heros. 

The seven people that were inducted into the BISHF 12th class were Richard Nakano, Karate; Mo Mathews, swimming; Harold “Russian” Furtado, track & field;   Manny Veincent, outrigger canoe paddling;  Ruth E.K. Walker, Aikido; Hamilton Manley, basketball;  and Francis “Bo” Saiki, baseball/softball.

The BISHF day concluded with a luncheon at the Nani Mau Gardens where county and state proclamations were given out, along with individualized plaques.

Related Post with race summary and photos at:  http://bigislandrunningcompany.com/Big_Island_Running_Company/Blog.html

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