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Kealakehe Girls Upset Waiakea in BIIF Championship Swimming

Waiakea's DQ in 200 Relay give 'Riders team victory

   Five league records fell this past weekend and the Waiakea boys and the Kealakehe girls won team titles in the Big Island Interscholastic Federation Swimming Championships from the Kona Community Aquatics Center.

   Waiakea came into the finals as the heavy favorites to win the girls crown for the second year in a row, but was upset by a determined Kealakehe squad when the Warriors suffered a disqualification in the 200 freestyle relay. 

   “It was a huge surprise for us to win the team title,” Waverider coach Steve Borowski said.  “Our girls did a great job and they performed better than expected. I believe they peaked and tapered perfectly.  The whole team did great.”

Alyssa Foo

Kealakehe was led by Alyssa Foo who came up with big wins in the 100 butterfly and the 100 backstroke (new league record 59.84 seconds), along with teammate Madison Hauanio who won the 200 Individual Medley and finished second in the 500 free.

   Foo broke the 100 back record that was set by fellow Waverider, Ashley Rose in 2001.

   “I was in a really good mood,” Foo said of her record breaking event.  “We didn’t really taper totally for the BIIF’s, so I think I can go even faster at the state championships if I continue to train hard.”

   Foo was also happy that Kealakehe regained the BIIF team title.

   “We won the team title in my freshmen and sophomore years, before losing it to Waiakea last year,” she said.  “I was happy that we could do it again in my senior year with only nine girls.”

    The public school Warrior boys pulled out a team victory over defending champions Hawaii Prep by a score of 148 to 116.

   “Our boys came through,” Waiakea coach Bill Sakovich said.  “Frank (Chi) was outstanding as usual and we got great relay races from David Sumada, Ryan Kawano, Grant Uekawa and Campbell Causey.”

   Sakovich had high praise for many of his swimmers including Causey who won the 500 freestyle and finished second in the 200 free.

   “All our kids did great and I am especially grateful to our coaches who helped us in getting these kids prepared for the finals,” Sakovich said.

   “I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t repeat for the girl’s title, but it’s a meet and anything can happen at meets,” Sakovich said.  “The Kealakehe girls did exactly what they were supposed to do and they did an excellent job.”

Logan Borowski

   In a much anticipated showdown between the best two swimmers in the 100 butterfly, Kealakehe’s Nicholas Garrett squared off against Hawaii Prep’s Logan Borowski showcasing the fastest fly stroke swimmers in the pool.

   Garrett came into the event as the two time BIIF butterfly champion and BIIF record holder, as Ka Makani junior Logan Borowski began to close in on Garrett’s record during the later part of the season.

  Borowski who had earlier in the day came away with the 50 freestyle title in a personal best time of 21.45 seconds and Garrett, the eventual winner of the 200 free, 1:46.22, met for the BIIF 100 butterfly title.

   Borowski’s winning time of 51.59 seconds eclipsed Garrett’s previous record of 52.02 set last year.

   “Nick is a really good swimmer and I knew I had to go out fast in the first 50, then try to hold him off,” Borowski said.  “I wasn’t thinking about the record as I was just trying to win the event.”

Frank Chi

Waiakea’s Frank Chi came into the finals wanting to break his own record in the  100 breaststroke for the fourth time this season. 

   Chi lowered the BIIF record to 58.7 seconds on Friday night and was determined to go even faster during the championship finals.  On Saturday the senior again rewrote the league record books by clocking in at 58.61 seconds.

    “I knew I could go hard and faster,” Chi said of his record breaking swim.  “I just pushed myself both in practice and during the meets.”

   Chi, who finished third in the state for the past two seasons in the breaststroke believes he can challenge for top honors this year.

   “I can still go faster and I believe that if I work hard I can get my time under 58 seconds,” he said.

    Ka Makani 200 boys freestyle relay team was back in the water, setting a new league record for the second time this season.  Using all juniors in Kyle Katase, Kaikea Nakachi, Ryan Ross and Logan Borowski as the anchor the HPA foursome clocked in at 1:29.35 to break their previous record of 1:29.80.

Kaikea Nakachi

“All four of us are going to swim the three relays as the state championship and we are only going to swim one individual race each,” Borowski said.  “I plan on focusing on the 50 free at states.”

   Nakachi defended his BIIF 100 backstroke title and claimed top honors in the 200 Individual Medley events.

   Waiakea’s David Sumada, the defending BIIF champion in the 200 freestyle, was upset by Garrett but later rebounded with a victory in the 100 free.

   “I’m really excited about my 100 free time,” Sumada said.  “It was my fastest time this season, 48.6 seconds, and I know this might sound silly, but before the event I thought of my coaches smile (Justin Pierce) and that helped me to swim my best.”

   Waiakea freshmen, Madisyn Uekawa became a BIIF champion in both the 100 free and 100 breaststroke.

   “I was a little nervous going into the championships, but I think I swam well and I tried my best,” Uekawa said.  “It felt good, but I think I should have gone out harder in both my races. I’m hoping I can do better at states.

   The HHSAA swim championships finals will be held at Kamehameha-Hawaii on February 13.

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BIIF Swimming Results from Kamehameha

BIIF Championships in Kona Jan 30. WHS is favored to win team titles

BIIF Swimming & Diving – 1/23/2010 

#3 Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay 

1 KEAL-HI A 1:56.87 STAT  Foo, Alyssa Morton, Jade  Jernigan, Kelly Hauanio, Madison-Gail

2 HILO A 1:58.43 STAT  Ichinose, Sharae Tsuha, Beth  Kojiro, Emilee Carlson, Ginger

3 HPA-HI A 2:03.10 CONS  Chertavian, Aniela SO Walker, Bridget SR  Luciani, Bhillie FR Hamilton, Liz SR

4 KS-H A 2:04.89 CONS  Imoto, Paula FR Lyons, Ryenn J  Krzyska, Kiana SO Leialoha, Jessica JR

5 WAIK A 2:09.07 CONS  Chock, Kaitlyn SR Torigoe, Katie SO  Paulachak, Nicole SR Krahner, Rachelle SO

#4 Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay

1 HPA-HI A 1:40.45 STAT  Nakachi, Kaikea JR Katase, Kyle JR  Borowski, Logan JR Ross, Ryan JR

2 WAIK A 1:43.52 STAT  Chi, Peter SR Rimando, Ryan JR  Kawano, Ryan JR Uekawa, Grant JR

3 KEAL-HI A 1:46.17 STAT  Goodale, Nathaniel Uy, Dane  Foo, Ky Garrett, Nicholas

4 HPA-HI B 1:57.36 CONS  Hapgood, Sonny JR Ha, Jun SO  Ryan, Koiawe FR Dale, Austin JR

#5 Girls 200 Yard Free  1 Santos, Malia KEAL-HI 2:05.90 CONS  2 Luciani, Bhillie FRHPA-HI 2:06.43 CONS

3 Jobes, Jayna FRWAIK 2:06.90 CONS        4 Hill, Lauren SOWAIK 2:09.19 CONS

#6 Boys 200 Yard Free   1 Garrett, Nicholas KEAL-HI 1:47.78 STAT

2 Ross, Ryan JRHPA-HI 1:50.64 STAT                  3 Friend, JP KEAL-HI 1:58.93 CONS

4 Hapgood, Sonny JRHPA-HI 1:59.39 CONS

#7 Girls 200 Yard IM         1 Foo, Alyssa KEAL-HI 2:15.20 STAT

2 Hauanio, Madison- KEAL-HI 2:17.70 STAT  3 Tsuha, Beth HILO 2:20.44 STAT 4 King, Akemi FRWAIK 2:24.03 CONS

5 Morton, Jade KEAL-HI 2:24.54 CONS   6 Pitoy, Shea HILO 2:27.24 CONS

#8 Boys 200 Yard IM

1 Chi, Peter SRWAIK 2:03.62 STAT  2 Uy, Dane KEAL-HI 2:05.19 STAT  3 Nakachi, Kaikea JRHPA-HI 2:05.68 STAT

4 Causey, Campbell SOWAIK 2:09.20 CONS  5 Sumada, David SRWAIK 2:10.06 CONS  6 Goodale, Nathanie KEAL-HI 2:10.49 CONS     7 Katase, Kyle JRHPA-HI 2:10.75 CONS

#9 Girls 50 Yard Free  1 Uekawa, Madisyn FRWAIK 25.12 STAT   2 Jernigan, Kelly KEAL-HI 26.21 CONS

3 Krahner, Rachelle SOWAIK 26.43 CONS   4 Chock, Kaitlyn SRWAIK 26.50 CONS

Nicholas Garrett

#10 Boys 50 Yard Free

1 Borowski, Logan JRHPA-HI 21.64 STAT

2 Sumada, David SRWAIK 22.77 STAT

3 Rimando, Ryan JRWAIK 22.92 STAT

4 Cann, Kaiea SRKS-H 23.15 CONS

5 Uekawa, Grant JRWAIK 23.39 CONS

6 Suzuki, Kurtis CLS-HI 23.46 CONS     7 Kawano, Ryan JRWAIK 23.78 CONS     8 Takeda, Justin HILO 24.05 CONS

#11 Girls 100 Yard Fly  1 Uekawa, Madisyn FRWAIK 58.80 STAT  2 Foo, Alyssa KEAL-HI 1:01.86 STAT

3 Jernigan, Kelly KEAL-HI 1:04.15 CONS   4 Hauanio, Madison- KEAL-HI 1:06.07 CONS

 #12 Boys 100 Yard Fly  1 Borowski, Logan JRHPA-HI 52.10 STAT   2 Garrett, Nicholas KEAL-HI 52.36 STAT

3 Uekawa, Grant JRWAIK 55.71 STAT  4 Foo, Ky KEAL-HI 56.78 STAT  5 Suzuki, Kurtis CLS-HI 57.82 STAT

6 Takeda, Justin HILO 1:01.12 CONS  7 Bello, Kellen HILO 1:01.28 CONS  8 Hu, Christopher FRWAIK 1:02.19 CONS

#13 Girls 100 Yard Free  1 Santos, Malia KEAL-HI 56.80 CONS  2 Hauanio, Ashley-C KEAL-HI 58.08 CONS

3 Chock, Kaitlyn SRWAIK 58.84 CONS

#14 Boys 100 Yard Free  1 Ross, Ryan JRHPA-HI 50.69 STAT  2 Cann, Kaiea SRKS-H 51.78 CONS

#15 Girls 500 Yard Free  1 Shimizu, Rachel SOWAIK 5:14.34 STAT 2 Hauanio, Madison- KEAL-HI 5:29.90 STAT

3 King, Akemi FRWAIK 5:39.30 CONS  4 Luciani, Bhillie FRHPA-HI 5:42.97 CONS

#16 Boys 500 Yard Free 1 Foo, Ky KEAL-HI 4:57.99 STAT  2 Kawano, Ryan JRWAIK 5:15.64 CONS

3 Goodale, Nathanie KEAL-HI 5:17.24 CONS

#17 Girls 200 Yard Free Relay  1 WAIK A 1:47.67 CONS  Jobes, Jayna FR Nakamura, Kirsten FRKing, Akemi FR Chock, Kaitlyn SR

2 KS-H A 1:48.41 CONS  Imoto, Paula FR Lyons, Ryenn JR  Manoha, Nani SR Leialoha, Jessica JR

3 HILO A 1:49.07 CONS  Ichinose, Sharae Ongais, Kayla  Rowe, Charlee Carlson, Ginger

4 HPA-HI A 1:50.82 CONS  Walker, Bridget SR Hono, Phoebe JR Luciani, Bhillie FR Hamilton, Liz SR  Dockstader, Radhika  Chingee, Mariah   Gangwes, Alissa Makuakane, Alesha

#18 Boys 200 Yard Free Relay  1 HPA-HI A 1:29.80+ STAT  Katase, Kyle JR Borowski, Logan JR Nakachi, Kaikea JR Ross, Ryan JR  Tarnas, Kulan SO Wilson, Dray FR  Magoon, Carson SO White, John JR

#19 Girls 100 Yard Back 1 Foo, Alyssa KEAL-HI 1:02.55 STAT 2 Ichinose, Sharae HILO 1:03.61 STAT

3 Jernigan, Kelly KEAL-HI 1:06.32 CONS 4 Hauanio, Ashley-C KEAL-HI 1:06.57 CONS  5 Paulachak, Kara SOWAIK 1:06.65 CONS  6 Pitoy, Shea HILO 1:08.06 CONS

#20 Boys 100 Yard Back  1 Nakachi, Kaikea JRHPA-HI 54.82 STAT  2 Uy, Dane KEAL-HI 57.04 STAT

3 Hapgood, Sonny JRHPA-HI 57.48 STAT 4 Friend, JP KEAL-HI 59.82 CONS 5 Kawano, Ryan JRWAIK 1:01.96 CONS

6 Lazarus, Akahai SRHONO 1:04.24 CONS

#21 Girls 100 Yard Breast  1 Uekawa, Madisyn FRWAIK 1:08.52 STAT  2 Tsuha, Beth HILO 1:11.17 STAT

3 Shimizu, Rachel SOWAIK 1:12.73 CONS 4 Lyons, Ryenn JRKS-H 1:14.47 CONS 5 Krahner, Rachelle SOWAIK 1:15.02 CONS  6 Walker, Bridget SRHPA-HI 1:15.09 CONS

WHS Frank Chi

#22 Boys 100 Yard Breast

1 Chi, Peter SRWAIK 59.06+ STAT

2 Katase, Kyle JRHPA-HI 1:03.34 STAT

3 Suzuki, Kurtis CLS-HI 1:03.91 STAT

4 Rimando, Ryan JRWAIK 1:04.65 STAT

5 Causey, Campbell SOWAIK 1:05.76 CONS

6 Uekawa, Grant JRWAIK 1:08.10 CONS

#23 Girls 400 Yard Free Relay 1 KS-H A 4:03.01 CONS Imoto, Paula FR Krzyska, Kiana SO Manoha, Nani SR Leialoha, Jessica JR

2 WAIK A 4:14.58 CONS  Jobes, Jayna FR Shinde, Courtney SO  Paulachak, Kara SO Hill, Lauren SO

#24 Boys 400 Yard Free Relay 1 KEAL-HI A 3:24.99 STAT Uy, Dane Foo, Ky Goodale, Nathaniel Garrett, Nicholas

2 WAIK A 3:37.46 CONS  Sumada, David SR Hu, Christopher FR  Brown, Sean SO Rimando, Brandon FR

3 HPA-HI A 3:44.52 CONS Dale, Austin JR Ryan, Koiawe FR  Ha, Jun SO Hapgood, Sonny JR

4 HILO A 3:45.43 CONS  O’Keefe, Kaden Weller, Kepa  Bello, Kellen Takeda, Justin

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Freshmen make Big Impact at BIIF Swim Meet

Desiree Ashley (P), Emma Kimata (H), Nicole Paulachak (Waik), Madisyn Uekawa ( Waik), Shea Pitoy (H),Katie Torigoe (WAIK), Kirsten Nakamura ( WAIK), Ariana Nussbaum (LAU) photo by Kyle Chock

The freshmen class in the Big Island Interscholastic Federation made a big splash at the start of the swim season this past Saturday.

   Hilo High’s Edward Kawachika Pool played host to an all-schools swim meet that saw seven boys and three girls reach state qualifying times in individual events in addition to Hawaii Prep and Waiakea relay teams making state.

  In the girls 400 yard freestyle relay it was three freshmen and one sophomore for the powerful Waiakea swim team making state qualifying by clocking 3:55.31.  Freshmen Akemi King, Jayna Jobes and Madisyn Uekawa teamed with sophomore Rachael Shimizu to out distance the runner up team by more than 26 seconds.

   Uekawa earlier in the day had qualified for state in both the 50 freestyle and 100 breaststroke, while Shimizu logged state times in the distance races of the 200 and 500 freestyle events.

   “We had a good meet,” Waiakea coach Bill Sakovich said.  “Unfortunately Kealakehe was not present and we know they have some great swimmers, how many, we don’t know.”

   The only other girl to break the state time barrier in an individual event was Hilo’s Sharae Ichinose in the 100 backstroke.  Ichinose swam away from the rest of the field winning by more than five seconds with her time of 1:03.94.

   “I am happy with the team’s results after the first meet, but we have to work harder and get the whole team involved,” Coach Sakovich said.  “We need to work on the technical aspects of swimming, finishes, turns and relay starts.”

   HPA freshman, Bhillie Luciani looked good in her high school swim debut.  Luciani won the 200 Individual Medley event and her coach, Mark Noetzel, had high praise for his youngster.

   “We were impressed with our freshman, Bhillie Luciani, and senior Bridgett Walker,” Noetzel said.

200 IM Chris Hu and Patrick Peng

On the boys side Noetzel had a solid effort put in by his 200 IM relay team which made a state time of 1:43.05.

   “HPA’s strengths came from our boys, Logan Borowski, Kaikea Nakachi, Ryan Ross, Kyle Katase and Sonny Hapgood,” Noetzel said.  “Many of our other team members had personal bests which helped our team overall.”

   HPA’ Borowski also won the 50 yard freestyle event (22.71) by out swimming a pair of talented Waiakea sprinters in Peter Chi (22.93) and Grant Uekawa (23.02) as all three made state qualifying time.

   Borowski later returned to the pool to win the 100 yard butterfly (56.88) with teammate Ryan Ross following in second (57.55) as both reached qualifying time.

   Another Ka Makani, Kaikea Nakachi, lost to Waiakea’s Ryan Rimando in the 200 IM by .11 seconds as both qualified for state.

  Despite the good showing by Ka Makani swimmers Coach Noetzel gave a lot of credit to other schools.

   “I was really impressed with both Hilo High and Waiakea,” Noetzel said. “They have fine teams in both divisions.”

   Waiakea’s Peter Chi has finished third in the state for the past two years in the 100 yard breaststroke and this past weekend Chi dominated the event by winning in 1:00.94 over teammate Ryan Rimando (1:04.14) as both made state time.

   Another Warrior, David Sumada, won the 100 yard freestyle (49.49) to also make state.

   In the final event of the day, the 400 yard freestyle relay, it was the combination of Waiakea’s Uekawa, Chi, Sumada and Ryan Kawano that swam away from their competition winning by more than 20 seconds over a talented HPA squad.

   “Our non-club swimmers did extremely well,” Sakovich said.  “Come through swims were pulled off by Dustin Soriano, Owen Cooper, Kaimi Scott, Patrick Peng and Kristen Nakamura.”

   Meet host, Coach Jon Hayashida of Hilo, felt that the Vikings did a good job in the season opener.

   “Our kids did pretty good and our relays, on both the boys and girl’s side looks strong,” Hayashida said.  “Hopefully we will qualify both relay teams for state.  We have a few kids injured and they should return to competition in a week or two and will make a difference.”

   Hayashida also had high praise for one of his freshmen, Beth Tsuha who finished second in the 50 yard freestyle (26.54) and made a state consideration time.

   “I think Beth will make state time as she is very close,” Hayashida said.  “She is a good swimmer and will help us during the season, along with Sharae Ichinose.  I’m looking forward to our next meet in Kona.”

   Coming up this Saturday is an all league meet at the Kona Community Aquatic Center starting at 10 a.m., hosted by Steve Borowski and his Kealakehe Wave Rider team. 

   “We’re really looking forward to this upcoming meet as we should have our full squad back and ready to go,” Borowski said.

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100 Backstroke takes center stage in BIIF

Josh Inaba (P), Sean Brown (Waik), David Sumada ( Waik),Ryan Kawano ( Waik), Chris Hu ( Waik) and Lance Mendes ( Waik) photo by Kyle Chock

League: 1:00.35+ 2001 Ashley Rose  Girls 100 Back

1:04.09 STAT

1:08.39 CONS

Name Y r Team Finals Time

1 Ichinose, Sharae HILO 1:03.94 STAT

2 Paulachak, Kara SOWAIK 1:09.31

#20 Boys 100 Yard Back

League: 54.56+ 2002 Justin Lee

59.79 STAT

1:05.09 CONS

Name Y r Team Finals Time

1 Nakachi, Kaikea JRHPA-HI 58.13 STAT

2 Hapgood, Sonny JRHPA-HI 59.07 STAT

3 Sumada, David SRWAIK 1:02.72 CONS

4 Kawano, Ryan JRWAIK 1:03.74 CONS

#21 Girls 100 Yard Breast

League: 1:06.07+ 2002 Cassiue

1:12.29 STAT

1:15.89 CONS

Name Y r Team Finals Time

1 Uekawa, Madisyn FRWAIK 1:10.18 STAT

2 Pitoy, Shea HILO 1:17.73

#22 Boys 100 Yard Breast

League: 1:00.40+ 2009 Peter Chi

1:04.89 STAT

1:09.19 CONS

Name Y r Team Finals Time

1 Chi, Peter SRWAIK 1:00.94 STAT

2 Rimando, Ryan JRWAIK 1:04.14 STAT

3 Katase, Kyle JRHPA-HI 1:05.64 CONS

4 Suzuki, Kurtis CLS-HI 1:06.25 CONS

5 Causey, Campbell SOWAIK 1:06.38 CONS

#23 Girls 400 Yard Free Relay

League: 3:41.82+ 2001 WAIK

M. Rivera, T. Binek, M. Yafuso, N. Okuna

3:56.19 STAT

4:16.99 CONS

Team R elay Finals Time

1 WAIK A 3:55.31 STAT

Shimizu, Rachel SO Jobes, Jayna FR

King, Akemi FR Uekawa, Madisyn FR

#24 Boys 400 Yard Free Relay

League: 3:18.74+ 2007 KEAL

N. Garrett, I. Cristobal, M. Hamilton, D. Coakley

3:32.49 STAT

3:59.99 CONS

Team R elay Finals Time

1 WAIK A 3:30.85 STAT

Uekawa, Grant JR Kawano, Ryan JR

Chi, Peter SR Sumada, David SR

2 HPA-HI A 3:51.42 CONS

Hapgood, Sonny JR Katase, Kyle JR

Dale, Austin JR Ainsle, Hunter SO

3 WAIK B 3:53.14 CONS

Brown, Sean SO Soriano, Dustin SR

Peng, Patrick SO Causey, Campbell SO               See more BIIF swimming results at: https://waynejoseph.wordpress.com/2010/01/03/state-and-consideration-times-in-swim-season-opener/

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Best BIIF Swimmers Take to the Pool

Waiakea's Peter Chi favorite event the 100 breaststroke

Looking to see some of the best of prep swimmers in the state of Hawaii?  Then grab a seat in the bleachers at the Edward H. Kawachika Swimming Pool at Hilo High School this Saturday for the Big Island Interscholastic Federation season opener.

Leading a group of top notch competitive swimmers is Kealakehe’s Nicholas Garrett who returns for his senior season.

Garrett broke the BIIF record in the 100 butterfly last season with a time of 52.75 seconds.  The previous record was set by Waiakea’s Jonathan Pauole in 1987 when he was coached by the late Ed Kawachika and stood for 22 years before Garrett etched his name into the record books.

 At the Hawaii High School Athletic Association championships a peaked Garrett took a full second off his BIIF butterfly record by clocking 51.74 while placing second in the state.

‘Rider teammate Alyssa Foo is back as she looks to defend her BIIF title in the 200 individual medley and improve upon her second place state finish from last season.  Foo also won the BIIF 100 yard butterfly event and placed fifth in the state in the 500 freestyle as she leads an extremely talented ‘Rider squad.

Kealakehe coach, Steve Borowski, believes that the low numbers on his boys and girls teams will make it difficult to challenge for team titles, but the ‘Riders are strong in high quality talent with Garrett and Foo leading the way.

 “Our boy’s team is very lean, but a new freshman, Dane Uy, is good,” Borowski said.  “Our girl’s team is also a bit lean, but not too bad as we have a freshman standout in Madison Hauanio.”

Despite the low numbers Borowski always seems to find a way to compete well.  Last season the ‘Riders brought only five girls to the HHSAA championships and still scored enough points to place them in a tie for fifth place.

Borowski predicts that Waiakea and Hawaii Preparatory Academy will again compete for the BIIF team titles.

Last season Waiakea won the BIIF girls team title while HPA took the boys.  Ka Makani boys went on to place third in the state, the highest finish by any BIIF team.

Waiakea returns Peter Chi, the BIIF champion in the 100 breaststroke, for his final season.  Chi is a confident and experienced swimmer who continues to improve on his time.  At the state championships, for the past two seasons, Chi has placed third in his signature event, and has dropped his time down to 1:00.39.

The public school Warriors also return sophomore sensation Rachel Shimizu who is dominate in the 200 and 500 freestyle events, finishing third at states in both.

“We are shooting to repeat at winning the BIIF girls team title with Rachel Shimizu and freshman Madisyn Uekawa leading the way,” Waiakea Coach Bill Sakovich said.

Uekawa, a strong age group swimmer, will add firepower to an already potent Waiakea swim squad.  “Several other girls could step up and help out and several of them are freshmen,” Sakovich said.  “If everyone does their best we should repeat.”

The Waiakea boys also look to challenge HPA for the team title with Chi leading the way in the 100 breast and David Sumada looking strong in the 200 free.

Waiakea was the leagues runner-up to HPA last year for the boys and according to Sakovich his Warrior relay teams look to be stronger and more competitive this year.

“I think our toughest fight will be with HPA in the boys and Kealakehe in the girls, but that may change over the shortened swimming season,” Sakovich said.

Defending boys team champions, HPA, looks to be dependent on several younger swimmers to step up after losing three of their relay swimmers to graduation.

Ka Makani boys swept all the relay events at the BIIF championships last year to claim the team title, but will need to fill large gaps to get past Waiakea this season.

“The only person we have returning from our state relay team is Kaikea Nakachi,” HPA coach Mark Noetzel said.  At the HHSAA last season Ka Makani boys finished third in the 200 IM and 400 freestyle and second in the 200 free.

The number of swimmers looks good for HPA as they carry 15 boys and 11 girls on their roster and are expected to be competitive.

“On the boys side of things I think we’re in position to challenge Waiakea for the team title,” Noetzel said.  “We’ve got a lot of work to do if we want to be in the fight for the BIIF title.”

Ryan Ross, Sonny Hapgood, Logan Borowski and Kyle Katase, along with Nakachi, will lead a solid Ka Makani squad in defense of their title.

On the girls side HPA returns multi talented Bridgette Walker who Noetzel will heavily depend upon.  “Bridgette is a senior that we need to lead this team as she is committed to water sports,” Noetzel said.

State age group swimmer, Bhillie Luciani, will add strength for the girls.  “Bhillie is a strong all around swimmer,” Noetzel said.  “I see the fight for the girl’s team title to be between Waiakea and Kealakehe.”

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