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Keaau’s Eriksson wins 110 hurdles at Hawaii Prep track meet

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles 

1 Cliff Eriksson            12 Keaau         15.96   1   10 

  2 Damien Packer             12 Keaau       16.14   1    8 

  3 Michael Morikawa          JR Waiakea     16.55   1    6 

  4 Rihei Grothmann           10 Kamehameha HI 16.91 1    4 

  5 Joey Kailimai             SO Hawaii Prep 17.28   1    2 

  6 Shawn Ventura             10 Keaau       17.60   1    1 

  7 Easten Tanimoto           12 Kamehameha  17.98   1

  8 Yasu Miyakawa             SR Hawaii Prep 17.99   1

  9 Oscar Kuo                 SR Hawaii Prep 18.30   2

 10 Carson Magoon             SR Hawaii Prep 19.03   2

 11 Benedict Purel            FR Kealakehe   20.22   2

 12 Maurice Smith              9 Keaau       21.01   2

 13 Taz Preston               JR Waiakea     21.06   2

 14 Sione Atuekaho             9 Hilo        21.44   2

 15 Brock Sherlock             9 Hilo        22.30   2

 16 Quinn Shiroma             SO Waiakea     22.62   2

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Large number of BIIF TRack & Field athletes make finals of HHSAA

After day one of the HHSAA track & field qualifiers held on Maui several Big Island Interscholastic Federation Athletes made it into today’s finals.  Below is the list of qualifiers going into the finals:

BOYS                 Shane Brostek, HPA, #1 shot, #3 discus

Mauna Palamama-Danielson, WHS, #5 shot, #7 discus              Kaenen Aukai Akua, Kamehameha, #3 long jump

Everett McKee, Kamehameha, #5 long jump, #7 110 Hurdles                   Michael Morikawa, WHS, #6, long jump

Travis Winters, WHS, #7 long jump, and FINISHED #3 high jump going 6-02

Jesse Huihui, Keaau, #8 100, #5 200

Jackson Halford, WHS, #6 1500, #7 800              Luca Walter, Kealakehe, #3 400

Chris Mosch, Honokaa, #8 3K                                     Andrew Langtry, St. Joseph, #12 3K


Emalia Galdeira, Kona, #1 long jump, #5 triple jump, #3 100 hurdles, #5 100, #6 200  McKenna Davidson, Kealakehe, #8 long jump

Marley Strand-Nicolaisen, Kau, #8 triple jump           Lana Queen, HPA, #6 100 hurdles, #4 300 hurdles

Zoe Sims, HPA, #4 1500, #2 400                                     Carmen Garson-Shumway, Hilo, #5 1500

Kristiana Van Pernis, HPA, #6 1500, #3 800               Kela Vargas, HPA, #9, 1500

Randi Estrada, Keaau, #7 400                                        Ua Ruedy, Kona, #3 300 hurdles

HPA girls seeded #2 in the 4×400 relay                    Kealakehe girls seeded #7 4×400 relay

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Big Day for Big Man at Keaau – HPA’s Shane Brostek

Brostek leads BIIF in Shot – photo by Brad Ballesteros

One of the big men in prep track & field pulled out a David Copperfield trick and disappeared without leaving a trace.

Standing at 6 foot 3 inches and weighing in at 300 pounds, Hawaii Preparatory Academy’s Shane Brostek is an imposing giant in a field of big men that throw the shot and discus during the track and field season of the Big Island Interscholastic Federation.

This past Saturday, at the Keaau Track, Brostek once again led the league by doing what he does best; throwing inanimate objects the furthest across the field.

Better known for his football skills, Brostek has dominated the BIIF Big Men by launching the shot and discus further than anyone else on the island.

Brostek discus toss earlier in the season of 158-01 is nearly 17 feet further than his closest competitor and his shot of 53-04.25 is a foot further than anyone in the league.

But following his final event at the shot put ring on Saturday Brostek, who was visually upset with himself, picked up his gear and disappeared into the parking lot.

“Shane is a very serious competitor who has high standards and when he doesn’t perform up to that level he gets upset with himself and withdraws,” HPA head coach Pat Lau said of Brostek’s sudden disappearance.

Brostek, a junior, threw the shot 52 feet 10 inches on Saturday to win the meet by more than 8 feet over his closest competitor, but didn’t appear happy with his spin technique. 

photo by Brad Ballesteros

“Shane has a lot of talent and he sets his goals really high,” BIIF discus official Marvin Jones said.  “He has the potential to be the best in the state as he’s sitting on a gold mine.”

Back on the track it was Kealakehe’s Dylan Navarro showcasing his blazing sprint speed to take top honors in both the 100 and 200 meter dash.

“It’s been an exciting day for me today,” Navarro said.  “I had perfect block starts and I managed to keep my head down and arms pumping as I accelerated from start to finish.”

In the 100 Navarro got a push from Kamehameha’s Kaenen Aukai Akau as the Warrior grabbed the lead during the first 50 meters.

“I really wanted to win,” Navarro said of the 100 race.  “Aukai got a slight jump out of the blocks, but I think I just wanted it more.”

The 1500 displayed two of the finest distance runners in the BIIF with Honokaa’s Chris Mosch going against Waiakea’s Jackson Halford.

Mosch took the lead on a talented field, but Jackson hung onto his shadow keeping a full stride behind.  Coming out of the final turn Jackson turned on a kick and pulled up to Mosch shoulder as the Dragon began drifting further into Jackson’s lane.

Mosch ended up crossing the finish line a half stride ahead of Jackson, but was disqualified by race officials who claimed that Mosch impeded Jackson’s attempt to pass in the straight away.

“Chris helped me to set a P.R. (personal record) as this is the fastest I ever ran in my life,” Jackson said of his 4:17.20 performance.  “I didn’t know that I won until the officials took Chris on the side and DQ’d him.  He is the most talented runner I know on this island and he’s worked really hard to get where he is.”

Mosch was philosophical about his disqualification saying “It wasn’t my intent to impede, but I’m glad I learned this lesson now instead of two weeks from now during the BIIF championships.”

Mosch later ran the 3K and literally ran away from the field of 13 competitors, lapping some of them once and others twice during the seven and a half lap contest.

“I wanted to go out fast in the 3000, but the 1500 must have taken something out of me because I didn’t go out as fast as I would have liked.” Mosch said.

None the less, Mosch easily won in a time of 9:35.40 beating his closest competitor by more than 200 meters.

Halford also returned to run in the 800 and came away with a second place finish to Kealakehe’s Luca Walter.  Walter clocked in at 2:02.47 and Halford followed a second behind.

“Jackson (Halford) pushed me as he was on it today,” Walter said.  “I wasn’t at my best as I didn’t feel right and wasn’t able to shift gears coming out of the turn.  I heard footsteps and I got worried.”

Marley and Kristina – Big Dog photo

Another Warrior, Michael Morikawa, came away with another triple jump victory by leaping over 40 feet.

All season long the public school Warrior has been quietly leading the league in the triple as the sophomore feels like he is getting the technique down.

“I started doing the running triple in fifth grade,” Morikawa said.  “I’ve always liked that event and I’m going to hit a 41 in the triple one day so that I can rank higher in the state.  I must continue to work on my technique.”

Also getting the triple down to near perfection is a pair of Kau teammates in Kristina Padrigo and Marley Strand-Nicolaisen.

Padrigo was a workhorse for the Trojans taking second in the 100, third in the 200, first in the long and third in the triple jumps.

“This was just my second time trying the triple jump,” Padrigo said.  “My favorite race is the 100 dash and I like having Marley as she motivates me and teaches me a lot.”

Strand-Nicolaisen went first in the triple and fifth in the long.

“My main event is the triple jump as it comes naturally to me,” Stand-Nicolaisen said.  “Kristina pushes me as we do a lot of different things together including playing volleyball.”

The BIIF track and field venue moves to the HPA campus on Saturday with field events beginning at 9 am and running events at 10.

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Kau’s Strand-Nicolaisen & Waiakea’s Morikawa lead BIIF Triple Jump

Strand-Nicolaisen triple jump


Girls Triple Jump
BIIFQualify: B    24-00                                                      
HHSAA Auto: A 34-05.75                                                       

HHSAA Cons: C    32-04           

1 Marley Strand-Nicolaisen  SO Ka'u                           33-08.00C  10  
2 Kaila Voss                JR Kealakehe                      32-01.00B   8  
3 Kristina Padrigo          SO Ka'u                           31-04.75B   6  
4 Lana Queen                SR Hawaii Prep                    31-01.25B   4  
5 Pamela Lynn               SR Hawaii Prep                    31-00.00B   2  
6 Ua Ruedy                  SO Konawaena                      30-02.50B   1  
Boys Triple Jump
BIIFQualify: B    34-00                                                      
HHSAA Auto: A    43-03                                                       
HHSAA Cons: C 40-05.50                                                       

1 Michael Morikawa          SO Waiakea                        40-02.25B  10  
2 Everett McKee             SR Kamehameha HI                  39-07.00B   8  
3 Nelson Enos               JR Keaau                          37-08.00B   6  
4 Rihei Grothmann           FR Kamehameha HI                 J37-08.00B   4  
5 Johnny Chow               SR Keaau                          37-03.00B   2  
6 Robert Harrington         JR Keaau                          36-11.00B   1  


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BIIF long jump results from Kamehameha track meet

Girls Long Jump

 PaiaStadium: ! 17-09.25  1/1/2009    Ku’uipo Nakoa, Hawaii Prep              

    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals 

1 Kristina Padrigo          SO Ka’u                           15-04.00   10  

2 Kundalini Nicholson-Walk  FR Hilo                           14-08.25    8  

3 Shani Cosma               SO Keaau                          14-08.00    6  

4 Haley Rasse               SO Waiakea                        14-07.25    4  

5 Victoria Evans-Bautista   SR Kamehameha HI                  13-07.50    2    6 Kayla Shiroma             JR Waiakea                        12-01.75    1  

7 Arielle Harnick           SO Ka’u                           11-08.50 

Boys Long Jump
 PaiaStadium: ! 22-08  3/23/2007   Reece Alnas, Kamehameha                     
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals  
1 Kaenen Aukai Akau         JR Kamehameha HI                  21-07.50   10   
2 Michael Morikawa          SO Waiakea                        20-08.25    8   
3 Alika Kaopua              JR Ka'u                           20-06.00    6   
4 Everett McKee             SR Kamehameha HI                  20-01.50    4   
5 Johnny Chow               SR Keaau                          19-07.00    2   
6 Zarion Kama Vincent       SO Kamehameha HI                  19-04.50    1   
7 Talon Ota                 SO Keaau                          19-00.50  
8 Kason Marques             SR Keaau                          18-02.25  
9 Rihei Grothmann           FR Kamehameha HI                  18-01.00  
9 Joseph Aquino Jr          JR Keaau                          18-01.00  

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