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Former Cross-Country Runner Featured at WHS Library

International Model, Jaclynn Joseph

   A former Waiakea High School cross-country runner has been inducted into this year’s Na Mea Kupaianaha O Waiakea – “All that is extraordinary and wonderful about Waiakea High School.”

    Under the guidance of WHS librarian and project coordinator, Gloria Kobayashi, my daughter, Jaclynn Joseph, www.jaclynnjoseph.com,  along with 26 other outstanding alumni were inducted into this year’s honored class.

MMA Mike Aina

Mixed Martial Artist, Michael Aina, was also inducted into this year’s alumni class.

    Kobayashi’s foundations goal is to raise a million dollars to be used to continue the high academic standards of the school and to support various projects.

   Contributions to the Foundation are welcomed at anytime and checks may be made out to the Waiakea High School Foundation, 155 W. Kawili Street, Hilo, HI 96720.

   You can also contact Kobayashi at Gloria_Kobayashi@notes.k12.hi.us should you have any questions concerning the project.

   The public is encouraged to stop by the library during school hours to view the exhibit, which now features 136 Waiakea High alumni and their careers.

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Hilo Boy Mike Aina

Hilo Boy Mike Aina

Have you ever wondered how your life might have turned out had you tried to do something differently when you were younger?

For Mike (Iron Mike) Aina the words “what if” do not exist in his vocabulary. “I hate “what if” and I’d hate to wonder what if this or what if I did that? I’d rather do it and fail than not know,” Aina said.

One of Aina’s goals is to be able to compete in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), as a light weight contender. “It’s always been a dream of mine to be tested and compete against UFC contenders and to do it well,” he said.

Aina, who is employed full time at the WM Keck Observatory finds the extra 25 hours per week necessary to train to become a well rounded fighter.

Introduced into sports by his father at a young age Aina enjoys the excitement associated with being competitive.

“My dad got me started playing soccer when I was 5 years old and he also coached me in baseball and basketball for many years,” he said.

At Waiakea High School Aina excelled in football and soccer, making the state and Big Island Interscholastic Federation all-star honors in both.

“I got started in boxing and kickboxing at the age of 13, as a way of keeping in shape between my various sporting activities.”

Shortly after graduating from high school, in 1998, Aina’s father passed away and he found himself lost in the world.

“It was a difficult time, losing my dad, and I moved around a lot and just had a hard time adjusting and focusing on daily routines,” he said. “I failed to set priorities and wasted a few years trying to find direction and purpose.”

It was while he was on Oahu, at age 22, that he bumped into some friends and they started going to the local gym, to work out.

“I began to get motivated once I started to get back into working out regularly that I found the desire to start fighting on an amateur level,” Aina explained.

A year later Aina returned to Hilo and begun fighting locally. “That’s when I got a call from BJ Penn, asking if I would be his sparing partner, to help him prepare for his upcoming fight against Takanori Gomi.”

Penn saw potential in the youthful Aina and encouraged him to compete as a mixed martial artist.

Today, at age 27, Aina is knocking at the door of becoming a professional UFC fighter. “It takes a lot of dedication and hard work,” Aina said. “I train in Jiu-jitsu and wrestling four times per week, boxing and Muay Thai three times a week, and will have intense sparring on Saturdays.”

Aina’s training includes a vigorous strength and conditioning program which requires a total of 25 hours per week.

Competing in the lightweight division, 155 pounds, and carrying a record of 11 wins 6 loses and one tie, Aina is moving towards reaching his goal of becoming a UFC contender.

Aina, who is married to Ku’ulei and they have a seven month old daughter, not only trains hard but also eats smart.

“I always try to consume lots of whole foods, oats, brown rice, organic greens, grass fed been, fish, free range chicken and fluids,” he said.

“Training and being in good shape in a variety of ways helps me to be well rounded and better prepared for what I need to do.”

Someday Aina hopes to give back to the community what he’s learning through his experiences as an athlete. “I’ve had many mentors and coaches throughout the years that have given me knowledge and support.”

“My journey as an athlete would not be complete if I could not return the favor and someday hope to become a mentor and coach to the next generation of athletes,” Aina said.

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