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KMS track and field team wins 66 medals at P & R

            KEAAU TRACK MEET                  Feb 25, 2012

 Girls Pee Wee

Kaylee Marques  1st standing long jump, 1st 50, 2nd 70

 Girls Midgets

Jaysha Pavao  1st 400, 1st 4×50     Coraleen Quilinderino 1st standing long jump, 1st 4×50

Jaredy Salle  1st 4×50                                      Kailee Sibayan-Santiago  1st 4×50

 Junior Girls

Chantel Carlos  3rd 200, 3rd 4×100                       Narizza Saladino  3rd high jump,  1st 4×50

Ruby Galapon  1st high jump, 1st 4×50                  Kanoe Cabanlet   2nd high jump, 1st 4×50

Tawnee Respicio  2nd 200,  3rd 4×100                       Tianna Celis  3rd 4×100

Kimiko Johnny  3rd 4×100                                               Diana Doan   2nd 4×50

Jessica Andres  2nd 4×50                                         Kyla Andres   2nd 4×50

Sheann Belmes  1st 4×50                                           Gretchen Padamada  2nd 4×50

Intermediate Girls

Audra Payne   2nd high jump, 2nd 1200, 1st 4×200               Gerenel Galves   1st high jump, 1st 4×200

Maria Calso   2nd shot put, 1st 4×200                          Eve Paguirigan   1st 4×200                                                                                       

  Girls Medals 33               

 BOYS Midgets

Rhodney Hernando   1st 100,  2nd 200                            Kalena Nihipali   2nd softball throw,  3rd 50

Jake Cambia   2nd standing long jump                               Albert Zuniga  1st standing long jump

 Junior Boys                          

Jo Joe Villa  1st high jump, 3rd 100, 1st 4×100                   BoysMedals33                                                                                                                                      

Christian Batad   2nd high jump, 2nd 100, 1st 4×100

Dallan Oandasan  1st shot put, 1st discus,   1st 4×100

Kolby Gebin   1st 100, 1st 4×100              Kyle Rice   1st 800, 1st 4×50

Kayden Souza   1st 4×50                                Bronson Pili   1st 4×50

Joseph MacDonald   2nd shot put, 2nd discus, 1st 4×50

Greyson Haskell  3rd 400,  3rd 800              David Pinyerd  3rd high jump, 2nd 800, 1st 1200

 Intermediate Boys

Paxton Rhyss   3rd high jump, 1st 4×100                                              Joshua Quero-Ondo  1st 4×100                                                                       

Reynaldo Arcellana   1st 4×100                                                                Charles Caldwell-Kaai   1st 4×100  

KMS Team wins   Total 66 Medals,   Kudos to Coach Randee Arkin Joseph, also known as ‘Mrs Big Dog’


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Keaau Middle tracksters finish last workout for 2011 – photo layout

KHS track star Randi Estrada came by to help the Greenwave


KMS track stars of tomorrow concluded their final workout on the KHS track under the direction of PE teacher, Mrs. Big Dog.    The Greenwave will have their next practice at school on Monday, January 9, 2012.

The P&R track season begins in february 2012.   Happy New Year to all the happy and healthy Greenwave track participants from their relay coach, Mr. Big Dog

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Merry Christmas from the Big Dog Family of Runners and Walkers

Season Greetings from Big Dog and the Mrs., along with Jackie from Taiwan.

Wishing all of you the happiest of holiday season and should you all stay injury free for 2012.

If you’re wondering why the rabbit ears in Taiwan it is because they don’t usually celebrate Christmas but it is CUTE!

Thank you to all my blog sponsors, without your help this site would not be possible.  I ask all my readers to look at the many sponsors on the right side of my home page and when possible click onto their logo to learn more about them.

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Keaau Middle School Track Program prepare for 2012 Season

 The track stars of the future meet a few days before Christmas on the Keaau High School track to practice under the guidance of KMS PE teacher and coach, Ms. Arkin, also know as Mrs. Big Dog.

The Greenwave runners are intellegent and quick learners!

Click any photo to enlarge

distance runners!

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Vet Day 5K Reaps Benefit for the Hawaii Island Food Basket

Staff & Family of the Hawaii Island Food Basket

Big Dog’s Veterans Day 5K produces Big results for the Hawaii Island Food Basket

The Big Dog’s Veterans Day 5K, held at Coconut Island on Nov. 11 attracted 198 participants and 30 volunteers in what was one of the most successful running/walking events on the island in 2010.

The event raised 356 pounds of food and $293 in cash and checks for the Hawaii Island Food Basket.

Some of the Food Basket Helpers

Many thanks goes to the Hawaii Island Labor Alliance, who supported the event, which saw the Hawaii State Teachers Association win the “most participant award”.

To Jerry Chang and his large group of volunteer staff who supplied all the refreshments, bananas, papayas, cookies and the like.

To Keith Aoki from Anheuser-Busch who made the banners and supplied the sports drinks for the event.

To Mrs. Big Dog for her tireless energy in helping in the days leading up to the event.

And to the Veterans who came and participated.

Mahalo to all as the Big Dog looks forward to making 11-11-11 even bigger and better, with all of your help.

 see video of the eventhttp://www.hawaii247.com/2010/11/11/big-dog-5k-race-honors-veterans-and-helps-the-hungry/

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