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Hilo’s Shina Chung Leaps Tall Buildings and remains #1

Two time BIIF Pole Vault Champ, Shina Chung


1 Shina Chung           JR Hilo          10-03.00   10  

2 Rose Nakamura         SO Hilo           7-06.00    8  

3 Tressie Kapono        JR Hilo           7-00.00    6  

4 Alyssa McGuire        SO Kamehameha HI  7-00.00    4



1 Katon Pestano         SO Hilo          11-06.00   10  
2 Nelson Enos           JR Keaau         11-00.00    8  
3 Greg Matias           JR Keaau         10-06.00    6  
4 Kayden Haleakala      JR Hawaii Prep   10-00.00    4  
5 Matthew Winters       SO Keaau          9-00.00    1.50
5 Dylan Alip            JR Kamehameha HI  9-00.00    1.50

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BIIF Track & Field Season begins on Saturday at Keaau

Start of girls 100 meter race

Sizes does matter!  Just ask Hawaii Preparatory Academy track & field coach Pat Lau and he’ll tell you that having depth plays an important factor in making a run for the island team championships.

“Our 2011 track team is the largest in school history,” Lau said.  “With 89 athletes, 62 girls and 27 boys, we have a lot of depth.”

Lau, who begins his fifth season at the helm, has a reputation for winning Big Island Interscholastic Federation team titles, capturing a boy’s title in 2007 and two girl’s titles in 2008 and 2010.

“For me and my coaches our biggest achievements is producing six individual state champions over the past four years,” Lau said.

The defending girls BIIF champs look overwhelming on paper as they return Kela Vargas, 800 & 1500 meters, Lana Queen and Chelsea Akamine at hurdles, Sydney Budde and Taylor Esaki at pole vault, along with Hana Scully, Mackenzie Buckner and Pam Lynn at sprints.

“Joining us also are most of the girls from the 2010 BIIF cross country championship team which gives us a lot of depth in the distance events,” Lau said.

Ka Makani boys return Shane Brostek in the throws with teammates George Twiggsmith and Rokas Cesnuievicius in the jumps.

“With our new track and HPA’s reputation for having a successful track program we are working hard to defend our 2010 girl’s championships.  As for the boys we will be very competitive, but Kamehameha looks to be the team to beat with Hilo and Keaau teams to watch,” Lau said.

Kimo Weaver returns for his third season at Kamehameha with impressive credentials.  The Warrior girls were the 2010 BIIF runner-up to the Ka Makani and their boys captured the league team crown.

“We continue to maintain the same team goals as we would like to contend for the league title and improve on our number of state qualifiers,” Weaver said.

Kamehameha boy’s top returnees include Everett Maka McKee at hurdles, Kaenaen Aukai Akau, long jump and sprints along with Hawk Hanoa in the throws.

For the lady Warriors Corin Kim and Kera Akiyama returns at the 400, Erin Carvalho at the distance events, Hi’ilani Evans-Bautista at jumps and hurdles along with teammates Kimberly Kalei Hodson and Alyssa Lehua McGuire taking on Pole Vault duties with McGuire also taking on the hurdles.

“We still need to fill the slots of those that have since graduated,” Weaver said.  “We need to better our times and marks each week and we want to keep working hard and peak at the right time.  If we can do this and have fun doing it good things will happen.”

Across town the other Warrior team, Waiakea, returns top distance runners, Kelsie Kobayashi for the girls and Jackson Halford for the boys. 

Waiakea coaches, Lance and Mary Jane Tominaga are carrying 20 girls and 35 boys on the team and are looking to improve on last year’s third place team finishes for both their boys and girls.

“We did lose a few key seniors, however, with the returnees coming back stronger and the addition of young recruits, the team hopes to better last year’s finish,” Lance Tominaga said.

Waiakea will have a strong sprint and jump corp. lead by Travis Winters and Michael Morikawa for the boys and Teisha Nacis for the girls.  Stephen McCauliffe will take on the middle distance, 400 and 800 events.

Keaau’s Vicky Chai also carries 55 athletes on their team, which Chai describes as a young and talented squad.

Jesse Huihui is the Cougars top sprinter with Damien Packer taking on the hurdles and horizontal jumps.  Look for Kevin Olsen in the distance events and a talented Nelson Enos in the pole vault.

For the Cougar girls it will be Randi Estrada in the high jump and 400 meter events and Deann Nishimura-Thornton running the distance events.

“I think most schools want the same thing as we do, to win a championship” Chai said.  “Having never accomplished this it would be especially sweet for us and this year I think it’s possible.  We continue to grow together as a team, most of who have been together for three years.  We’re looking forward to an exciting season.”

For Hilo it is first year head coach Jonathan Peralto taking over a large and talented Viking squad.

“Right now we are carrying about 45 boys and 35 girls on our track team,” Peralto said.  “A pretty large group, but they are motivated and working hard each day and I have a great coaching staff helping me.”

The Viking girls return Shina Chung at pole vault, Shalila de Bourmont at 3000 meters, Alyssa Hoshide, sprints; Linda Sunia, throws with boys Tyde Kaneshiro, distance, Rick Michels and Dan Taylor in the hurdles.

“I’m not sure who will be in the running for the team titles this year,” Peralto said.  “Each year new athletes come out, mixing things up a bit, but I am really looking forward to what the BIIF, as a whole, will produce this year.”

Peralto believes that the level of competition on the island has been increasing each year and is excited about what this season may have to offer.

The 2011 track and field season got under way with a preseason meet at HPA on Saturday, March 5 followed by the Kamehameha preseason invitational on Saturday, March 19.

The regular BIIF season starts on Saturday, March 26, at with an all schools meet at Keaau.  Field events get under way at 2 pm followed by running events at 3.

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BIIF Track & Field Preseason Meet at HPA – Top finisher results



Gabby Padilla Kealakehe 39-2.75 Misilosa Uulope Kona 30-4.50
Robert Mockchew Kealakehe 37-9.00 Matelita Taumoefolau Kona 29-9.75
Bobby Osevesi Honoka’a 35-0.00 Lucia Topalian HPA 25-4.25
Benjamin Kealoha Kona 32-2.00 Beta Akauola HPA 24-6.00
Kamann Bumanglang Keaau 31-9.75 Alice Sheperd Kealakehe 22-9.00
Carl Vincent Pasion Keaau 31-4.75 Leialoha Peterscase Honoka’a 19-3.00
Bradley Figuera Keaau 30-5.50 Amber Alvarez Honoka’a 17-9.50
Triton Reich Honoka’a 30-2.50 Chesna Kawekaweya Kealakehe 16-4.00
Zion Comesario Kealakehe 27-2.75 Asheley Seo Honoka’a 15-1.50
Christian Silva Honoka’a 22-7.75
Hokuala Kamaka Kealakehe 21-2.00
Nathan Jordan Kealakehe 20-8.25


Robert Mockchew Kealakehe 111-2.00 Matelita Taumoefolau Kona 91-1.00
Gabby Padilla Kealakehe 106-2.00 Alice Sheperd Kealakehe 74-0.00
Isaiah Chinen Kona 89-0.00 Lucia Topalian HPA 67-6.00
Bobby Vesi Honoka’a 87-3.00 Beta Akauola HPA 61-9.00
Carl Vincent Pasion Keaau 85-2.00 Chesna Kawekaweya Kealakehe 55-9.00
Kamann Bumanglang Keaau 80-3.00 Leialoha Peterscase Honoka’a 55-6.00
Hokuala Kamaka Kealakehe 74-11.00 Amber Alvarez Honoka’a 40-0.00
Zion Comesario Kealakehe 74-4.00 Asheley Seo Honoka’a 30-8.00
Triton Reich Honoka’a 70-9.00
Christian Silva Honoka’a 62-7.00
Nathan Jordan Kealakehe 57-0.00


George Twigg- Smith HPA 18-10.25 Jazz Fojas HPA 15-1.00
Kahawi Collado Kona 18-0.75 Jasmine Ward Kona 13-8.25
Nelson Enos Keaau 17-2.00 Sara Drennan HPA 13-7.00
BobbyLum HPA 16-11.00 Mae Quiamas Honoka’a 13-5.25
Matthew Shimabukuro Keaau 15-5.50 Zoe Acdal Kona 13-3.00
Kason Marques Keaau 15.0.25 Chrysa Dacalio Kona 12-2-.00


Damien Packer Keaau 39-8.00 Jazz Fojas HPA 29-11.00
Nelson Enos Keaau 38-9.50
Johnny Vance Keaau 36-7.00
Joseph Aquino Keaau 36-3.75
Aijah Thompson Keaau 34-5-.25


George Twigg- Smith HPA 5-8-.0 Chatherine Thorbecke HPA 4-6-.0
Johnny Vance Keaau 5-8-.0 Kelsi Nishina HPA 4-4-.0
Cliff Eriksson Keaau 5-6-.0 Pamela Lynn HPA 4-4-.0
Robert Mockchew Kealakehe 5-6-.0 Sara Drennan HPA 4-2-.0
Alexander Engdahl Keaau 5-4-.0 Kristiana Van Pernis HPA 4-2-.0


Kayden Haleakala HPA 9-6-.0 Taylor Esaki HPA 7-6-.0
Johnny Vance Keaau 9-6-.0 Molly Mackey-Smith HPA 5-6-.0
Max Hirtata HPA 7-6-.0 Lauren Holdcroft HPA 5-0-.0
Logan Martin HPA 6-0-.0


Jesse Huihui Keaau 11.35 Emilia Galdeira Kona 13.15
Kawohi Suhutte HPA 11.66 Ua Ruedy Kona 13.28
Dylan Navarro Kealakehe 11.72 Caili Ebawiz Kealakehe 13.43
Kekoa Hu Kealakehe 11.84 Jazz Fojas HPA 13.68
Malachi Kobayashi HPA 11.91 Mackenzie Buckner HPA 13.75


Kayden Haleakala HPA 24.06 Ua Ruedy Kona 26.97
Keawe Callado Kona 24.06 Randi Estrada Keaau 27.06
Kawohi Suhutte HPA 24.22 Emilia Galdeira Kona 27.08
Matthew Winters Keaau 24.3 Zoe Sims HPA 27.34
Christian Lee HPA 24.34 Mackenzie Buckner HPA 27.66


Luca Walter Kealakehe 52.75 Zoe Sims HPA 01:00.00
Alexander Engdahl Keaau 55.03 Hana Scully HPA 01:03.02
Matthew Winters Keaau 55.16 Kristiana Van Pernis HPA 01:07.01
Ezra Comesario Kealakehe 56 Mariah Haight HPA 01:08.09
Nelson Enos Keaau 56.56 Sarah Gschweng Kona 01:09.03
Jeremish May Kona 57.75


Michael Rogerson HPA 02:19.00 Kela Vargas HPA 02:37.02
Geoff Whitener Kealakehe 02:19.08 Kelly Ulrich HPA 02:43.06
Ryuta Yoda HPA 02:24.09 Nina Enos HPA 02:47.05
Ezra Comesario Kealakehe 02:27.06 Veronica Ladwig HPA 02:48.07
Carson Magoon HPA 02:31.00 Mary Josephine Osorio Kohala 02:49.07
Scott Henderson Kealakehe 02:31.03


Kevin Olsen Keaau 04:40.07 Zoe Sims HPA 05:31.10
Geoff Whitener Kealakehe 04:41.04 Kela Vargas HPA 05:35.04
Michael Rogerson HPA 04:45.01 Kristiana Van Pernis HPA 05:48.03
Ryuta Yoda HPA 04:46.07 Mariah Haight HPA 05:48.04
Wayne Pavao Keaau 04:54.01 Mary Josephine Osorio Kohala 05:48.07


Geoff Whitener Kealakehe 10:14.06 Deann Nishimura-Thornton Keaau 12:52.07
Kevin Olsen Keaau 10:53.01 Kelly Ulrich HPA 12:57.09
Ryuta Yoda HPA 11:19.03 Veronica Ladwig HPA 12:58.07
Wayne Pavao Keaau 11:22.03 Natalie Hagemann Keaau 13:22.06
Justin Macy HPA 11:50-75 Cat Bradley HPA 13:34.09


Damien Packer Keaau 16.25 Emilia Galdeira Kona 16.3
Yasu Miyakawa HPA 17.68 Ua Ruedy Kona 16.4
Kahoalii Karratti Kona 18.59 Lana Queen HPA 16.62
Torin Kubo HPA 18.66 Jasmine Ward Kona 18.15
Evan Matsuyama Kealakehe 19.68 Misilosa Uulope Kona 18.3


Cliff Eriksson Keaau 44.53 Ua Ruedy Kona 46.59
Dylan Oakes HPA 44.62 Lana Queen HPA 49.15
Viliamu Uulopa Kona 46.53 Emily Evans HPA 51.06
Kahoalii Karratti Kona 46.57 Katharina Brohmeyer Keaau 51.78
Joey Kailimai HPA 46.97 Jasmine Ward Kona 53.12


Keaau 45.22 HPA A 53.03
Kealakehe 45.38 Keaau 54.97
HPA B 46.56 Kona 55.16
HPA A 46.6 Kealakehe 55.4
Kona 46.97 HPA B 58.25


Kealakehe 03:48.09 HPA A 04:18.08
Kona 03:54.02 Keaau 04:26.10
HPA A 03:58.06 Kona 04:28.07
Keaau 04:20.09 HPA B 04:47.05
HPA C 05:54.01 HPA C 05:28.00

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Keaau Athletic Awards Presented for 2009-2010

Cougar Power

* JV baseball: Konner Kanetani (Most Outstanding Athlete); Yechan Kang (Coaches award).

* Varsity baseball: Jonathan Chow (MOA); Ashley Silva Jr. (CA).

* Boys JV basketball: Nelson Enos (MOA); Chase Paulino (CA).

* Boys varsity basketball: Haku Ishibashi (MOA); Richard handy (CA).

* Girls JV basketball: Randi Estraada (MOA); Sabrina Nakaima (CA).

* Girls varsity basketball: Jackie Kaio-Goo (MOA); Shyla Ronia (CA).

* Boys bowling: No. MOA; Matthew Vidinha (CA).

* Girls bowling: No MOA; Precious Duyao (CA).

* Varsity cheerleading: Treldy Domingo (MOA); Elisha Tenorio (CA).

* JV cheerleading: Alyssa Domingo (MOA); Chaslyn Marques (CA).

* Boys cross country: No MOA; Shawn Andy Andrada (CA).

* Girls cross country: DeeAnn Nishimura-Thornton (MOA); Mary Jessica Wuscher (CA).

* JV football: Kau Eggers (MOA); Treyven AhQuin-Fely (CA).

* Varsity football: Dathan Toribio (MOA); Mana Puahala (CA).

* Boys/girls judo: Justin Naehu (MOA); Micah Ramos (CA).

* Boys/girls paddling: Leimomi Cariaga (MOA); Dyson Sarme-Medeiros (CA).

* Boys soccer: Richard Handy (MOA); Kevin Olsen (CA).

* Girls soccer: Mary Jessica Wuscher (MOA); Chloe Frizelle (CA).

* JV softball: Mahina Homalon (MOA); Christine Belmes (CA).

* Varsity softball: Chelsey Pacatang-Hirai (MOA); Jaclanne Pagala (CA).

* Boys tennis: Benido Alonzo (MOA); Neil Gorospe (CA).

* Girls tennis: Megan Fujitake (MOA); Ailene Navarro (CA).

* Boys track: Daniel Brooks (MOA); Shawn Andy Andrada (CA).

* Girls track: Randi Estrada (MOA); Azmera Hammouri-Davis (CA).

* Varsity boys volleyball: Kainoa Duarte (MOA); Dylan Butler (CA).

* JV girls volleyball: Kirsten Ishibashi (MOA); Tonisha Baybayan (CA).

* Girls varsity volleyball: Randi Estrada (MOA); Leilani Kelekoma (CA).

* Boys wrestling: Cheyden Quiocho (MOA); Alexander Kaetsu (CA).

* Girls wrestling: Cherese Shelton (MOA); no CA.

* Athlete of the Year: Daniel Brooks (male), Jackie Kaio-Goo (female).

* Scholar Athlete of Year: Shawn-Andy Andrada (male), Chloe Frizelle (female).

* Athletic Director’s Award: Richard Handy Jr. (male), Shyla Ronia (female).

* Rookie of the Year: Talon Ota, Tonisha Baybayan, Matthew Shimabukuro, Shani Cosma.

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