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Results from Veterans Day Run – top 75

Hunter  Stephen 17:33
Langtry Andrew 17:58
De Rego Gabriel 20:20
Sato Dyson 20:22
Grady Pam 20:38
Rosario Heather 21:28
Sakai  Dean 21:32
Ibarra Ray 21:38
Hylas John 21:47
Rosario Nathaniel 21:59
Phumage Victoria 22:00
Hose Uriah 22:02
Hunter  Lory 22:04
Okumura Kevin 23:11
LaBrie Colbie 23:26
Busek Adam 23:32
Yamada Roy  23:35
Freitas Kelly 23:37
Blinn DJ 24:07:00
Kanashiro Harris 24:43:00
Belcher Robert 24:45:00
Funai Kaitlyn 25:35:00
Bean Nina 25:35:00
Swanson Jesse 25:40:00
Truesdell Joel 25:55:00
Ayceo Ryan  26:23:00
Spina Catherine 26:24:00
Thero Firmin 26:36:00
Nagai Dennis 26:51:00
Wedemann Veroonica 27:05:00
Wedemann Joe 27:06:00
Nolta Anthony 27:16:00
O’Connell Tim 27:19:00
Nakamura Dana 27:32:00
Ayceo Raymond 27:49:00
Balderas Jennifer 29:08:00
Yamada Gerald 29:30.0
Sur Peter 29:31:00
Tamada Wendy 29:32:00
Vicente Adrel 29:33:00
Pavao Steve 29:34:00
Miamgtry Andrew 29:34:00
Decleene Therese 29:34:00
York Alvin 29:52:00
Jack Kaleo 30:25:00
Tagawa Lynn 30:31:00
Ahuna’Leong Muriel 30:51:00
England Stacy 31:32:00
Cabarloc Reyn 31:42:00
Adachi Dave 31:42:00
Kay’Wong Lucas 31:53:00
Kay’Wong Alex 31:54:00
Shigeoka Dennis 32:12:00
Morita -Zen Amanda 32:23:00
Morita  Aaron 32:29:00
Tagawa Miles 32:41:00
Swanson Suzanne 32:49:00
Rosario Josaih 32:49:00
Rosario Naomi 32:50:00
Faulknew Lisa 32:55:00
Quitoriano John 34:06:00
Ahu Kaala 34:24:00
Takei Lance 36:43:00
Wegner Herb 37:17:00
Arceo Ethan 37:19:00
Arceo Michelle 37:19:00
Rosario Missy 37:24:00
Wong-Yuen Chelsea 38:16:00
Ahu Wendy 39:38:00
Kuramoto Marie 39:42:00
Inouye Eric 39:42:00
Jose Tiana 40:33:00
Domingo Kalana 40:33:00
Hanson Paul 40:35:00
Makua  Malcom 41:04:00

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Prep Stars Hunter and Langtry win Veterans Day 5K

Langrty, Gandy,Hanson,Hunter, Big Dog

On an overcast typical Hilo morning with a light drizzle more than 150 participants showed up Sunday to take part in the Veterans Day 5K run/walk around scenic Hilo Bayfront.

The annual event got under way with a tribute of the blowing of taps by Paul Arceo, the leader of the Hawaii County Band on trumpet. It provided a somber reminder to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of our country. In attendance there were active military, veterans and none military.

There was such a variety of runners and walkers all coming out in support of our military. There were people ranging in age from 5 years old to 90 years young.

Later there would be a reading of Mayor Billy Kenoi’s, proclamation by Jerry Chang thanking those men and women who made sacrifices.  He thanked those who came out to organize the run/walk and continue to honor those who risk their lives in defense of this great country.

In the 5K, the overall winner was a pair of high school runners in Steven Hunter of Hilo and Andrew Langtry of St. Joseph coming in first and second.

Hunter won the race in a time of 17 minutes 33 seconds with Langtry trailed 25 seconds behind.

“I came out today to honor the vets and the service they gave to this country,” Hunter said.  “My dad spent 22 years in the Navy.”

Langtry echoed the same sentiments saying, “I raced today in support of our veterans and to support Big Dog and what he has done for the running community.”

Third was Gabriel DeRego 20:20; and fourth Dyson Sato, 20:22.

First for the women was Pam Gandy, fifth overall, who had just moved back to the Big Island 5 weeks ago from Florida.

  “This was a great way to show my support for the Vets and what they have done for their country,” Gandy said.  “The course along Bay Front was beautiful and I absolutely love the scenery. The weather totally cooperated and was perfect for a run.”

The second overall woman was Heather Rosario, sixth overall, nearly 50 seconds behind Gandy.

Paul Hanson, 76 years old, finished in 41:04, and had spent 21 years in the Air Force. 

Hanson was on his way to Kilauea Military Camp where he would participate in another Veterans Day event in full uniform.

Thanks to volunteers like Faith Nance, who made Gray Ribbons for the participants who represent Brain Cancer as the Pink Ribbons have become known for Breast Cancer.

“I want to make Grey Ribbons as well known as the Pink Ribbons and bring public awareness for survivors and their families of brain cancer, “Nance said.

Also thanks to Keith Aoki of Anheuser-Busch for making the Veterans Day banners and for supplying Vidration Sports Drinks to the finishers.

Thanks to KTA Super Stores for providing a sheet cake in honor of our Veterans

Jerry Chang came forward to provide the refreshments for the third year in a row and this time he was help by Clift Tsuji and Dennis Onishi.

It takes all kinds of volunteers to put on a race and the organizers are greatly appreciative of the many people that have stepped forward to honor our military.

Waiakea High School Key Club provided man power, like they do every year, under the leadership of Kari Sato, to help make this event a success.

Paul Okubo provided the expert timing for this event, like he has done for all Big Dog events over the years.

I am so blessed to have so many friends and sponsors for these events because I wouldn’t be able to host them without the communities outpouring of generosity.

Thanks to a very supportive wife, Randee, who encourages me to hold events like the Veterans Day 5K, waking up early and providing total encouragement and support along the way.  And for this event my daughter Jaclynnn was also on hand with her photo taking skills.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to make the Veterans Day run/walk a huge success.

And someday should you happen to see an Army Veteran with a lot to be grateful for remember to say ‘woof’ and never shy away from “Running with the Big Dog.”


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