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      Resolutions for 2013  BIG DOG #502 (Jan 30, 2012)

Resolutions are a small commitment that a person makes to one or more personal goals in anticipation of the New Year. It is a New Beginning for people who want to commit to it and stick with it. Most resolutions people make have to do with changing their lifestyles for the better. New Year resolutions are made with the hope that people can stick with it for the entire year to enhance their lives.

With that being said the Big Dog went about asking a group of volunteers at his run/walk this past Sunday what their resolutions were for 2013. He also asked a few of the more than 200 people that participated the same question and this is what he got as answers:

Paul Okubo the Big Dog timer had this to say, “You never gave me a chance to say this at the Thanksgiving Day race that
 I am profoundly thankful that all three of my children had the good fortune to have a terrific cross-country/track coach 
named Wayne Joseph. Because of you all three children, now adults themselves continue to jog or run in order to keep fit.”

Steve Pavao was on hand to represent the Big Island Road Runners. Pavao put out the  mile markers for this race. His resolution is to do his part to make the world a better place for everyone.

Keith Aoki from Anheuser-Busch supplied the sports drinks for the runners and he had this to say, “I hope everyone has a safe 2013 and that they remember to drink responsibly when consuming alcoholic beverages.”

David Hammes who volunteered to do the turnaround at the half way mark added: “I am resolving to be more compassionate, caring, and giving to everyone I come in contact with. I am hoping to qualify for the Boston Marathon (very unlikely, but one has to dream!)”

Sylas Wright a volunteer at the sign in table from  Seattle Washington said this “

I resolve to be more generous with myself in 2013; to live in the moment and love and appreciate all the good things in my life.

Joe Wedemann another volunteer who brought the water and Gator Aid had this say “my resolution is to help my brother Bob get back on his feet after a long, painful divorce. I am giving him a place to stay, (room, board, food, etc.) all out of the goodness of my heart.

I would also note that he is overweight, out of shape, and type 2 diabetic and that I am helping him get his health back under control so he can enjoy his new life here in Hawaii.”

My family doctor, Internist Aaron Morita who was on hand for the run had this to say about his resolution. “My 2013 commitment is to be more attentive to my wife Pat and take care of her better as she takes great care of me, our family, our home and business,” Morita said.

During the Resolution 5K run it was Jason Braswell of the Big Island Running Company who would have won the race had he not taken a wrong turn leading him way from the finish line and allowing a pair of high school runners to pass him near the finish.  This allowed Stephen Hunter from Hilo High to win the race in a time of 18 minutes 08 seconds. Second place went to Waiakea’s Ian McQuate in a time of 18:10.

“I ran today to help the Food Basket.” Said Hunter

“I guess my resolution for 2013 is to know where the finish line is prior to the race and not allow this to happen to me again,” said a smiling Braswell who finished the race in a time of 18:15.

The finish had been changed when a Police Officer had told runners they couldn’t run through Bayfront because of an on going investigation and the entire course had to be changed to run in the opposite direction.


Taking first place for the woman was Noe Waller (21:29) , followed by Leslie Spinelli  (21:40), taking third place was Mehana Sabato-Halphern.

“I haven’t raced in a very long time. I was terrified to come today.” Waller said. “My resolution

for the new year is to not be afraid to run road races and get back into doing what I love.” Waller said.

This event attracted more than 200 participants and raised over three hundred dollars and trunk loads of can goods for the Hawaii Island Food Basket.

It takes lots of volunteers and community support to step up and be flexible. At the last minute the course had to be re routed due to the closure of Bayfront Highway. The Big Island Road Runners stepped up to make this run/walk possible and at 6 am changed to a new course. Despite the constant rain and change in the course the race was a huge success.

Participants ranged in age from 6 years to 80 years young. Lucas Kay-Wong age 6 had this to say, “I ran with my dad today because he said I would be a better soccer player if I did this race. I had a lot of fun today.

And someday should you happen to come upon a slow jogger resolving to love his wife more and taking one day at a time remember to say “woof” and never shy away from “Running with the Big Dog.”

Email the Big Dog @ waiakeabigdog@aol.com.


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Big Dog’s Veteran’s Day 5K run/walk results from 11-11-11

Due to the heavy rain some of the ink on the finish sheets ran…………..making it difficult to read the spelling and some times in the official results.   Corrections will be made if you email the change to me at waiakeabigdog@aol.com  Congratulations to all that braved the rain, especially to our volunteers, Kari Sato and the Waiakea Key Club who put up and took down the tents and banners, Paul Okubo for timing  Faith Nance for writing down the finishers names during the heavy downpour and Jerry Chang and his crew for supplying the post race refreshments.   To the participants who came out despite the rain – a big, warm MAHALO!   Two PAWS UP to all of you, including my lovely wife Randee –    Related link:  https://waynejoseph.wordpress.com/2011/11/11/random-photos-from-big-dogs-veterans-day-5k-on-11-11-11/

Big Dog’s Veterans Day 5K Results – read from left column first

Barnett Billy 16:23   Carvalho Erin 26:24:00
Gregory Chris 16:52   Tanouie Mark 26:27:00
Halford Jackson 17:40   Matiaas Lowell 26:40:00
Barcia Joe 18:35   Jirir AJ 27:01:00
Pang Justin 18:42   Dusek Deb 27:06:00
Panoff Max 18:51   LaBrie Colby 27:15:00
Perry Louie 19:04   Auth Tim 27:24:00
Hunter Stephen 19:17   Grothmann Kalai 27:37:00
Daly Michael 19:21   Eckart Kanai Pono 27:43:00
Allan Ryan 19:29   Eckart Lawrence 27:44:00
Olson Kevin 19:54   Truesdell Joel 27:56:00
Wozniak Michael 20:09   Ongais Kayla 28:10:00
Villena Linden 20:34   Wong Yuen Donna 28:17:00
Kobayashi Kelsie 20:36   Valera Jarvis 29:01:00
Irysen Galigo 20:59   Camero Ryan 29:33:00
Harbor Jin 21:04   Desa Kanani 29:44:00
Hill Adam 21:08       29:52:00
Matuura Sam 21:31   Rhyss Joyi 29:56:00
Bako Patrick 21:35   Darling Kristen 30:05:00
Matsuyama Amy 21:39   Hulten Kaliko 30:05:12
Wedeman Joe 21:48   Javier Stella 30:06:00
Ibarra Ray 21:54   Wilson Harold 30:27:00
Cafier Nicholas 22:15   Hammer Jerelyn 30:48:00
Uyeda Garret 22:16   Newman Allen 30:59:00
Pavao Steve 22:20   Pacheco Lauren 31:00:00
Matias Greg 22:29   Faulkner-Inouye Lisa 31:07:00
Stayhorn Vishu 22:35   Domingo Sky 31:33:00
Shumoff Nikolai 22:58   Domingo Stacy 31:34:00
Rhyss Dorian 23:00   Fulton Jim 31:41:00
Nishimura Neon 23:06   Subica Raynelle 31:52:00
Langtry Andrew M. 23:08   Inata Ben 32:06:00
Hunter Lory 23:12   Shigeoka Dennis 32:08:00
Myhre Lucas 23:14   Newman Dixie 32:31:00
Rapoza Kaylee 23:20   Mair Lates Molly 32:56:00
Jedinsky Jennifer 23:24   Baldwin David 33:17:00
Hunter Stuart 23:33       33:19:00
Willis Christine 23:35   Nakasone Harvey 34:04:00
Pavao Wayne 23:38   Barbas Bonita 34:32:00
Okimaka Vandey 23:40   Fulton Allison 34:37:00
Ho Josen 23:44   Eckart Tennille 34:41:00
Barcia Sage 23:48   England Stacy 34:58:00
Ombac Skye 23:50   England Charlie 34:59:00
Grothmann Rihei 23:52   Rosorio Naomi 35:00:00
Rosario Heather 23:59   Daly Mykelah 35:36:00
Kim Corrin 24:06:00   Harbour Haruko 35:38:00
Taaroa Emily 24:12:00   Tana Lisa 36:30:00
Ignacio Vanessa 24:17:00   Aktorg Josette 36:31:00
Tominaga MJ 24:20:00   Sakarias Suzette 36:32:00
    24:24:00   Auth Jean 36:34:00
Rosario Josiah 24:26:00   Chang Jerry 36:50:00
Subica Wayne 24:46:00   Hanson Paul 37:03:00
Jones Tehani 25:11:00   Hammer Felicia 37:11:00
Grothmann Richard 25:14:00   Rapoza Kylyn 37:35:00
Chun Matt 25:45:00   Ostrowski Cheryl 37:48:00
Masuyama Mark 25:50:00   Rapoza Sossity 37:53:00
Hagemann Natalie 26:00:00   Sherlock Braxton 37:59:00
Strayhorn Govardano 26:12:00   Rosene Ken 38:15:00
Bostwick Charles 26:13:00   McKinley Shaun 38:24:00
Agams Phil 26:17:00   Sugioka-Kai Samantha 38:41:00
    26:19:00   Kingery Emily 38:58:00
        Brown Barbara 39:02:00
        Mauga Kehau 39:44:00
        Mauga Russell 39:45:00
        Kiefer Cheryl 40:04:00
        Soares Carl 40:05:00
        Kagawa Edwin 40:06:00
        Lum Mah 40:44:00
        Ellazar Hernandez Emmy 40:56:00
        Hernandez Sam 54:00:00
        Kaalakea Brianna 1:04
        Kekipi Kayla 1:04
        Anguay Gail 1:08:54
        Anguay Coco 1:08:55
        Meek Lucy 54:15

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Runners & Walkers Make their New Year’s Resolutions

Isabel Camp, winner of the stroller division, was awarded the Big Dog perpetual trophy

Happy New Year!  Hope all of you are off to a great start on having a happy and healthy new year.

To start the year out right Big Dog Productions hosted the Resolution 5K (3.1-mile) run/walk on New Year’s morning.

I can’t think of a better way of celebrating the birth of a new year than to have 100 of your friends and acquaintances meet you for a jog along scenic Hilo Bayfront on a spectacularly beautiful Friday morning.

People of various ages, from toddlers to octogenarians, and physical abilities took part in the event as all wanted to get off to a healthy start on 2010.

Hilo Medical Center pharmacist, Gregg Davis, was on hand with his wife Wendy to take part in the morning event.  “Wendy and I want to get healthy and stay healthy for 2010,” he said.  “I’d like to also be able to lose 20 pounds and that’s my goal.”

Matthias, Ella and Malia

Matthias Kusch, a captain at the Honokaa Fire Department, showed up with his entire family which included infant Malia who was pushed in a stroller the entire way.

“I’d like to simmer down and take on fewer projects in 2010,” Kusch said.  “I need to concentrate on my family and on sports.  This past year was a big hectic year and in this New Year I’d like to spend more time recreating.”

Missy Keenan, who works as a skills trainer in Honokaa, would like to give up smoking this year.  “I smoked my last cigarette on New Year’s Eve and I plan on giving it up for good in 2010,” she said.

The half-pack a day smoker plans on making the New Year and all future years to come a smoke free one as she will take better care of her health by also increasing the amount of exercise she gets.  “I came here this morning to start the year out right.  I had fun and look forward to doing more events like this throughout the year,” Keenan said.

Big rig CDL driver, James Hank, was also hoping to get a jump start on the New Year by completing the 3.1 mile run with his family.  “We wanted to participate in something different,” Hank said.  “My family started walking about five months ago and a month later my wife, Marla, and I began running.”

For 2010 Marla Hank is hoping to be able to run 10-miles and husband, James, would also like to increase his distance and integrate some biking into his routine.

“This is the first time for Marla and me to take part in an organized running event and we had a lot of fun and look forward to doing it again soon.”

During the race it was former Christian Liberty harrier Justin Pang taking the early lead with former Pahoa High standout Louie Perry close behind.

Alan Ryan

Laupahoehoe resident, Alan Ryan, showed up two minutes before the start of the race and used the first mile as a warm up staying behind former Waiakea, Bryce Harada, and Keaau star Shannon White.

“I need time to get warmed up so I clocked the first mile in 6:14 and was in fifth place at that point,” Ryan said.

Between mile one and mile two Ryan ran at sizzling 5:33 pace and moved into third behind Pang and Perry.  “I passed Louie (Perry) and then ran down Justin (Pang) near the end,” Ryan said.  

Ryan’s became the first Big Island resident to win a race in 2010 and his winning time was 18 minutes and 25 seconds, with Pang, Perry, Harada and White rounding out the top five men.

“My New Year Resolution is to run more mileage and to cross train.  I’d like to increase my aerobic work in order to gain strength,” Ryan said.

For the women it was a battle between Hilo’s Lory Hunter and Kona’s Melissa Braswell.  Braswell, the co-owner of the Big Island Running Company with her husband Jason, took the early lead before being passed by Hunter during the second mile.

Hunter finished seventh overall in 22:25 with Braswell taking tenth overall and second for the women in 22:58.

“It wasn’t easy (winning), but it was a good day and it was nice that we started later in the morning,” Hunter said of the 9:30 am start.  “My fitness goal this New Year is to run my first marathon (26.2-miles) as I’ve registered for the Hilo Marathon in March.  I want to be able to finally say that I ran a marathon.”

At the end of the race Big Dog Productions presented Isabel Camp with the perpetual Big Dog stuffed animal trophy.  Isabel, 2-years old, was pushed the entire way by her father, Rick Camp, as the duo won the stroller division.

Several key volunteers made the Resolution Run/Walk possible.  A big mahalo goes out to Paul Okubo, Randee Arkin, Dano Banks, and Keith Aoki who make up the Big Dog Productions crew.

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Veterans Day Run/Walk BIG Success

Vet 5K run 014

Proud Vets Support Healthy Lifestyles

 More than 200 participants showed up on a beautiful morning for the Veterans Day 5K (3.1-miles) run/walk held this past Wednesday at the entrance to Moku Ola in Hilo.

 Big Dog Productions, host for the event, wasn’t expecting such a large crowd which included Veterans from the Korean, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

 This was the first time that a fun run/walk has been organized in Hilo in recognition to the men and women who serve in our nation’s armed forces.

 Prior to the start Army Lt. Colonel and Hilo’s own pediatric physician, Joseph D’Angelo, addressed the large crowd with these words:  “Veteran’s Day and this fun run bring out an important concept, that of not taking things for granted,” D’Angelo said.

D’Angelo went on to talk about the times of year that people take as routine, such as Veterans, Memorial Day and Sept. 11th.  “Treating a burned Afghan child or wounded Afghan soldier, or helping their medical personnel with the logistics and supply of building their medical system in both directions, are a no brainer when it comes to understanding the importance of a mission,” he said.

In his pre event speech D’Angelo reminded the crowd of the value of serving one’s country and of how fortunate and blessed we are as Americans.  “We wear the uniform and carry out the mission, so this run does not have to be for our lives, but truly just for fun,” he said.

Justin Pang
Justin Pang

The large field of runners and walkers thinned out early during the race to find two frontrunners leading the way in Joseph Damato and Justin Pang.  Pang, a former Christian Liberty harrier who is now on the University of Hawaii cross-country team, exchanged the lead with Damato throughout the event.

“We were running shoulder to shoulder for most of the race,” Pang said.  “We hit the first mile at around a 5:20 per minute pace and the race wasn’t decided until the final 200 yards.”

In the final leg of the race, with the finish line in sight, Damato put on an all out sprint to edge out Pang by two seconds, clocking in at 17 minutes and 34 seconds.

“I wanted to get a good run in today and to participate in the local community scene,” Pang said after his second place finish.  “This was a great way to support our vets who have done a lot for our country.”

In a very fast field of harriers six runners followed the lead duo and all six broke 19 minutes, they were Tyde Kaneshiro, 18:19; Jason Braswell, 18:23; Rick Michels, 18:36; Bryce Harada, 18:47; Jackson Halford, 18:54 and Shannon White, 18:54.

For the women it was all Kim Pierce who finish two minutes ahead of her closest female competitor in a time of 20 minutes and 25 seconds.  Hilo High standout, Shalila de Bourmont was next in 22:31 followed by her coach, Lory Hunter, 23:02.

Matt Lum
Matt Lum

Many Veterans also came out to support the event which included Matt Lum (finished 121, in a time of 34:55) who spent 21 years in the Army from 1964 until his retirement in 2005.

“I run three times a week and I need to do this to keep up with the younger guys because I am retired,” Lum said.  Lum served his country in Vietnam, Iraq and in Afghanistan.

Captain Albert Ne (#68, 26:45) just returned from a tour of duty to Kuwait and decided, along with several of his troops, to attend the Veterans Day run.

“We were socializing and me and my soldiers thought that this run would be a good thing to support the Vets.  I work out every day and I’ll do another 5K run later today,” Ne said.

DJ Blinn
DJ Blinn

House Rep Jerry Chang (#115, 34:09) was also on hand to take part in the fitness event.  Chang served in the Army between 1967 and 1970.  “I wanted to support our veterans, the Hawaii Food Basket and Big Dog Productions,” he said. 

DJ Blinn (#37, 24:02), a common face on the running scene in Hilo for many years, is a former Marine who served during the Vietnam Era.  “I served forty-two years ago in Quang Tri Province in Vietnam and I’m thankful that I can remember the sacrifices our troops made and give thanks that I am still alive and still running,” he said.

Also of note was sixty-nine year old Ken Rosene who brought and ran with an American Flag during the event, finishing in 185th place with a time of 58 minutes and 39 seconds.  Rosene is a proud supporter of our troops and wanted to show his pride in being an American.

Big Dog, celebrating his 62nd birthday on Veterans Day surprised everyone including himself, when he finished in 62nd place with a time of 25:51.

The event raised non perishable food for the Hawaii Island Food Basket as all the participants brought items that were donated.  According to the Food Basket the Veterans Day 5K raised 353 pounds worth of food items.

Big Dog Productions appreciates the assistance of the many volunteers that helped make the Veterans Day run/walk a huge success.  A special mahalo goes out to Dano Banks, Paul Okubo and Randee Arkin.

For complete results and additional photo’s go to: https://waynejoseph.wordpress.com/2009/11/11/veterans-day-5k-runwalk-photos-and-results/

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