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HPA Girls, Honokaa Boys, Favored to win BIIF Cross-Country Titles

HPA girls favored to win cross country team title

The Big Island Interscholastic Federation cross-country season will get off to a running start this Saturday when Christian Liberty Academy plays host to the Canefire Conditioner which will showcase prep harriers in a sequence of one-mile hand off races.

CLA has played host to the BIIF opener for the past four years with coach, Frank Grotenhuis, instituting a unique pair of races that develops both speed and endurance.  

 The Canefire Conditioner allows each school to enter their pair of runners with each running three alternating one-mile legs.  “This race can be brutal as each kid runs their hardest on each leg,” Grotenhuis said.

Grotenhuis ran cross country for Taylor University in Indiana, where his school hosted a preseason meet that featured the same format which is now featured at CLA as the BIIF harrier opener.

 The BIIF will see the returns of league individual champions Tialana Greenwell and Chris Mosch, both of Honokaa, who will attempt to retain their 3-mile long individual distance cross-country titles.

3x BIIF champ, Tia Greenwell

Greenwell is the three time defending BIIF champion and her only loss in league competition came during her first race as a freshman.  For three years she has totally dominated within the league and for her success she has been named Honokaa’s Female Athlete of the Year for all three years.

“I’ve been training and running on my own for the past several weeks,” Greenwell said.  “I don’t want to take anything for granted and I want to go out as a four time BIIF champion.”

Greenwell finished second in state competition during her sophomore year when the meet was held on a hilly HPA course.  “I’m hoping our team can make it to states this year and that I can finish somewhere in the top three.”

Joining Greenwell will be sister Kelly-Ann who is a sophomore.  The Greenwell duo will be paired once again in the Canefire Conditioner.   Another youngster, incoming freshman, Allie Shiraki, should bring added depth to a balanced Dragon squad.  “Allie is already running with us during practice and should help us repeat as BIIF team runner-ups,” Greenwell said.

Chris Mosch

 Mosch is coming back from a stress fracture which hampered his chances to medal during the end of his BIIF Track & Field season in May.

“My training has been coming along and I’ll be ready for the CLA meet,” Mosch said.  Mosch, along with teammate Josh Robinson, are the defending pair champions from the Canefire Conditioner and are hoping for a repeat performance on Saturday.

  “This season I’m hoping to defend my BIIF title and place in the top five overall at states.  Our team has five of its top seven runners from last year returning so we are hoping to defend the team title as well.” Mosch said.

 Defending team champions, Honokaa for the boys and Hawaii Preparatory Academy for the girls, are loaded with talented runners and look to be in position to defend their crowns.

 Dragon coach Josh Abner has most of his firepower back with Mosch and Robinson, accompanied by Chayce Moniz, Dylan Shiraki and Brandon Mah to make another run at the BIIF team title.

 Ka Makani girls are loaded with experienced talent with six of their top seven runners from last year ready to make another run at the league crown.

 Kela Vargas, Zoe Sims and Emily Evans return for HPA as the trio finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively during the 2009 BIIF championships.  Samantha Neal (13th), Hana Scully (18th), and Phoebe Hono (25th) give the Ka Makani enough firepower to defend their crown.

 “Our main goal this year, as always, is to develop healthy lifestyles that we can endure for the rest of our lives,” HPA coach Michael Franklin said.

 HPA carries 25 girls on the roster and Franklin is optimistic about their chances to see a few in that group battle for the opportunity to make the top seven on the varsity team.

 Franklin has coached the ladies from Waimea for four consecutive years, winning three BIIF team titles in the process.  “Each year that I’ve been here the league has become more competitive, so by no means does our past guarantee any future victories.  We are definitely not taking anything for granted,” he said.

Kamehameha-Hawaii girls will have a pair of their top runners coming back to lead a young Warrior squad.  “We’re hoping to get a team to the state meet this season,” Joel Truesdell, Warrior girls coach, said.

Truesdell believes that he’ll know more about his girl’s squad after the Canefire Conditioner.  “We will learn a little at this Saturday’s meet and a lot more once we get into the BIIF all-schools meets,” he said.

Around the league there are a number of returning harriers that should be running in the lead pack this year.  For the boys:  Jackson Halford, Waiakea; Brandt Mabuni and Devin Vandervoort, Makua Lani; Tyde Kaneshiro, Rick Michels and Billy Ray, Hilo.

For the girls watch for Grace Choe, Makua Lani; Kelsie Kobayashi, Waiakea; Shalia De Bourmont, Hilo; and Deann Nishimura-Thornton, Keaau, to all make a run for top honors and possibly challenge Greenwell.

However getting a BIIF team to qualify for the state championship this season might be more difficult compared to years past.  Two years ago the BIIF sent their top four teams to the big dance and last season that number was reduced to the top three.

The BIIF has reduced the number of teams that will win automatic qualification to the HHSAA meet this season to two.  “The BIIF coaches decided that they would rather have more individuals qualify and voted to reduce the number of teams in order to send more of our top runners to the state meet,” BIIF cross-country coordinator Steve Perry said.

Saturday’s Canefire Condition begins at 10 am with the girl’s race, followed at 11 am with the boy’s race.  Grotenhuis expects that results will be available around 12:30 and will present awards to the top 10 pairs of runners from each race, plus an additional 5 pairs of awards to the next scoring pairs in the open division.

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Scholarship 5K Race Results

BIRR president, Steve Pavao, presented $1000 checks to Waiakea's Kaitlyn Chock and Hilo's Sai Weiss following the 5K event

Big Island Road Runners Scholarship 5k Run     May 23, 2010       Coconut Island, 7:30am

Place Name Division Female Time
1 Alan Ryan 30-39     : 18 : 07
     2 Jackson Halford 1-19     : 18 : 08
3 Justin Pang 1-19     : 18 : 15
4 Rick Michels 1-19     : 18 : 57
5 Steve Pavao 50-59     : 20 : 07
6 Tchad Henderson 30-39     : 20 : 24
7 Stuart Miyashiro 50-59     : 20 : 30
8 Sai Weiss 1-19     : 20 : 35
9 Linden Villena 30-39     : 21 : 29
10 Choy Bacor 30-39     : 21 : 30
11 Caleb J. Westfall 30-39     : 22 : 04
12 Lory Hunter 40-49 1   : 22 : 29
13 Zandrix Acob 1-19     : 22 : 41
14 DJ Blinn 60 & over     : 22 : 49
15 Daniel Okubo 1-19     : 23 : 27
16 Rob Van Geen 40-49     : 23 : 54
17 Thomas Fratinardo 40-49     : 23 : 54
18 James Tuscany 50-59     : 24 : 28
19 Eric Young 1-19     : 24 : 37
20 Kim Rojo 30-39 2   : 24 : 40
21 Daysen Masuda 1-19     : 24 : 50
22 Kelly Freitas 50-59     : 25 : 06
23 Robert Belcher 50-59     : 25   08
24 Shell Hamilton 20-24 3   : 25 : 23
25 Charles Keane 50-59     : 25 : 40
26 Big Dog 60 & over     : 25 : 40
27 Harvey Nakasone 50-59     : 26 : 13
28 Joanne Pocsidio 40-45 4   : 27 : 01
29 Firmin Tehero 50-59     : 27 : 38
30 Terran Kaleiwahea 1-19     : 28 : 30
31 Kevin Iwasaki 20-29     : 28 : 38
32 Kimo Like 1-19     : 29 : 02
33 Anthony Ganancial 30-39     : 29 : 09
34 Kekoa Kalahiki 1-19     : 29 : 13
35 Kristen Spees 20-29 5   : 29 : 51
36 Kim Furumo 50-51 6   : 29 : 54
37 Michelle Vieira 20-29 7   : 30 : 30
38 Dennis Shigioka 60 & over     : 30 : 52
39 Caleb R. Westfall 1-19     : 31 : 21
40 Pearl Acob 30-39 8   : 31 : 29
41 Bill Sakovich 60 & over     : 31 : 30
42 Cedrick Roberts-Perry 1-19     : 31 : 44
43 Adrel Vicente 30-39     : 32 : 10
44 Kyle Wana 1-19     : 32 : 42
45 Tyler Gerken 1-19     : 32 : 58
46 Kahea Kanuha 1-19 9   : 33 : 12
47 Sam Marrack 1-19 10   : 34 : 16
48 Christin DeCoito 1-19 11   : 34 : 34
49 Melia Taganas 1-19 12   : 34 : 46
50 Rick Otani 50-59     : 34 : 46
51 Lee Collins 50-59 13   : 34 : 47
52 Kainoa Crum 1-19     : 35 : 05
53 Nainoa Calip 1-19     : 35 : 35
54 Collen Fratinardo 50-54 14   : 37 : 19
55 Makoa Carreira 1-19     : 39   07
56 Boyd Ramos 1-19     : 39 : 07
57 Leah Pukahi 30-39 15   : 39 : 24
58 Micah Keawe 1-19     : 39 : 25
59 Michele Macanas 40-44 16   : 40 : 18
60 Piikea Miller 1-19 17   : 40 : 18
61 Kawehi Pua Kaikaina 1-19 18   : 40 : 59
62 Kiani Matsumoto 1-19 19   : 41 : 00
63 Kawika Kekaualua 1-19     : 41 : 50
64 Carle-Ann Mata 1-19 20   : 41 : 54
65 Ashley Deguzman-H. 1-19 21   : 41 : 58
66 NO NAME NO AGE     : 44 : 19
67 Kiley Kelson 1-19 22   : 44 : 38
68 Iwalani Kaili NO AGE     : 44 : 38
69 Gene Madriaga 1-19     : 46 : 33
70 Maka Branco 1-19     : 46 : 33
71 Casey Chai 1-19     : 47 : 02
72 John Fratinardo 1-19     : 47 : 02
73 Elijah Pung 1-19     : 47 : 02
74 John Marrack 1-19     : 47 : 18
75 Sally Marrack 30-39 23   : 47 : 19

For the story on the Scholarship Run event go to:  https://waynejoseph.wordpress.com/2010/05/24/chock-weiss-honored-at-road-runners-scholarship-5k/

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Chock, Weiss, Honored at Road Runners Scholarship 5K

5K race winner, Alan Ryan, with scholarship awardees Kaitlyn Chock and Sai Weiss, women's race winner Lory Hunter

   “It was the sheer love of running that initially drew me to this masochistic sport, but it was the camaraderie of the runners that made me stick with it,” Kaitlyn Chock said.

  It takes a special breed to become a long distance runner.  A person becomes self-reliant on their own motivation and perseverance.  As a high school cross-country coach for many years I have witnessed firsthand the multitude of prep runners that become distance runners.

   Recently, at Waiakea High’s athletic awards night, I noticed that the 20 girls getting their letters in cross-county all had an asterisk next to their names in the school program.  The asterisk noted that those athletes also attained a 3.5 or higher grade point average, making them scholar athletes.

   The boy’s cross-county team had 27 of their 31 participants with asterisks, not surprising when you consider the demands made on a distance runner which require them to have a high level of internal motivation.

  Chock was one of those represented at awards night as she closed out her high school career with four years on the cross-country and track teams.

Kaitlyn Chock

   “During my senior year I became a Team Captain and I wanted to apply the values and lessons I learned from my running to inspire those around me,” she said.  “I wanted to bestow upon my teammates not only my love of the sport but give them experiences that would fuel their development into confident runners and individuals.”

   Little wonder why Chock along with Hilo’s Sai Weiss were recent winners of the Big Island Road Runners $1000 scholarship award.  Both Chock and Weiss have demonstrated their deep love of running, coupled with their commitment to community service and a high GPA.

   “While practicing to run we must train our minds to be vigilant in any sort of situation that may come across us,” Weiss said.  “To this end, running has taught me to be a determined individual inside and outside of the classroom.”

  On Sunday Weiss and Chock were on hand for the BIRR Scholarship 5K (3.1-mile) run/walk held at Coconut Island.  Both youngsters had just graduated over the weekend and participated in the event, which culminated in them being recognized as the BIRR scholarship awardees.

   At the start of the 5K race several runners jockeyed for the lead position and by mile one a pack of four had developed with Jackson Halford, Justin Pang, Alan Ryan and Rick Michels.

   “We hit the first mile in 5 minutes and 53 seconds,” Ryan said.  “I didn’t want to push the pace and I just let them lead with Justin (Pang) doing most of the work.”

   Pang, a University of Hawaii-Hilo cross-country runner and former Christian Liberty standout, led for the first two miles with Waiakea’s Jackson Halford just a step behind.

   “All three of us worked together as we did the second mile in 6 minutes flat,” Ryan said.  “With about a half-mile to go Jackson (Halford) and myself pulled away from the pack and by Nihhon I was in the lead.”

   The duo ran a blazing 5:36 final mile to distance themselves from the rest of the 80 plus runner and walkers in the field.

   Ryan won the exciting race by clocking in at 18:07 with Pang one second behind.  Pang finished in third at 18:15, followed by Michels, 18:57; Steve Pavao, 20:07; Tchad-Tu Henderson, 20:24; and Stewart Miyashiro in 20:30 rounded out the top men.

   For the women it was all Lory Hunter as the Hilo High cross-country and track coach finished in 22:29 with Kim Rojo second, 24:40; Shell Hamilton third, 25:23; and Joanne Pocsidio, 27:01, rounding out the top women.

  “This was a fun race,” Hunter said after winning the women’s division.  “I’m not only glad that I got to run, but I’m also happy to be here to support both Sai and Kaitlyn in winning the BIRR scholarship award.

Sai Weiss

   At the finish line Kaitlyn Chock was handing out finishing numbers and helping race officials while Sai Weiss was running in the race and finished eighth overall.

   “I just graduated the night before and went to grad night at the Yacht Club,” Chock said.  “I felt too tired to run, but I wanted to help.”

   Weiss graduated on Friday night and was all smiles and filled with energy in doing the 3.1-mile race.

   “I’ve always liked coming out and participating in community races,” Weiss said.  “Running is something I enjoy and look forward to doing.

   Big Island Road Runners president Steve Pavao presented Weiss and Chock with their $1000 checks in an official ceremony after the race.  “The BIRR is very proud of our community involvement and in our two selections for this year’s awards,” he said.

   “I look forward to sunny long afternoon runs,” Weiss said.  “I enjoy the opportunity to be able to appreciate my natural surroundings.  I realize that as a runner we are blessed with a gorgeous place called Hawaii.”

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Veterans Day Run/Walk BIG Success

Vet 5K run 014

Proud Vets Support Healthy Lifestyles

 More than 200 participants showed up on a beautiful morning for the Veterans Day 5K (3.1-miles) run/walk held this past Wednesday at the entrance to Moku Ola in Hilo.

 Big Dog Productions, host for the event, wasn’t expecting such a large crowd which included Veterans from the Korean, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

 This was the first time that a fun run/walk has been organized in Hilo in recognition to the men and women who serve in our nation’s armed forces.

 Prior to the start Army Lt. Colonel and Hilo’s own pediatric physician, Joseph D’Angelo, addressed the large crowd with these words:  “Veteran’s Day and this fun run bring out an important concept, that of not taking things for granted,” D’Angelo said.

D’Angelo went on to talk about the times of year that people take as routine, such as Veterans, Memorial Day and Sept. 11th.  “Treating a burned Afghan child or wounded Afghan soldier, or helping their medical personnel with the logistics and supply of building their medical system in both directions, are a no brainer when it comes to understanding the importance of a mission,” he said.

In his pre event speech D’Angelo reminded the crowd of the value of serving one’s country and of how fortunate and blessed we are as Americans.  “We wear the uniform and carry out the mission, so this run does not have to be for our lives, but truly just for fun,” he said.

Justin Pang
Justin Pang

The large field of runners and walkers thinned out early during the race to find two frontrunners leading the way in Joseph Damato and Justin Pang.  Pang, a former Christian Liberty harrier who is now on the University of Hawaii cross-country team, exchanged the lead with Damato throughout the event.

“We were running shoulder to shoulder for most of the race,” Pang said.  “We hit the first mile at around a 5:20 per minute pace and the race wasn’t decided until the final 200 yards.”

In the final leg of the race, with the finish line in sight, Damato put on an all out sprint to edge out Pang by two seconds, clocking in at 17 minutes and 34 seconds.

“I wanted to get a good run in today and to participate in the local community scene,” Pang said after his second place finish.  “This was a great way to support our vets who have done a lot for our country.”

In a very fast field of harriers six runners followed the lead duo and all six broke 19 minutes, they were Tyde Kaneshiro, 18:19; Jason Braswell, 18:23; Rick Michels, 18:36; Bryce Harada, 18:47; Jackson Halford, 18:54 and Shannon White, 18:54.

For the women it was all Kim Pierce who finish two minutes ahead of her closest female competitor in a time of 20 minutes and 25 seconds.  Hilo High standout, Shalila de Bourmont was next in 22:31 followed by her coach, Lory Hunter, 23:02.

Matt Lum
Matt Lum

Many Veterans also came out to support the event which included Matt Lum (finished 121, in a time of 34:55) who spent 21 years in the Army from 1964 until his retirement in 2005.

“I run three times a week and I need to do this to keep up with the younger guys because I am retired,” Lum said.  Lum served his country in Vietnam, Iraq and in Afghanistan.

Captain Albert Ne (#68, 26:45) just returned from a tour of duty to Kuwait and decided, along with several of his troops, to attend the Veterans Day run.

“We were socializing and me and my soldiers thought that this run would be a good thing to support the Vets.  I work out every day and I’ll do another 5K run later today,” Ne said.

DJ Blinn
DJ Blinn

House Rep Jerry Chang (#115, 34:09) was also on hand to take part in the fitness event.  Chang served in the Army between 1967 and 1970.  “I wanted to support our veterans, the Hawaii Food Basket and Big Dog Productions,” he said. 

DJ Blinn (#37, 24:02), a common face on the running scene in Hilo for many years, is a former Marine who served during the Vietnam Era.  “I served forty-two years ago in Quang Tri Province in Vietnam and I’m thankful that I can remember the sacrifices our troops made and give thanks that I am still alive and still running,” he said.

Also of note was sixty-nine year old Ken Rosene who brought and ran with an American Flag during the event, finishing in 185th place with a time of 58 minutes and 39 seconds.  Rosene is a proud supporter of our troops and wanted to show his pride in being an American.

Big Dog, celebrating his 62nd birthday on Veterans Day surprised everyone including himself, when he finished in 62nd place with a time of 25:51.

The event raised non perishable food for the Hawaii Island Food Basket as all the participants brought items that were donated.  According to the Food Basket the Veterans Day 5K raised 353 pounds worth of food items.

Big Dog Productions appreciates the assistance of the many volunteers that helped make the Veterans Day run/walk a huge success.  A special mahalo goes out to Dano Banks, Paul Okubo and Randee Arkin.

For complete results and additional photo’s go to: https://waynejoseph.wordpress.com/2009/11/11/veterans-day-5k-runwalk-photos-and-results/

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