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Keaau’s Sherry Fox a special voice to our exercise community

If you ever been to one of these community events; Heart Walk, Relay for Life, and Special Olympics you might have recognized a familiar face and/or voice singing the National Anthem.

With her band ‘Body n Soul’ it has been business owner Sherry Fox doing warm up/aerobics before the events entertaining the crowds.

“I like warming up the crowd, not just with my voice, but getting them up and moving in some form of aerobic exercise,” Fox said.  “It’s a great way to energize them before the event takes place.”

Fox can also be found on most week days at the Keaau Village Market where she works cutting hair at her salon ‘Ohana Barber and Beauty’.

“I get to meet some pretty interesting people sitting in my barber chairs,” Fox said.  “I’ve been working and teaching in the community since 1986 as I am originally from Honolulu.”

Raised in Honolulu Fox attended Dole Intermediate and Farrington High Schools where she took part in Volleyball and Paddling.

Fox was raised in a military family and was moved around quite a bit, but has deep seeded roots in Oahu where her grandparents lived.

“I was born in San Diego and moved to Honolulu when I was 3 years old,” she said

The one constant in her life is her love of music.

“I started singing when I was 11 years old and turned professional during my 20’s,” Fox said. “I love all types of music from jazz to R&B.”

At age 49 Fox has two grown daughters, Kristie in the eighth grade and Stephanie in her second year of college.  Along with husband James the family tries their best to stay active doing things together.

On the day of this interview the family had just returned home from a day in the ocean where they went swimming and picked opihi.   

 Fox does a variety of activities to insure she stays healthy and fit.

“I work on my feet all day in my salon, and take care of family and the house,” she said.  “I’ll also do aerobics, sit ups and pushups.”

On weekends you can find Fox in the water as she paddle board and swims for exercise.

Fox was an aerobics instructor since 1985 and admits that back during those years she was in top shape.

A 1988 graduate of Farrington Fox is proud of her beginnings in Kalihi.

“I’m proud of where I come from and not ashamed to tell anyone about where I grew up,” she said.

During her youth Fox became a water Aerobics instructor and her mentor at poolside was Angie Kupau.

“Angie taught me what I needed to learn to become a water instructor and I am indebted to her for her patience,” Fox said.

Later she got a job at the Punahou spa and fitness centers where she learned how to teach aerobics, weights training and also worked as a life guard.

“I like to take as many different running routes as possible as I jog 3 to 4 miles at a time,” Fox said.  “My goal is to participate in as many different exercises as I can, because variety keeps it from being boring.”

Fox might have something here as variety in activities can keep you motivated.  Things as simple as changing your running route can break the monotony of always doing the same course.   According to experts in motivation there are claims that a change in scenery will allow you to keep things fresh and new.

Fox will also watch what she eats by eating what is good for her.

“I enjoy Almond Milk, eating Brown rice and Quinoa, fresh foods and prefer baking instead of frying,” she said.  “These are the small changes I will make for my family to stay healthy.”

Fox will also tout the benefits of staying fit.

“Working out gives me energy and makes me stronger,” she said.  “It conditions me for endurance in my daily tasks.”

But there are days where Fox might not be as motivated as she would like to be.

“I just fight through those first 10 or 15 minutes to get started,” she said.  “Once I get going everything is fine, but getting pass that stage is the most difficult.”

She also encourages her daughters to be active with Kristie going out for the swim team and Stephanie continuing her classes in hula.

But as we all know Fox’s love affair comes from her gift as a singer.

“I performed on the television show Hawaii Stars 6 times,” Fox said.  “They were a variety of shows and I was happy to sing on them.”

But Fox’s show biz opportunity came in a Dick Clark Production called ‘Your Big Break’ when she was in Los Angeles at NBC Studios were she performed as Bonnie Raitt.

“I made Female Vocalist on the first KCCN Pride of the Island Album titled (You’re the One),” she said.

Fox still has a wonderful voice which she shares with the Big Island Community and if you’d like to meet the woman come and visit the Ohana Salon in the Keaau Village Market.

And someday should you happen to see a tall, thin stranger getting his hair cut in Keaau remember to smile, say “woof” and never shy away from “Running with the Big Dog.”


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New mug shot for the Running with the Big Dog column

                                                                            Starting on Monday, July 2, the Running with the Big Dog column will feature a new head shot of columnist Wayne ‘Big Dog’ Joseph.

      Can you notice the difference?   Do you like this mug better than those of the past?

    Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion.

   The new hair cut was produced by Sherry Fox and Ohana Barber Shop in the Keaau Village Market area.

   Makes me feel like a new person!

By the way my daughter Jackie took the photo and chose the background and the shirt that I am wearing, so if you like the photo she wants the credit :))))

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