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Chock, Weiss, Honored at Road Runners Scholarship 5K

5K race winner, Alan Ryan, with scholarship awardees Kaitlyn Chock and Sai Weiss, women's race winner Lory Hunter

   “It was the sheer love of running that initially drew me to this masochistic sport, but it was the camaraderie of the runners that made me stick with it,” Kaitlyn Chock said.

  It takes a special breed to become a long distance runner.  A person becomes self-reliant on their own motivation and perseverance.  As a high school cross-country coach for many years I have witnessed firsthand the multitude of prep runners that become distance runners.

   Recently, at Waiakea High’s athletic awards night, I noticed that the 20 girls getting their letters in cross-county all had an asterisk next to their names in the school program.  The asterisk noted that those athletes also attained a 3.5 or higher grade point average, making them scholar athletes.

   The boy’s cross-county team had 27 of their 31 participants with asterisks, not surprising when you consider the demands made on a distance runner which require them to have a high level of internal motivation.

  Chock was one of those represented at awards night as she closed out her high school career with four years on the cross-country and track teams.

Kaitlyn Chock

   “During my senior year I became a Team Captain and I wanted to apply the values and lessons I learned from my running to inspire those around me,” she said.  “I wanted to bestow upon my teammates not only my love of the sport but give them experiences that would fuel their development into confident runners and individuals.”

   Little wonder why Chock along with Hilo’s Sai Weiss were recent winners of the Big Island Road Runners $1000 scholarship award.  Both Chock and Weiss have demonstrated their deep love of running, coupled with their commitment to community service and a high GPA.

   “While practicing to run we must train our minds to be vigilant in any sort of situation that may come across us,” Weiss said.  “To this end, running has taught me to be a determined individual inside and outside of the classroom.”

  On Sunday Weiss and Chock were on hand for the BIRR Scholarship 5K (3.1-mile) run/walk held at Coconut Island.  Both youngsters had just graduated over the weekend and participated in the event, which culminated in them being recognized as the BIRR scholarship awardees.

   At the start of the 5K race several runners jockeyed for the lead position and by mile one a pack of four had developed with Jackson Halford, Justin Pang, Alan Ryan and Rick Michels.

   “We hit the first mile in 5 minutes and 53 seconds,” Ryan said.  “I didn’t want to push the pace and I just let them lead with Justin (Pang) doing most of the work.”

   Pang, a University of Hawaii-Hilo cross-country runner and former Christian Liberty standout, led for the first two miles with Waiakea’s Jackson Halford just a step behind.

   “All three of us worked together as we did the second mile in 6 minutes flat,” Ryan said.  “With about a half-mile to go Jackson (Halford) and myself pulled away from the pack and by Nihhon I was in the lead.”

   The duo ran a blazing 5:36 final mile to distance themselves from the rest of the 80 plus runner and walkers in the field.

   Ryan won the exciting race by clocking in at 18:07 with Pang one second behind.  Pang finished in third at 18:15, followed by Michels, 18:57; Steve Pavao, 20:07; Tchad-Tu Henderson, 20:24; and Stewart Miyashiro in 20:30 rounded out the top men.

   For the women it was all Lory Hunter as the Hilo High cross-country and track coach finished in 22:29 with Kim Rojo second, 24:40; Shell Hamilton third, 25:23; and Joanne Pocsidio, 27:01, rounding out the top women.

  “This was a fun race,” Hunter said after winning the women’s division.  “I’m not only glad that I got to run, but I’m also happy to be here to support both Sai and Kaitlyn in winning the BIRR scholarship award.

Sai Weiss

   At the finish line Kaitlyn Chock was handing out finishing numbers and helping race officials while Sai Weiss was running in the race and finished eighth overall.

   “I just graduated the night before and went to grad night at the Yacht Club,” Chock said.  “I felt too tired to run, but I wanted to help.”

   Weiss graduated on Friday night and was all smiles and filled with energy in doing the 3.1-mile race.

   “I’ve always liked coming out and participating in community races,” Weiss said.  “Running is something I enjoy and look forward to doing.

   Big Island Road Runners president Steve Pavao presented Weiss and Chock with their $1000 checks in an official ceremony after the race.  “The BIRR is very proud of our community involvement and in our two selections for this year’s awards,” he said.

   “I look forward to sunny long afternoon runs,” Weiss said.  “I enjoy the opportunity to be able to appreciate my natural surroundings.  I realize that as a runner we are blessed with a gorgeous place called Hawaii.”

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Wedeman Memorial 5-mile results and photos

BIRR hosted 5-mile event in honor of Emily Wedeman

 Big Island Road Runners            Emily Wedemann Memorial 5-Miler              April 10, 2010          Coconut Island, 8am

Place Name Division Female Time
1 Lyman Perry 40-49     : 29 : 37
2 Steve Pavao 50-59     : 34 : 02
3 Sally Marrack 30-39 1   : 35 : 44
4 Tchad-Tu Henderson 30-39     : 36 : 07
5 D.J. Blinn 60 & over     : 37 : 12
6 Paul Booth 40-49     : 37 : 13
7 Jim Tuscany 50-59     : 39 : 53
8 Joe Wedemann 40-49     : 40 : 35
9 Bill Hubbard 50-59     : 40 : 52
10 Tom Fratinardo 40-49     : 41 : 15
11 Big Dog 60 & over     : 41 : 29
12 Kelly Freitas 50-59     : 41 : 32
13 Disqualified       :   :  
14 Kim Rojo 30-39 2   : 42 : 35
15 Mason Waugh 1-19     : 42 : 35
16 Robert Belcher 50-59     : 42 : 41
17 Charlie Bostwick 50-59     : 44 : 43
18 Kaopua Sutton 1-19 3   : 47 : 55
19 Sydney Brady 1-19 4   : 51 : 59
20 Cheryl Ben-Brady 50-59 5   : 51 : 59
21 Betty Ben 60 & over 6   : 52 : 38
22 Chance Batacan 1-19     : 53 : 46
23 Tehani Sewell 1-19 7   : 54   18
24 Dylan Loo 1-19   1 : 04 : 38
25 Sara Kim 1-19 8 1 : 06 : 13
26 La’i Matsuyama 1-19   1 : 06 : 57
27 Ikaika Vivas 1-19   1 : 11 : 31
28 Keli’i Ioane 1-19   1 : 15 : 54
29 Max Shimamoto 1-19   1 : 15 : 55
30 Chloe Kaeo 1-19 9 1 : 19 : 59
31 Thomas Kackley 1-19   1 : 19 : 59
32 Makia Laeha 1-19   1 : 20 : 01


Winners Sally Marrick and Lyman Perry with host Joe Wedemann in center

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Perry, Marrick win Wedeman Memorial 5-miler

Sally Marrick and Lyman Perry clown around with host Joe Wedemann following 5-mile event

    “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal,” Albert Pike wrote.

   Pike’s words captured the essence of what volunteers give to their community.  Each year thousands of Big Island residents give of their time, in a variety of ways, to help others.

   Numerous organizations exist simply to lend a helping hand to our community and to those who are less fortunate.

   This past Saturday the Big Island Road Runners held their fourth annual Emily Wedeman Memorial 5-mile run to honor a woman that gave unselfishly to the running community.

   “One of her biggest passions in Hawaii was volunteering at the fun runs and cheering everyone on,” son Joseph Wedemann said.  “She helped out with T-shirts at the Big Island Marathon and everything from registration to bringing baked goods for the fun runs.  I think it made her feel important and needed.”

  Wedemann was on hand Saturday morning and said a few words of appreciation to the BIRR members and participants prior to the race.

  At the 8 am start it was Volcano’s Lyman Perry jumping out to the early lead as he increased the margin with every mile.

   Perry, who is preparing to run in the prestigious Boston Marathon on April 19, was out to keep a sub 6-minute per mile pace with no one around to keep up with him.

   “I was just trying to get in a good workout,” Perry said after the race.  “I wanted to get in a fast series of sub 6-minute miles prior to leaving for Boston on Wednesday.

   Perry accomplished his mission and clocked in with a winning 5-mile time of 29 minutes and 37 seconds.

    “This will be my seventh Boston Marathon and it is a home coming of sorts for me as my family lives in the Boston area,” he said.  “Today I felt good and strong, but it was difficult running alone.”

   Trailing Perry, and in second place, was BIRR club official Steve Pavao who finished in a time of 34:02.  In third was former Waiakea High cross-country star Tchad-Tu Henderson who clocked in at 36:02.


“I wanted to come out and do a race so that I can stay in shape,” Henderson said.  “I like doing a variety of fitness activities and running in races is a good way for me to stay motivated and have fun at the same time.”

   The battle for fourth was between 61-year old D.J. Blinn and estate attorney Paul Booth.  Blinn’s lean at the finish gave him the edge as the senior citizen clocked 37:12 with Booth one second behind.

   For the ladies it was Sally Marrack running with the men and finishing third overall in a fantastic time of 35:44.  Like Perry, Marrick found herself in a league of her own as the well known distance runner finished nearly seven minutes ahead of the women’s runner up.

  Kim Rojo took second for the ladies in 42:35 with Kamehameha wrestling and track & field champion Kaopua Sutton taking third at 47:55.

   Sutton later participated in a high school track meet at Kamehameha where she is one of the state leaders in the discus throw.

   “This is my senior year at Kamehameha and I needed to get in a community run as part of the requirement for graduation,” Sutton said.  “Now I need to get to school for the start of today’s track meet.”

   Marrick, who has finished in the top 10 of women’s competition for the Big Island Marathon for the past two years, enjoyed the chance to come out and run in the Wedeman 5-miler.

   “I ran this race last year and had a good time,” women’s winner Sally Marrick said after the race.  “It’s a nice chance for me to run with a few friends and socialize.”

   “This wasn’t my fastest race as I have been busy with work, so I haven’t trained as hard as I could,” Marrick said.  “But we do what we can at certain times of the year.”

  At the post race ceremonies the Wedemann family provided an assortment of refreshments to all the participants and volunteers.

   “I’m very appreciative to the Big Island Road Runners for keeping this race going in honor of my mother,” Wedemann said.  “I like that it’s a 5-mile run, rather than the traditional 5K (3.1-miles) as this is more challenging and something different.”

   Wedemann made it to the starting line of Saturday’s event after finishing his shift as a Hawaii County Firefighter and ran in the race, finishing in 8th place overall.

   “My running hasn’t been that good as of late as I’ve been nursing a pulled hamstring,” he said.

“But I had a great time coming out this morning as everything turned out perfectly.”

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