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Decimal Man a Joe Wedemann Invention

Decimal Man Clock

DECIMAL MAN a Joe Wedemann Invention/Production

Joe Wedemann is the architect of the Decimal Man triathlon. Adam Busek came up with the name, Mike Fairchild came up with the idea when he started the “Coconut Man” Triathlon in the ’90’s. Mike was into Ironman and wanted to put a shorter “East Side” event on for his birthday. After several consecutive years, his event grew too big for him to participate and get away without permitting or requesting approval from Parks and Rec’s, Road Division, etc.

Eddie Ombac continued a short triathlon starting from Richardson’s for a few years after Mike’s races. Wedemann started his in the same fashion in 2003.

Due to time constraints with Wedemann’s Fire Department job, he was not able to have the race every year on his birthday, so he had to move the dates around as needed.

“Recently, I have been putting the race on about once every 2 months with the big she-bang in January to kick off my birthday and the start of the New Year,” Wedeman said.


To make the race “do-able” for beginners, the distance is 1/10th that of Ironman World Championship. .24 mile swim – 11.2 mile bike – 2.62 mile run, since you just have to move the decimal over, according to Wedemann.

“ Adam said we should call it “The Decimal Man.”  I don’t charge anything for the race but do accept 1 gallon of Clorox bleach as a donation to treat my 25 meter pool where the swim takes place,” Wedemann said.

The 11.2 bike course is a Tour de Paradise Park as it circles the park from 26th to Beach Rd, Kaloli to Makuu. The 1/10th Marathon run is a one loop run from 26th to 27th between Paradise and Kaloli finishing with a victory lap around a 1/7th mile cinder track bordering my property.

Transitions are included, so there is a short run from the swim to the bike.

This is a great distance for beginners to get a taste of the “Real Deal” (Ironman), according to Wedemann.

“Anyone is welcome. I’ve never met a tri athlete that I didn’t like. Potluck BBQ lunch follows the race so if anyone wants to bring a dish and stick around, they are welcome. Many friends bring their families and make a day of it after the race,” Wedemann said.

Start time is usually 9:30 am, so I ask first time racers to be at my house at 9:00 am to get familiarized.

The race is usually over in less than 1 1/2 hours for beginners to just under an hour for the winning times.

Wedemann ask that participants use Helmets on the bike and practice safe bicycle riding and courtesy, as the roads are open to the public.

The next race is Sunday June 5th at 9:30 am. Interested parties may contact Wedemann by email  joeveronicawedemann@yahoo.com


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