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Hilo Optomitrist, Adolf Camblor

Hilo Optomitrist, Adolf Camblor

Have you ever wondered why ice cream comes in 31 or more flavors? Well, the answer is very simple, we all have different taste.
Such is the case for people who exercise. Some might prefer to run; others would rather walk, or swim, while others might want to paddle a canoe.
Exercise comes in all different forms and fortunately for us we have the opportunity to choose what best suits us.
Hilo Optometric Physician, Adolf Camblor, likes a variety of exercise in his weekly routine to keep him feeling healthy and strong.
Camblor’s exercise routine includes workouts on the elliptical machine, swimming in the ocean, stretching and playing tennis, all in the effort for staying in shape and being healthy in life.
“I like to cross train with exercises that don’t involve running,” Chamblor said. “I take a two hour lunch break almost every day and during this time I will usually run on an elliptical machine for at least a half hour along with another 15 to 30 minutes of calisthenics and stretching.”
“I like to use the elliptical machine because I can exercise my legs without the pounding that running induces.”
Camblor was born in Cuba and his family fled as political refugees in 1960 and made their home in South Carolina before settling in Miami, Florida.
“As a child I played a lot of baseball and recreational basketball,” he said. Camblor moved to Hilo in 1989 to start his optometry practice and can often be seen on the tennis courts during his lunch break or in the early evening.
“For me tennis is the ultimate game. You have to have good balance, quickness, proper technique, mental concentration, eye-hand coordination and endurance in a long match,” Camblor said.
Camblor “dabbled” in tennis during his college years and didn’t start playing league tennis until he moved to Hilo, where he now holds a 3.5 rating.
“I think what intrigued me about tennis so much is that I was so bad at it when I first took up the game,” he said. “I was able to become competent at most other sports much quicker than I was with tennis. I believe it was a personal challenge.”
Today Camblor competes in the United States Tennis Association adult league programs and finds that competition is a good motivator for keeping himself up on his training and skill levels. “Competition also forces me to develop a certain mental focus that can be very useful in everyday life,” he said.
Camblor also watches what he eats and stays close to a vegetarian diet. “I’m not very strict about my diet and will eat most foods in moderation,” he said. “I function best when I eat mostly fruits and soups with beans and veggies.”
This 56 year old optometrist looks 10 to 15 years younger and has the energy of a man half his age. “It seems that the more energy I put into a workout, the more energy I get back. Good physical fitness is the best health insurance that I can have,” Camblor said.
“No amount of health care or medicines is going to make up for physical illnesses caused by poor dietary habits and a lazy lifestyle.”
Camblor has discovered that “fountain of youth” by utilizing the benefits of regular physical exercise and good eating habits to make him a good role model for healthy living.
“I feel that along with being physically fit, it is just as important to be mentally, socially, and psychologically fit. Being productive and trying to always do the right thing creates a sense of well being that lets me sleep well every night,” Camblor said.
And Camblor’s hope for his future lies in his belief that he can remain competitive in tennis well into his 80’s.
One thing for sure is that Dr. Camblor is well invested in insuring a healthier, more productive life for years to come through regular physical exercise.


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