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Running with the Big Dog

RJ & Big Dog promoting health & fitness in Canada

Randee & Big Dog promote health & fitness on both sides of the border.

   Our travels have led us to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls where we continue to meet interesting people who are into health & fitness.  On this particular journey we encountered a pair of EMS paramedics who were riding their bikes.

Canadian EMS paramedics, Gregor & Trevor with Randee Joseph

    Both paramedics shared their desire to come to Hilo to participate in the Hilo Marathon.  Gregor, on left, wants to learn to surf while in Hawaii and Trevor wants to do some mountain biking.

Randee tries to talk a new friend into doing the Hilo Marathon

   During the two days in Canada Randee and the Big Dog walked everywhere, putting in some 12 miles each day as we explored all the site of Niagara Falls, Canada and the surrounding areas.

The Perfect Storm?Maid of the Mist


Randee & Big Dog survive the Perfect Storm

Click the above photos to make larger.  In the “Perfect Storm” photo there is a fantastic Rainbow surrounding the boat.  Rainbows can be found all over the world, not just in Manoa!   Go Bows!!!!

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