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East Hawaii’s Favorite Sunday Running Group

Some of the finishers from Honolulu Marathon celebrate with Doc Morita. The group meets on Sundays in Hilo to do their long run training

From after marathon dinner list (Wonderful dedicated supporters & *runners)  East Hawaii’s fun loving marathon finishers celebrate after finishing the Honolulu Marathon at a post race dinner party.  One of the most popular Sunday running groups in East Hawaii. 

1.     Patricia Morita (Med. Office Bus. Mgr)

2.   *Aaron Morita, MD (Int. Med.)

3.   *Amanda Morita-Zen (UH Med. School Grants Administrator)

4.     Brandon Morita (Financial Planner)

5.     Masa Okazaki (Retired Insurance Executive) 6.   *Tony Nolta (Truck driver)

7.     Laureen Nolta (Teacher) 8.   *Dave Adachi (Recovery Rm. Tech. & AHA CPR Instructor)

9.   *Jennifer Maninga, RN 10. *Luke Williams (Architect; Lauren’s fiancé)

11. *Lauren Chang (Kumu Hula & School Choir Director) 12.   Sandy Chang, Ph.D. (UH Prof. of Immunology)

13.  *Melvin Chang, MD (Int. Med.) 14.  *Elliot Chang (College Student) 15.    Airi Morita (Student)

16.  *Sara Chiu, MD (Child Psychiatrist)     17.  *Mark Zen, MD (Psychiatrist) 18.    Tracy Zen (Med. Office Manager)

19.    Geoff Zen (College Student) 20.    Ted Wong (Aerospace Engineer) 21.  *Clifford Lau, MD (Orthopedics)

22.    Adrienne Wing, MD (Int. Med.) 23.  *Imelda Tamayo, RN 24.    Imelda’s boyfriend 25.  *Gina Durante, RN

26.  *Cindy Kuwana (Ululani Pharmacy Office Manager) 27.    Eric Kuwana (Sales Assoc. at Tokunaga’s Fishing Store)

28.   *Allison Sakoda (UH Nursing Student) 29.  *Melanie Arakaki, MD (Family Practice) 30.    Carole (Melanie’s sister)

31.  *Seppo Rinne, MD (Int. Med.-Hospitalist) 32.    Naomi Morita, MD (Int. Med. & Palliative Care) 33.   *Laura Ebesugawa, RN

 Running but unable to attend this dinner:

1. *Rudy Arzaga (Building Contractor) 2. *Noemi Arzaga, RN

3. *Mari Rayner (UH Med. School Grants Administrator)  4.  *Stephanie Wong (Physical Therapist)

 Could not run the marathon due to having to work:      David Nakamura, MD (Family Practice)


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  1. Great group of people that not only run marathons but keep our community healthy…

    Comment by TJ | December 19, 2010 | Reply

  2. Hey Bigdog,
    How can I get in touch with this group?
    I am new the the running community and would love to start training with them for the march Marathon..

    Comment by steve | December 19, 2010 | Reply

  3. That’s a nice looking group!

    Comment by Jaclynn | December 19, 2010 | Reply

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